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Unilever Pot Noodle in a Mug Roast Chicken

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Brand: Unilever / Type: Noodles

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    3 Reviews
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      08.02.2010 13:41
      Very helpful
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      4 out of 5

      Tomato & Herb Pot Noole in a Mug

      I have been asked by Dooyoo to write my review of the Tomato and Herb Pot Noodle in a Mug here alongside the Roast Chicken just in case you think I have gone crazy!

      In the winter I tend to take something warm for lunch to work and having run out of homemade soup I was looking to purchase soup from the supermarket. On the shelves a new product caught my eye. Pot Noodles Tomato & Herb in a mug. You have guessed it, a pot noodle but without the pot! I grabbed a couple off of the shelf as they did not sound like your ordinary cup a soup. In fact the word soup appears nowhere on the packaging. I popped a few into my basket for my lunches in the week.

      ~ Packaging ~

      This Pot Noodle in a mug is presented just like any other cup a soup. The packet is shiny and it is difficult to miss the Pot Noodle logo. All the instructions and ingredient information are found on the back.

      ~ Pot Noodle~

      Everybody has heard of a pot noodle and their popular flavours including beef and tomato, Chicken, bombay bad boy and chicken chow mein. It would have been a good idea to carry these flavours to the Pot Noodle in a mug. Pot noodles are very high in calories so this is their lower calorie version.

      ~ Instructions from the packet ~

      Our guide to a 2 minute skive:

      1. book meeting
      2. tear open packet and pour into mug
      3. add boiling water and stir
      4. wait two minutes
      5. drink whilt shuffling paper, alternatively hide behind copier

      ~ Nutrional Values ~

      149 calories
      6.1g sugars
      0.5g fat
      1.60g salt

      When made up with 190ml of water.

      ~ Opinion ~

      I was a bit dubious that it wasn't actually going to remind me of a pot noodle but after leaving for a couple of minutes you are left with a mug of thick sauce and ribbon like pasta noodles. I would say that it is too thick to drink out of the mug because 1. there are too many noodles 2. it is too thick and you will probably end up burning yourself.

      The smell was strong and very herby. The only think I do not like about this flavour is the taste lingers for hours after and is hard to get rid of. The noodles are not the same as you get in pot noodles, instead these look a bit like tagliatelli. They are not as long as noodles so you won't be having any lady and the tramp moments whilst sitting at your desk.

      ~Price and availability ~

      As previously mentioned I purchased mine at Tesco but am sure that these will be readily available at most major supermarkets. The original price of these are 48p but are being sold at Tesco for 24p. Even at the full retail price these are a bargain as they are very filling unlike other cup a soups. They are also available in Roast Chicken, Chinese Chicken and Spicy Curry.

      I give this 4 stars out of 5 as I did not like being left with the aftertaste all afternoon.


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        06.02.2010 23:14
        Very helpful



        Pot Noodle In A Mug Roast Chicken - Quick and easy snack.

        Browsing online at Tesco.com, I came across a new snack: Pot Noodle In A Mug. As they were on offer at only 24p, I decided to snap up a few different flavours, for myself and family.

        Although I do not eat a lot of Pot Noodles, I do enjoy them. They make a change from my usual lunch time sandwich and are great if you are in a hurry. The only problem for me though, is there is just too much waste. I can never eat a whole Pot Noodle, so a Pot Noodle In A Mug sounded ideal for me. I decided to try the Roast Chicken flavour, which sounded pretty tasty.

        The 42g sachet of Pot Noodle In A Mug, looks similar to a sachet of cup-a-soup and is made in the same way. You just tear open the packet and pour the contents into a mug. Add the boiling water and give it a good stir, wait for 2 minutes and enjoy!

        The roast chicken, Pot Noodle In A Mug smelt lovely and very chickeny and the noodles were full and moist. The noodles were shorter than the ones you find in the original Pot Noodle but the shorter size did suit the small size of the cup.

        As with all Pot Noodles, this isn't a sensation on your taste buds, but it did taste pretty good. You could taste the 'roast chicken' flavour and some herbs and I did enjoy it.

