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M - Edge Go! Jacket Kindle Kobo Touch Cover

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2012 13:15
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      A great lightweight cover

      My lovely boyfriend bought me a Kindle for Christmas, so when I hit the shops in the post Christmas sales I was on the hunt for a cover for it.
      I knew that I wanted one that opened like a traditional book, rather than a sleeve type cover so that I could leave it on my Kindle when I was reading it.

      Heading to the large Tesco stores in the city centre, I was browsing the different cases and covers they had on sale and first saw on of their own Finest brand covers in pink leather but the colour was very bright and despite liking pink this was a bit garish in my opinion. Then I spotted the M-Edge cover and although at just under £20 it was £5 more expensive the colour was a lot more pleasing to my eyes. Taking a closer look at it I also noticed a little slot where a compatible reading light can be slid in.

      The jacket is a pink microfibre leather on the outside, and lined with a grey microsuede material. It has spine which is similar to a traditional hardback book so the cover feels very sturdy.
      When you open the cover up, there are two pieces of matching leather in the bottom corners, and two strips of elastic which are trimmed in the pink leather in the top corners. You can also see the pocket at the top where the light can be slotted in.

      To put your Kindle in the the case I find the easiest way to do it, is to slide the bottom in first into the two corners and then pull the elasticated corners over the Kindle to hold it in place. When in position the Kindle feels very secure, and I'm confident that it won't fall out and drop (even when given a bit of a shake - well you have to test these things!!).

      One of the great things about the Kindle 4 is how lightweight it is, and weighing only 100g the Go Jacket doesn't add too much unnecessary weight to the Kindle.
      When closed the case is about 2cm thick so it is a little bit thicker than the Kindle, but in height and width it is hardly any larger than the Kindle itself, so it doesn't feel too bulky although there is obviously some difference to using the Kindle naked so to speak.

      The design of the cover means that all buttons including the power button at the bottom of the Kindle and the page turning buttons are still completely accessible as is the USB port so there is no need to remove the jacket if you don't want to.

      Since buying the cover, I have used my Kindle every day which has included taking it to work with me. This usually involves me grabbing the Kindle in the morning from wherever I left it the night before and chucking it into whichever bag I am using that day - this could be a handbag or a carrier bag. With the cover keeping my Kindle safely tucked up I can do this safe in the knowledge that I won't be causing any damage to it. The jacket still looks good as new and I can't see any scuffs or damage to it at all.

      For the price I paid for this jacket I am really happy with it, and would definitely recommend it to others. It also comes in black and purple.


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