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Kensington Microsaver Security Cable Lock

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      12.02.2011 15:32
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      Ken should sing a ton about this security lock

      This day and age is, sadly, a little on the untrustworthy side with there being many people out there who would prefer to earn there living by taking what doesn't belong to them. So the art of making sure that these people don't get their grubby little hands on your belongings is to secure them the best you can.

      In my day to day living I have to use a laptop at different location and, sadly, I have had a few Laptops, shall we say, go missing on me' when I have left them unattended for a brief time, in fact at one place I literally turned my back to pick up something and when I turned back the laptop had disappeared, 'fortunately it was a 'company' laptop and their insurance covered the loss, although there was bit of work on it that I had not copied to another device.

      Anyway, as my 'companies' insurance firm were beginning to get a little miffed at the claims for 'missing' laptops they insisted that we do something about it to make them more secure, actually suggesting investing in something called a Kensington security cable which was capable of 'strapping' a laptop to almost anything solid, locking the laptop in place.

      So, to stop the insurance company doubling the prices, I was given a long piece of plastic coated wire, which , on further inspection, the wire was a twist of metal wire, which apparently has a core of carbon, tempered-steel.
      With the wire unravelled I noticed at one end there was a loop which is used to thread the locking end through so you can entwine it round anything solid, so that your laptop can not be taken from that particular area.
      On the other end of the cable there is a solid lock, which attaches to your laptops specially designed slot.
      The actual full length of the wire was just short of 2 metres, which meant that, even when attached to the laptop, the laptop could be moved around somewhat without it going missing from where I left it.

      I was then told to use it when ever I was off site as the insurance company were really putting there foot down with all the 'missing' laptops that my company were claiming for, and not from just me either.

      So, to get the hang of the cable I tested it out in the office for a while, seeing what I could attach it too, (falling behind on my work a little), and I found that due to the fact that it has a loop, which the cable can slide through, it can be attached to almost anything at all, from a draw handle to a supporting column, and believe me I wondered around the offices wrapping the wire around anything I could.

      The actual lock itself, which is at the opposite end of the loop feels solid in the hand and slots nicely into the purpose built 'Kensington' lock slot on most laptops.
      For those people who are unsure about where there 'Kensington' lock slot is have a peak at the sides of your laptop, usually towards the rear, and look out for what is a hole in the casing of you laptop. That's all it is, a hole, approximately 3mm wide and 8mm high, but this is where the locking mechanism of the cable slots into your laptop without any damage at all.

      The lock itself is a lovely curved shape and simply pushes into the hole on your laptop and, with the twist of one of the two supplied keys, a little 't-bar' catch comes out of the lock and tightly grips into the slot, making your laptop as secure and safe as your car is outside.
      The keys for the lock aren't your standard 'flat' looking keys, they are the round type which you often see unlocking the likes of fruit machines, which make them a little chunkier than normal but nothing worth whinging about.

      So, after a few tests in and around the office I took it with me on every offsite job and used it every time I placed my laptop onto a surface, strapping in into place before starting up the system, (I couldn't afford to be the first one to have there laptop taken).
      I looped it around anything that was attached to the ground, from the machinery wire mesh casing to any little hole that the lock itself could slide through, and with the actual lock body being approximately 30mm long and maybe 20mm in diameter it was capable of sliding through some small gaps.

      What more can I say about what is really a piece of wire with a loop at one end and a lock at the other?
      It is so simple to use, as long as your laptop has a 'Kensington' lock slot, you just wrap the wire around anything solid and slot the locking end into your laptop, taking the key with you once it is locked into position.
      In all, It is a good size cable and wraps away into a smallish package so that it can be easily transported where ever you go.
      As for the price, well, amazon are selling it for around the £15.00 mark, although there is no free delivery at the moment, but this is by far the cheapest price I have found as the price ranges from £20.00 to a massive £40.00.
      But for what this little piece of wire achieves, keeping your laptop where you left it, paying £25.00 for this is good price to pay.

      So for all those people who have to use a laptop in many different places, some of them places maybe being a little bit on the dodgy side, then this is defiantly worth investing in as it will save you having to replace your laptop if it goes 'missing'.


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