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Unilever Pot Noodle In a Mug Soup Tomato and Herb

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Brand: Unilever / Type: Noodles

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    2 Reviews
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      01.05.2011 23:39
      Very helpful
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      Quick and easy

      I opened my sachet of tomato and herb and inhaled deeply, the smell of tomato and herb filling my lungs and satisfying my cravings. I poured the noodles and the herb powder into my mug and clicked on the kettle, as the kettle whirred and buzzed and the water boiled i was lost in my thoughts of an ex lover and how we used to spend our sunday afternoons sharing our noodles, tasting eachothers flavours, caressing eachothers sachets, wrapping my hands around his hot mug and lapping up his pot noodle juices. I hadn't even tasted the noodle but already I loved it, I loved how it could transport me back to a time in my life where I was contented and satisfied, I secretly hoped this sachet of love could fulfill my fantasies just as felipe did.

      The kettle boiled and woke me from my daydreams, i poured the hot water all over my noodles and the mixture rose to the top of the cup like hot boiling lava, i stirred it slowly, and felt it get thicker.

      I picked up a fork and took a deep breath I blew on it gently, lovingly, I opened my mouth and put it inside wrapping my mouth around it's hotness, letting the flavour explode on my tongue mmmm i said as it slid down my throat it was tomatoey and spicey, spicey just like Felipe but, it didn't satisfy me it didn't fill that empty hole.

      Unfortuately, I didn't finish it off, i didn't finish it off just like felipe never finished me off this sachet was just as selfish as he was

      2 stars
      wouldnt reccomend to a friend


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        31.05.2010 19:07
        Very helpful



        TRY THEM!

        Pot Noodle have a range of instant snacks. They fall under the ownership of the popular Unilever company.


        When you think Pot Noodle..you think the tubs that you add the hot water to! This is a Pot Noodle that you pour into a cup and add water to. It is designed to be a Pot Noodle Soup. These come in various flavours but the one I will be reviewing is Tomato and Herb. It is described as being "Tasty noodles in a tomato and herb sauce".


        The Pot Noodle soup comes in a plastic pouch which can recycled. The Tomato and Herb variety has an orange/red theme. The front of the pouch has the Pot Noodle logo and flavour name. There is also a cup showing the ready soup, some nutritional information and a symbol stating this will be ready in 2 minutes!

        The back of the pouch has some funny comments about skiving to eat the soup. There is also the nutrition chart, ingredients and how to contact the company.

        *The Soup*

        The noodles are small and a pale brown. There is a tomato powder and speckles of herb through out.


        To prepare the soup, simply pour into a mug whilst boiling the kettle. Add boiling water and stir. Leave for 2 minutes then drink.


        Once prepared : Ingredients (After Preparatiion) , Tomato (36%) , Pasta Noodles (Durum Wheat Semolina, Salt) (34%) , Tomato (36%) , Onion , Maltodextrin , Potato Starch , Sugar , Herbs (Parsley, Oregano, Basil) (0.6%) , Flavour Enhancers (Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotides) , Salt , Yeast Extract , Vegetable Oil , Natural Flavouring (contains Celery) , Pepper , Citric Acid .

        Free from artificial colours and preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians.


        Each pouch prepared with 190ml of water will contain :

        149 calories
        6.1g sugar
        0.1g saturated fat
        1.6g salt


        The 44g pouches can be bought in supermarkets for around 45p.

        *My Opinion*

        I am a fan of normal Pot Noodles as they make a quick snack when I really don't fancy making proper food. When I spotted these in Asda when they were released, I picked up a few different flavours. They slot nicely into my cupboard and do not take up much room. They are also long dated so no need to use them right away.

        I popped my kettle on and settled down with a pouch tonight. Pouring the Tomato and Herb variety into my Mum mug, I noticed there was a pleasant tomato aroma. The noodles were a plenty and I could see some herbs. They pouch was enough to fill up half my mug. Once the kettle was boiled, I poured to near the top and could instantly smell the flavour.

        I stirred in the water and left to cool down for a few minutes. At first it looks quite watery but it does thicken up. It smells delicious and the tomato flavour really shines through. The noodles became soft, the sauce was thicker and the herbs were evident and perfectly tasty.

        I decided to use a fork to eat mine at first and this seemed the perfect option due to the thickness. It was slightly thicker than a normal Pot Noodle but not as thick as some soups. The mug was jam packed with noodles and they were delicious. They melted in my mouth and there was a slight spicy kick to the whole idea which was really unexpected but worth it. The tomato was strong but not overpowering and the herbs added a pleasant extra taste into the equation.

        The noodles made for a filling snack but wouldn't fill you up for a meal or anything, I was very impressed with my Pot Noodle soup and will buy these again.

        At 44p they aren't badly priced and you can sometimes pick them up on offer.

        Try them for yourself!

        Thanks for reading


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