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Kensington Easy Riser

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    2 Reviews
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      17.03.2014 22:40
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Great accessory, the best I have bought for my notebook this year.


      This is a review for a 'Kensington Easy Rider Laptop Cooling Stand'. The item was purchased from the online retailer Kensington for £17.99 (not including postage fee). If your going to buy this stand then it is expected you buy a keyboard and mouse too as the stand tilts the laptop. It can be found on other sites such as Amazon and Ebay, where cheaper second-hand options are available.

      Item usage

      This laptop stand has two roles, the first being propping the laptop up for a better view. The stand is posted in a flat box, from which you take the stand. At this point the stand is flat there is a black screw on the left side which you can loosen and it will open the stand. You can tighten the screw once you have chosen your angle. You can have stand to approximately a 45-55 degree tilt, so you have the option to change things around and make it less steep or more to your eye level if needed. 12-17 inch Laptops are acceptable to use for this stand. I use a 15 inch notebook which fits extremely well. The second objective is to act as a Laptop cooler by increasing air circulation. The stand props my netbook up which allows air to circulate thus preventing it from overheating.

      Personal viewpoint

      The stand is a very useful accessory, I bought it three months ago and it is permanently on my desk. I do not use my notebook without it. The biggest reason for me to buy this stand was overheating. I had bought laptop fans in the past. I found that they break and they are noisy. So once I came across this I thought I should give it a try. Doing my research on a busy day I can be on the laptop for up to 8-10 hours a day and I need my laptop to be working at its best, my laptop never feels 'hot' like it use to, when I would use it for terribly long hours. I had to turn it off in the past as the heat was so intense. Now I can go through 8 hours and my laptop will be fine. Most laptops overheat and most people do not realise something as simple as a stand could even extend the life of your laptop and save you money and trouble.

      Secondly I just really wanted to prop my laptop up to eye level, I found it to be more like using a computer. In addition my neck feels much better, it is not strained from looking down as the laptop is raised up.


      The stand I have is a very dark Grey with a almost black screw on the left side. It has the Kensington Logo on the front and some grey padding on the top side, where the laptop lays. I have posted images on my blog which I will post the link too below.


      I believe for such a excellent quality made product the price is great. I would rather spend £17.99 than have my laptop overheat. I did have a quick look at Ebay today and I saw the stand on for £12.00 free p&p so if you want a bargain you know where to look.

      Negative aspects

      This stand is fantastic and I found it hard to think of any issues, but after a while I have come up with one. The screw, it is really quite tough at times to unscrew, however I completely understand by being secure it ensures my notebook will not fall. But it would be nice if they had another system of locking it in place. One for people like me with weakling hands!


      -Kensington SmartFit system creates a customised monitor height adjustment in two easy steps
      -Increases air circulation helping prevent overheating
      - Grey Padded inserts provide a secure, comfortable fit so my laptop feels stable.
      Folds flat to travel easily
      - Allows around 50 degrees tilting
      -Item should be used with a keyboard and mouse
      - 12" to 17" Laptops are usable with this item.

      I have bought over 10 accessories for my laptop from USB ports to Wireless mouse, but this item is by far the best. So useful has to be 5 out of 5.

      Pictures of product


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        25.03.2008 20:52
        Very helpful


        • Reliability




        I like to use my laptop when I'm out and about, but when im at home I want to use it just like a normal computer; I don't require the small keyboard, and I don't need the screen at the level of my knees - what I needed was one of these risers. They really made sense to have one. So here is my review.

        Why Have One?

        Well this riser allows you to put your laptop on it and raise the screen upto eye level. In doing this the keyboard becomes angled as well; I personally don't use the angled keyboard, I just simply plug a normal keyboard up to my laptop and type that way...so in a sense - its just like using a normal computer. Typing on a normal full size keyboard takes off the strain of the small laptop keyboard.

        The Riser

        I purchased the riser for £9.99 from an online store. Its dimensions are 304 x 282 x 42 cm - so it will take any laptop you throw at it.

        The way the riser works is very simple. It's made from two pieces of plastic with a hinge on it. You can adjust the angle of the riser from 3 degrees all the way to 40 degrees, so no matter how tall you are, you can set the monitor to whatever height suites your eye level. And also another thing is, as its on a hinge - it can fold flat, so you can carry it around in your laptop bag and when you get to work or you're at a desk you can always pull this out.

        To raise your laptop all you do is place the bottom of your laptop onto the angled raiser and set the back end to whatever suits you. The platform you place your laptop on has rubber strips running across it, this is a really good addition which makes sure your computer will never fall off.

        It is manufactured from really durable strong plastic - it is not flimsy at all, you will be surprised at what you get for the price. It is a solid piece of kit. I have purchased many laptop risers in the past for much more, but this one surpasses them by a million miles!

        If you suffer from neck pain, and wrist pain from using a laptop, then this is defiantly for you. With a regular laptop you have the computer on your lap and you are looking down at the screen - this causes pain in some peoples necks - and it did to me too. Also you have the option of using the laptop keyboard when it is on an angle on the riser, ive used this and it is comfortable to use when I'm out and about, but when I'm at home there is nothing better than a regular computer keyboard.

        This is an excellent piece of kit - comes highly recommended.


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