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Eco-Nique Hemp Kindle 3 Cover

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    3 Reviews
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      09.08.2011 13:20
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      Fab kindle cover and something a bit different.

      I deliberately bought this specific kindle cover after reading reviews of it on Dooyoo. I knew I wanted some kind of protective sleeve or cover for my precious kindle but was none too keen on the neoprene ones or the leather look ones. This looked like an old, vintage, cotten bound book and it appealed to me immediately when I saw the photos. As it was less than £20 (I paid £17.98 on Amazon) and most 'official' covers were around the £30 mark it seemed a very good choice.

      When it arrived this was very easy to fit to the kindle, there is a fitted 'holder' for the kindle itself on the right hand side, it leaves perfectly cut out sections for all the buttons you need on both edges and a clear space for the keyboard panel. The holder is faux leather in a brown colour which looks very nice against the device itself. The holder is secured with a small flap over the top of the kindle with a small velcro fastening. The kindle is held very secure once it is in the holder. There are also mesh sections on the back of the holder where the speakers of the kindle are so that if you were to use them the sound would not be compromised.

      The cover feels like rough fabric, very vintage, decorated hemp. I really like it and particularly like the way the front cover folds easily back round so you can still easily hold the kindle in one hand, I find that it feels more like a book to be honest and I like that.

      Inside the cover there is a leather pocket and a smaller perspex pocket, there is also a pen holder in the spine but I have not used this as I do not like the thought of a solid pen being wedged in there when the holder is closed. The holder fastens with a popper on the back and the fastening seems very secure.

      I like both the look and feel of this kindle holder and it feels like I have personalised the device by adding this. For the price I believe this is brilliant value, it looks and feels substantial and somewhat different to other kindle holders on the market. I would definitely buy this again although I do not expect to need to as it is robust and lovely quality.


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        14.01.2011 10:46
        Very helpful


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        A great alternative to normal leather covers

        When something is precious or valuable, and someone will tell you off if you damage it, it's wise to protect it. Covering books is not a new concept to me - we always had to back our school text books with wall paper or wrapping paper or sticky backed plastic, and at home we also had some plastic sleeves that got put on many of my books to protect them from mucky fingers when I insisted on reading at the dinner table. Times have changed, and now, in 2011, it's all about electronic books. I have a new Kindle, but I would be in deep doo-doo if anything happened to it, so I looked into getting a custom cover for it.

        My criteria for choosing a cover were quite precise:

        * I wanted something that looked neutral and unobtrusive (as much as a cover for a swish ol' eReader can)
        * I wanted something that was robust as I would be lugging it round with me on location, and not just keeping it on my bedside table
        * I didn't want leather, which is unfortunately the material used in traditional Kindle covers
        * I also didn't want something 'sweaty' as I'll probably be using it mostly in warm climates
        * I wanted something specifically for this product, a 3rd Generation Kindle - if I was going to get something that was generic, I might as well just use a padded envelope...

        After searching on Google and then directly on Amazon, I came across this, the Eco-Nique Hemp cover which is currently on sale for £19.99 with free delivery. I ordered it on a Sunday morning and it arrived on the Tuesday.

        This cover comes in a neat box for transport. It is a rectangular cover which looks a bit like a Filofax. You slip the Kindle in to the special holder, and can then fold the front over and seal it with a magnetic popper. When it comes to using the Kindle, you open the front as if you're cracking the cover of a book, and can hold it like that to read.

        The front and back covers of this case are plain Hemp, while the inside also has faux-leather detailing (I don't mind leather-look, I just don't want the real thing). At the back there are also two integrated mesh panels which line up with the speakers on the back of the Kindle, leading to a clearer sound than it if it were muffled under solid fabric. These aren't speakers, they're just a concession to them, meaning the sound should be as clear while the Kindle is in the cover as it would be if it weren't.

        This cover looks a lot lighter in the picture on Amazon than it actually is, but luckily I much prefer the reality. It is a deep, chocolate brown with black embroidery, which, while intricate, is not so detailed that it would stop it being unisex. The embroidery looks vaguely Chinese, though depending on the angle it also looks like there's a small Alien in the middle of it. No doubt it will keep me entertained for hours, just like finding shapes in clouds does.

        My favourite thing is that it is not a solid block cover - being natural fibres, Hemp and cotton have all sorts of subtle shades and tones of brown that add to the depth of the colour, and also hide any tiny marks or flecks of minor damage. I also like the texture of it - the main other alternative to leather seems to be neoprene at the moment, and I find that a little weird in large quantities - it's ok as an iPod sleeve that sits in my pocket, but I'm not sure I'd want the odd clamminess in my hands as I try to read a 'book'. This Hemp cover, on the other hand, is soft but not sweaty. It feels earthy and natural, and is a fun contrast to its high-tech contents. I expected it to be rougher than it was, but it's still as sturdy as I hoped it would be.

        The case is very light - it's the Kindle that adds the weight. At the same time, this cover makes it much more comfortable to read the Kindle for long periods of time - it turns the experience back into a traditional book reading one. It also stops the screen getting covered in finger prints as it is liable to do if I am just holding the Kindle sans-cover.

