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Kensington Halfback

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2011 00:05
      Very helpful


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      A great office addition

      ==Kensington Half Back==

      Since having the epidural at my sons birth four years ago I have had a lot of trouble with lower back pain and I suffer most when sat down for too long which is a real pain seeing as I work in an office! After telling my practice manager about my pains she suggest a few different items which would make it more comfortable for me to be sat at my desk and this Kensington Half Back was one of them.

      The product is a simple design and idea which is easy to use and works really well from the moment it is put in place. The item was selling at our local office supplies company and it was purchased for £39 exactly. Having had a look online there doesn't seem to be that many places that sell it but this price seems to be about average if you can find it.

      The product itself is made from a type of foam that has a raised surface texture and is called egg shell foam for this reason. The covering of the product is a sort of rubbery foam that keeps cool when against the skin and surprisingly doesn't make me feel tacky or sweat at all.

      The covering is a waterproof type of material that would take a wipe down with a damp cloth and a dry off without giving it any damage but it doesn't seem to get dirty and won't need a clean too often. I wouldn't recommend putting polish on it though as the foam covering is already slightly slippy with some items of clothing but this is not a massive issue. The black colour doesn't make it stand out too much either and once in position it is hardly noticable and the chair looks just like any other.

      The straps that attach the back cushion to the chair are made of a thick black elastic which is fixed to the product very securely and they get crossed over the back of your chair with ease although in with the seat there was a small leaflet giving the diagram as to how this would be done but really it is so straight forward that you wouldn't really need to even refer to this leaflet.

      Once in place the item is ready to use and is really comfortable on the back. It gives the right amount of support and comfort with the slight curve of the foam which fits my back arch well and keeps me in a relatively correct position for better posture and thus less aches and pains. The soft foam texture of the product makes it super comfortable to be able to lean back on and the raised egg shell type sections of the back cushion make it hit the right pressure points and give an even more pain free sitting time.

      I have definitely got less back pains than even before since using this product and I have found it much more affective than a mesh type one that I had before. The foam gives a much firmer type of support and this seems to work better than others and suits my needs far better. So because of this I can only award top marks of 5 out of stars and a very high recommendation.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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