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Kindle 3 Leather Carry Pouch

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2012 19:47
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      A reasonably priced quality case for the Kindle 3 (Keyboard).

      I'm sure many of you have heard of (or even own) an Amazon Kindle. It is basically an electronic reading device which allows you to download and read books on the go. I have already written a review extolling the virtues of the Kindle and as I am not working on commission I will abstain from further laudation here and instead concentrate on the product at hand.

      After spending such a large amount of money on a small and delicate device I soon realised that I needed something to protect it. The Kindle doesn't come with any kind of cover or case to store it in and the very thought of taking it outside unsheathed made me cringe with dread. I was fearful to even move it from the safety of my sofa to begin with and used to store it in its original box for the first few days.

      When I started to look online for a cover I damn near fell off my chair when I saw the official Amazon Kindle covers priced at around £50! I didn't really want to spend much more money after the initial wallet-crippling purchase of the Kindle and was hoping to find change from the £20 mark when I first started looking. I also didn't really need anything designed specifically to store the kindle during use as I prefer to hold mine in my hands whilst reading. So after finding this cover at the low-low price of £9.99 I almost punched the air with joy (almost!)

      The case is designed to fit the Kindle 3 (Keyboard version) and measures roughly 21 x 13.5 x 2cm. The newer model of the Kindle is smaller than the keyboard version (16.6 x 11.4 x .87 cm) so will still fit in this case but the fit won't be very snug and therefore I would only recommend this case for use with the intended version.

      It is made from 'high grade' PU leather (Bycast leather) and features a magnetic closing flap. The outside of the case is quite shiny but not in a repulsive tacky sense, it looks like your typical leather briefcase material and is quite smart in my opinion (despite being the cheapest form of leather). The inside has a much softer felt-like covering, which provides excellent scratch-resistance protection for the Kindle.

      The style of the case is what first attracted me to the product (okay, the second after the price). It is very smart and has a professional feel to it. Being black I would say that it is a unisex case ideal for both men and women.

      The Kindle 3 fits snugly inside the case with only a small amount of spare room. I find it very easy to slide in and out and it doesn't rattle about once inside. The flap is very easy to open and close and features a magnet embedded along the length of the flap which snaps reassuringly to the side of the case. I still like flipping the flap closed once I've finished reading - much more fun than simply closing a book! (My life needs these little moments of joy).

      When I first saw the advertised 'magnetic closing flap' I must admit I was more than a little weary about the possible magnetic interference with my Kindle. After some Google searching I discovered that due to the technology the Kindle uses, the risk of damage by a regular strength magnet (such as that included) is zero. After almost a year of use I can happily report no instances of interference or damage as a result of the magnet.

      The case itself is very thin and lightweight and doesn't have any extra padding besides the actual leather material. This was fine for me because I wanted something that didn't add too much bulk or weight to my Kindle so that it was still easy to carry around with me. Those who plan to take their kindle out and about frequently or are generally a little rough with it may want to consider a hard-case for extra protection because I don't think this case would provide enough protection should you be clumsy enough to drop your kindle. I don't take my kindle out of the house very much and so only wanted something to store it in and transport it around the house.

      I have been using this case now for almost a year and my Kindle has been very well protected by this case. No scratches have occurred and the case has protected the Kindle from any unnecessary fingerprints when carrying it around. The stitching around the case has also stood the test of time and hasn't frayed or worked itself loose yet.

      You can currently buy this case from Cellapod through amazon.co.uk for the price of £9.99. I would definitely recommend this case for anyone with the keyboard version of the kindle. A case/cover is a must in my opinion to protect your kindle from potential damage and dust when not in use. It may not provide enough protection for everyone but it is more than sufficient for my needs. Also if you want something to house the kindle whilst you read then you will need to look elsewhere.

      Overall, I am very happy with the case as it has delivered precisely what I wanted; a stylish protective case for my kindle at a low price.

      Thanks for reading :)


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