        The cover is really flexible and folds right back on itself. This means you can use it to read one-handed, or with a traditional side in each hand as you would a normal book. There is an alternative flip model that goes up and down not side to side, and allows you to stand the reader up, but I'm not sure that would suit me - I've spent more than a quarter of a century reading books with both hands, and have no desire to change. I got a Kindle because I travel a lot and books take up far too much of my luggage allowance. If they weighed nothing I'd probably not have thought about an eReader - the bookmarking and highlighting features, for example, will probably be ones I don't use much. I think this design that I have is better as it offers the reader options - one handed folded back, one handed open (it's light enough to do this if you read books in this manner) or two handed a reasonable distance apart, approximately the same as a typical paperback.

        Though you are advised to remove the Kindle from the case before charging it, the port on the bottom is easily accessible so you could plug it in in-situ. The logic seems to be that the eReader might get hot while charging, especially if plugged in for a prolonged period. This is probably true, but I highly doubt the cover would burst into flames - I think they're just trying to cover themselves.

        This cover has some useful additional design features. The left hand side of the inside has space to store note paper and a special pocket for business cards (or photos). There's also a central pen or pencil holder, meaning you could go out with just your Kindle and have all the bits and bobs you need for ad hoc notes without needing to lug a bag with you.

        This cover offers great protection of my expensive new toy. When it's closed up, virtually none of the machine is accessible making it less likely to incur damage if you drop it or spill your bottle of water (alas the way I lost by last 2 iPods). At the same time, it's not wrapped up too much: when you open the cover and can see the Kindle, it is easy to use all the functions of it (on/off switch, charging port, QWERTY keyboard). The Kindle screen is not massive, so it's also handy that the straps that hold the eReader in place do not obscure the screen in any way, simply resting over the solid border of the device. The interior fittings fit snugly to hold the Kindle securely in place - there's an extra tab at the top which snaps over and fastens with Velcro, meaning that although it's easy to slip the Kindle in, it won't then slip out.

        Value for money? I think so given the value of the item it protects. At any rate, there are no cheaper covers at present, and even if it should, in my mind, be more about the £12 - £15 mark, I'd rather pay £5 extra now to prevent damage and thus save me spending over a hundred in the long run.

        You can read more about this model, and see photos here:

        http://www.kcoversandmore.com/2010/05/ kindle-covers-go-green-the-eco-nique-hemp-brown-case/

        Or buy online from Amazon.

        I think this will protect my Kindle well for years to come. My mummy WILL be pleased (and not just because when I move to Colombia in a few weeks this will be the only Hemp I'm using)

        ~~~~ Good to know ~~~~

        100% animal free

        Only compatible with Kindle 3 (Sept 2010 onwards), not earlier versions of the product

        One of the cheapest covers available, but without compromise on quality

        No drugs included :o

        Eco-Nique also do covers for other brands such as the Sony eReader, and for earlier generations - also available on Amazon.


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          04.01.2011 12:09
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A good sturdy option for a greener e-book cover.

          'Don't sweat it dude.....it 'aint the 'medicinal' stuff, it's the material cultivated from it, fashioned into a cool cover for your Kindle 3, man!'
          'Oh, thank goodness for that!'

          So yes, this is a cover for the Kindle 3 made from hemp, the soft, yet durable fibre obtained from the 'Cannibus Genus' plant.

          Yes, hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is a versatile crop that can be eaten; made into tea, milk, used in salads, made into cereal and used in baking - it's highly nutricious, in fact.
          It can also be used as fuel, made into jewellery, used in construction, as a natural pesticide and many other things including being made into paper and fabric.

          Hemp is strong and depending on the process used to extract the fibre from the plant, it can vary in colour. It can be white, brown, grey and even black.
          Pure hemp has a similar texture to linen.

          Yes, and it looks great! It's a very natural brown colour....slightly darker than it appears in the picture above. I always thought of hemp as being similar in texture to hessian and was a bit concerned that it might feel a bit rough, but it is pleasantly soft to the touch.
          The front of the cover is embroidered with a lovely authentic pattern that appears hand-made. Once your kindle is in this cover, it has the feel of opening a real book or treasured diary of sorts.
          Technology meets nature; modern, yet pleasingly natural....
          The kindle fits perfectly inside the cover leaving all its keys and buttons easily accessible.
          Once inside, the rather flimsy looking (in my mind) kindle becomes instantly more robust looking as it nestles safely within its protective confines and locks in securely.
          The outer cover has a strong, magnetic clasp that poses no danger of coming open in your bag or during transport.
          On the inside left of the cover there is a very handy storage area for papers, cards and notes as well as a pen loop. This, as well as the part which surrounds the kindle keys is of dark brown leather.

          The cover Amazon sell is a very nice one....all leather and in a variety of colours. I purchased an Amazon cover and then I saw this one......
          I promptly returned the Amazon cover (unused, naturally) and purchased this cover, also from Amazon.
          There is a world of difference.
          First of all the Eco-nique hemp cover is eight pounds cheaper.
          It holds papers, cards and a pen which the Amazon cover does not.
          It has a natural look and feels more 'book-like'. The Amazon cover looks more like a diary or agenda.
          Of course, the Amazon cover is lovely quality and perhaps more proffessional looking, but the Eco-Nique cover is infinitely more striking.

          It all a question of taste......and money...... and practicality...!
          As I've mentioned, it is cheaper, has more storage space and looks great!
          And very importantly it is environmentally friendly.
          Hemp is an easy to grow crop that requires few pesticides and no herbicides. It's a more natural option and and a much greener one.

          If you're going to increase your ecological footprint by buying an e-book, offset it a bit with a more natural option for its cover! :)

          COST: just under 23 pounds.

          Thats all folks!
          Thanks for reading.


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