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Hama Piccolino Micro USB Charging/Sync Adaptor

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2013 10:29
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      No more searching for wires to connect your PC to your mobile phone

      These days my life seems to be about jumping from my phone to my laptop, transferring data to and fro, trying to be as secure as I possibly can so that, A, no one else sees my work before they have to, and D, so that it makes it from one to the other without disappearing into the big data base in the sky.
      To transfer data from my phone to my laptop, and visa-versa, I used to use wires in order to get the job done quickly and securely, carrying the quite lengthy wire with me where ever I went, which wasn't a major problem, more of a nuisance, especially when it cam to unravelling the wire in order to connect the two devices together.
      Then, when I saw a friend of mine using what looked like a rather strange looking black object which seemed to be attaching her laptop to her mobile phone.
      At first I thought it was some kind of locking mechanism, a new fangled device, some kind of updated Kensington lock. But when I saw that it was stuck into the USB port of her laptop I became really confused, which at the time wasn't that hard considering the day that I was having.
      In my confused state, with curiosity getting the better of me, I decided to go over and ask what exactly was connecting her laptop and mobile phone together. After she gave me a strange look, which seemed to mean "go away, I'm busy, leave me alone", she explained that it was a data-slash-charger unit, which actually made one of my eyebrows rise slightly as I took another look at the two small black rectangular sections that were slotted into the ports of her laptop and phone and connected by a short cable.
      So, after a bit more harassment of her, annoying her until she finally flipped, she eventually told me what it was and exactly what it did.
      In fact, with-in minutes, I really wanted one of them that much that I was straight on line ordering one fro myself, which, once delivered, I have carried with me ever since, using on a daily basis, several times a day in fact.
      The device I am talking about is from a company called Hama, with this particular device being the Hama Piccolino USB to micro USB charger/sync adaptor.

      * So, what exactly is this device then..?
      This is a straight forward looking black box, although it's defiantly not as strong as the black box that you find in a plane that always seems to be the only thing to survive the crash. (I wonder if I can get a suit made of the same material..? Just in case).
      It's purpose is to get your data from A to B in exactly the same way as a long wire, only with this small thing there's never any of that entangled annoyance that you get when dragging out your wires from you laptop case.

      * And what does it look like..?
      It's a small box, as I said. When closed it is roughly 60mm by 45mm by 10mm thick, looking a little like the larger end of a standard car key, the type that have batteries inside them for central locking vehicles. There is a hole in one corner which is designed to allow you to fit this box onto a key ring, which then sits there like any other key fob unit and is a nice size in order not to dig into your thigh as you walk along the street or sit in the chair in your local pub.
      When you open this up, pulling the two halves apart, you reveal two little metal connectors, one on either half of the split box. On one side there is a standard USB connector. On the other side there is a micro USB connector, with the two halves of the box being held nicely together with a flexible piece of strong rubbery plastic.
      When you close the unit the two connectors slot nicely into the holes that are on the opposite sections to the connector.
      In other words, on each side of the unit there is a connector and a slot. So one side has a standard USB connector with a micro USB connector slot at the side of it, with the other piece having the micro SD connector and a standard size USB slot at its side.
      The connecting wire that holds the two halves together is quite short and, when you close the halves together, the wire then slots neatly into the grooves along the top end of the unit, fitting snugly around, leaving no over hang that looks out of place.
      To add a little style there are a few tiny indentations on the body of this which make it look more like a car key fob in any ones eyes.

      * Is it easy to use..?
      If you've ever used the normal wire that comes with many mobile phones in order to get the data across, or even to charge your phone, then you'll know exactly how easy it is to plug one end into you phone and the other end into the USB on your PC.
      And this device is just the same, only there's less wire.
      You simply open it up by pulling the sides apart, which is easy in itself, then slot the small connector into your phone. Then, with your phone lay next to your PC, you slot the standard size USB connector into your PC. You don't even have to wait for the drivers to load up as it's the drivers from you phone that are the ones it needs, this is simply replacing the wire that you usual use.
      Then it's about transferring the data to and from your phone.

      * Is it any good..?
      Without a doubt it is as good as the wire that I got with my phone, only now I don't have the hassles of having the quarter metre of cable stuck in my pocket.
      It's transfer speeds are as quick as any wire, basically as it is still using the wire system and not a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which makes it secure as well.
      When you've finished doing what you're doing it simply close up and goes back into a pocket, looking like any other fob that you have on your key ring

      * My Opinion...
      As I said earlier I used to use a wire to transfer my data from phone to laptop, and back again, but once I started using this lovely little thing I haven't looked back since.

      I find it to be just the right size, about the size of a small match box, and with the gap for the key ring attaching there's no real danger of losing it once it's attached to a key ring. Then, together with my keys, it's always with me so I can use it where ever I go. It is easy to split open, although when I say split I don't mean that when it is split it is broken, I mean that it splits in half to reveal the two connectors that are cleverly hidden, and well protected, inside the strong plastic casing.

      I use this quite a bit, not only when I need to transfer something from my phone to my laptop, or visa-versa. I also use this to charge my phone if I need to when I'm out and about without my normal charger. The main reason I use this out and about is that it's there with me all the time that I am out. It's on my key ring with my car keys so if I'm out somewhere then this is with me and it's easier to carry around than a length of wire.

      When it folds away into what is really a key fob it is just so well made, with even the 'wire' that connects the two halves together being neatly housed in the upper body of the unit itself. The edges are nicely curved all round so that there's no danger of poking things that shouldn't be poked, which could turn out to be painful if they were poked.
      Then, to finish it off and make it look a little more stylish instead of just a plain piece of plastic, there is a lovely little section of indents which do look quite nice indeed.

      * So how much would one expect to pay for this connector..?
      One, (stop being posh)..., You would expect to pay about £12.00 for this handy little connector which may seem a little on the high side, considering that the normal cables are only about a fiver, but the way this is designed to fit on a key ring and the way that it actually fits into place is well worth the extra few quid.

      Would I recommend this lovely little device..?
      Well, you may guess from the question what the answer is. I would recommend this without a doubt as it is not only useful, it is very portable and it really does save on carrying any form of wires around with me
      It is well worth the money that I spent on this without a doubt. In fact, I think I may have even paid £15.00 for this one as I really like this indeed.

      ©Blissman70 2013


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