        *Ingredients After Preparation*

        Pasta Noodles (Durum Wheat Semolina, Salt) 35%, Onion, Potato Starch, Maltodextrin, Natural Flavouring, Herbs (Parsley, Rosemary), Yeast Extract, Vegetable Oil, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate), Dried Glucose Syrup, Colour (Turmeric), Pepper.

        Free from artificial colours and preservatives.
        Suitable for vegetarians.

        *Nutritional Values of Prepared Serving*

        Energy - 142 calories
        Protein - 5.3g
        Carbohydrate - 28.4g
        of which sugars - 5.1g
        Fat - 0.8g
        of which saturates - 0.1g
        Fibre - 1.6g
        Sodium - 0.61g
        Salt - 1.52g

        I would definately buy Pot Noodle In A Mug again as they do make a handy and reasonably tasty snack. Even at the full price of 49p, they are very affordable.


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        01.02.2010 20:58
        Very helpful



        A great idea, but the taste is not right yet.

        I saw this on sale on Tesco's website last week at half price- for 24p for a sachet as opposed to 48p full price and I was so intrigued, I had to buy it. The idea of a Pot Noodle (it is made by Pot Noodle/ Unilever!) in a cup a soup format (not a supernoodle format as they tried with the "Wot No Pot" range) was too much of a temptation for me to try purely out of curiosity! It is Roast Chicken flavour.

        *What do you do?*
        For your money, you get a sachet the same size as an individual cup a soup with pasta in it. I was not expecting this to be very full of noodles. I opened the sachet, boiled the kettle, poured the contents of the sachet into a mug (it filled the mug two thirds with the powder and dried noodles so you get a decent amount of product), filled the mug with water, stirred it well and left it to stand for a few minutes.

        *Aroma Notes*
        I got a little side tracked by Mr Norton who was asking what the stink coming from the kitchen was- to me it smells like sage and onion stuffing, Mr Norton said it smelled pretty awful- so I wafted the mug under his nose and he agreed at close range it does smell quite good actually. Very chicken-y like a creamy chicken sauce filling. It also has this consistency- imagine the inside of a chicken pie but with loads of noodles.

        I was surprised at how thick this became in the mug. I only left it for around 4-5 minutes and when I picked the mug up, the contents were so thick I wondered for a moment if I could turn it upside down over my head and it would not move. I went to try to do this but noticed the contents moving in the mug so refrained (to Mr Norton's disappointment, he already had his cameral phone out as he could see what I was contemplating...).

        This tastes very bland. It is like a white bechemel sauce with very thin (thin but wide/ flat) noodles that are more 2-D than the big fat 3-D noodles you get in a real pot noodle. I don't mind bland food, but this was bordering on a glue-y texture. So, why would anyone buy this over a pot noodle you ask?

        *The Point?*
        Well, I have worked this out- it is the nutritional content- per sachet is 141 calories and 1.8g of fat! Compare that to over 350 calories and 13-15g of fat per pot noodle and you can see the advantages of this potless noodle. Around 14 TIMES less fat than a pot noodle! But the beauty is it really tastes more substantial than your average 1.8g fat/ 141 calorie cup a soup. So this would be perfect as a low fat lunch or for anyone on a diet as I struggled to finish it. It tastes creamy, but could do with some herbs or something in it as just plain roast chicken is a bit bland overall. So you would need a ryvitta or something chewy on the side to go with it.

        I'm not going to list ALL the ingredients, but the main ones are 35% pasta noodles, onion, potato starch, yeast extract, herbs, MSG, dried glucose syrup and tumeric.

        There is also 1.68g fat per sachet which is quite high (6g a day is the GDA Limit). The pack notes this is low fat/ no artificial colours/ no artificial preservatives.

        Overall, as I love pot noodles, I just don't eat them as they are sooo high in fat (worse than a cheeseburger), this makes a great noodley alternative. The noodles are fine but you get loads of them. Basically, it is all noodles in a thick sauce (not like a soup--I know I kept referring to cup a soup but this is ALL noodles and sauce and not a soup).

        At 24p, I would buy these again. At 48p I may buy a few a month and experiment by adding some chopped peppers and some herbs to it to try to liven it up a bit!It is much better than a pot noodle in terms of price and nutrition but the taste is a bit lacking in these. (2.5 stars)


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