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    2 Reviews
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      06.06.2012 17:06
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Brilliant light to light up my Kindle with!

      One of the few advantages of all the Kindles available at the moment (apart from the Kindle Fire, but that is only available in the US and anyway, it is more of a tablet than an eBook reader) is that it uses a sort of technology called E Ink, which has no backlight so that is is good on your eyes, but it is impossible to read at night (unless you can see in the dark). There are three main options you can use to get around this, these being:

      a) Use a Kindle case with a light attached or a lighted cover. (The lights can sometimes be bad quality and wear out after a few weeks, and sometimes the light is prone to shining straight into your eyes- what on earth is the point of that? Also, Kindle covers, whether they come with a light or not, do not usually come very cheap.)

      b) Use a torch. (After 5 minutes of holding your torch up, your arm will begin to become intolerably stiff and uncomfortable.)

      c) Use an Ozeri Kandle. (My preferred option.)

      So, first, let me explain. Ozeri is a German company who sell Kandles- a good quality lighting device that can be clipped onto the top of your Kindle or other reading devices (for example, Nooks and Sony eReaders) without obstructing the screen, though you may have to check if this will be the case for different brands and models of different eBook readers. It has a light that is strong enough to illuminate the screen of your reading device, but not bright and glaring so as to wake up other people in the room if they are asleep. This is more effective than lighted covers of which I have tried out before.

      The battery life is very good. I have had my current (and first!) Kandle for over two months now, after an incident of a broken lighted cover, and the light is still glowing as bright as ever, so it is very good value. It also came with a set of spare batteries, but I don't think I'll be needing them for quite a while. I think my current Kandle will be with me for a long time yet.

      In regards to the pricing... well, it's not a cheap product (but for the quality it is) but it is not expensive either, compared to the dramatic amounts that some Amazon sellers expect you to pay for a case with a light attached. And anyway, if you are prepared to spend a large amount on an eBook reader as it is, then you might as well look after it properly. I bought my Ozeri Kandle from Amazon, even though I might have been able to get a better deal from the proper Ozeri website, but I was a little apprehensive at the thought of the hassle of having it shipped overseas all the way from Germany. It cost £19.99, which could be seen as quite expensive for a simple lighting device, but it also had free Super Saver Delivery, and it arrived promptly.

      HOWEVER, a recent Amazon search showed me that IT HAS NOW DECREASED TO THE PRICE OF £9.99, and that is with free Super Saver delivery too. At first, I was a little upset at the fact that I paid over (well, a penny over anyway) double this for my one, but I would not have wanted to wait two months to buy one. So, if you are reading this on time for the offer to still be available, own a Kindle or some kind of eBook reader and are interested in trying the Kandle out, I would really recommend for you to buy it at this bargain! I might go stock up on them myself, now I come to think of it.

      I have been very satisfied with my experience with my Kandle, and I think that it is a great accessory for any Kindle. I also think Ozeri produce the Kandle II and a Kandle with an extending light for ease of use. I may want to try the other varieties out should my Kandle not work, and review those when the time come. But for the moment, my original Kandle is good enough for me.


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        12.11.2011 17:32
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A fantastically well-designed item which you will find easy to use

        I bought this Ozeri Kandle after reading a review on a Kindle forum.
        I find my Kindle needs good light, and in the evening it needs a bit extra for me to be comfortable.
        I bought the light online from MobileFun for about £19. Initially, I had to send it back as I could not remove the screws for the battery housing, but they sent me another and it was perfect.
        Don't let that put you off, it was just a small glitch.
        It will fit any e-reader as far as I can tell.

        What you get:
        The item comes in a stout little box with a cute velvet pouch . There is a special little screwdriver for the battery cover. Two 3volt DL2032 button batteries are included, and these are cheap enough to replace.
        I went and bought 6 spares from Tesco just to have on stand by.

        It is extremely well-designed and has a very firm wide sprung clip which absolutely stays put on your Kindle or Kindle case. I haven't knocked it off once in 4 months.
        It folds flat and will go in your pocket.
        The light it gives is clear and cold from two lifetime LEDs. The main pivoting arm is angleable to 90 degrees, and the upper pivoting arm is angleable to 70 degrees ( that is the one with the LEDs). You can adjust it up or down on its neck until you can see the light spread right to the bottom of the Kindle screen.

        Battery life:
        25 hours of reading, but do be careful to turn the thing off, it is easy to fold it up and forget.
        The switch is a nice little clickable slider thing at the back, by the way.
        I actually think this is preferable to a case with a light built in, they often have a weird anglepoise affair which is not as neat or ergonomic.

        I clip the Kandle onto my rather nice stand up case and sit reading and knitting at the same time.
        I can honestly say, it is a fab little accessory to my Kindle.
        I have had my Kandle now for over a year and it works just as well. I keep it in a little bag with the Kindle for transit. I have had to change the batteries a few times, but i expected that.
        I love reading in bed now, it has really made my life easier.
        All I can say is, it is VERY well built , powerful and reliable.
        I love it and I love my Kindle. The two make a perfect pair.
        I was thinking of getting the new glow Paperwhite Kindle, but on reflection will stick with my present arrangement as is fine for reading. The Kandle is great.


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    • Product Details

      New patent-pending WideLip™ grip that does not block the screen on the Kindle™, Sony® Reader and other eBook readers. Double pivoting arms allows for easy positioning and adjustment for tailored screen illumination. WideLip™ grip also works perfectly on books without blocking text on the page. Powered by two lifetime X2 LEDs optimized to distribute uniform light without creating glare or eyestrain. Works perfectly as a stable, free-standing night light.

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