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Port E.O.S. Lapdesk

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2012 20:37
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      A great little lapdesk

      Ever since my university days I have owned a laptop but never had a room big enough to house a computer desk or a suitable place to sit my laptop while in use so have always opted to have my laptop sitting on my legs when in use which isn't always the most comfortable nor is it the most practical. For years I have struggled on until only last year I was introduced to the Port E.O.S. Lapdesk which is designed specifically for laptops and can be used pretty much anywhere; on your lap, on your bed, on the floor and on other hard surfaces such as the kitchen table.

      **What is the Port E.O.S. Lapdesk?**
      The Port lapdesk is a very simple design, built for the purpose of raising your laptop off of a surface to allow more airflow on the underside which in turn helps to prevent your laptop from overheating and at the same time is designed to protect your legs from the intense heat that can sometimes be produced by the components that make up your laptop. The lapdesk is made from ABS material which is what gives the lapdesk it's strength and rigidity but allows the product to remain lightweight. The port lapdesk comes in black with blue rubber feet providing it with a non-slip function so that the desk doesn't constantly slide around when on a hard surface and the rubber also acts as a heat barrier protecting your legs from any heat that may build up when using your laptop and provides additional support when using it on you lap. The top of the desk also has 4 rubber corners mirroring the bottom of the desk which holds the laptop securely in place acting also as a non-slip surface for your computer. The centre of the lapdesk pops out and provides an additional tray area on which a mouse can be used, or alternatively if you don't use a mouse you can just leave it in it's position in the middle of the desk but personally I keep it popped out even when I don't use a mouse simply because I think the air will circulate better if the centre is left open keeping your laptop cool. this particular desktray design is compatible with all sizes of laptop so will suit pretty much anyone.

      **Is it comfortable to use?**
      I can confirm that it is a lot more comfortable using this lapdesk than having my laptop sitting on my knee. I always find that my laptop is heaviest at the back causing it to slope backwards slightly when on my lap but when using the lapdesk it sits a little more neatly and squarely and I don't notice it as much. The lapdesk isn't heavy weighing less than 1kg and so it won't feel like your legs are being crushed if you use it on your lap.

      **Does the mouse work well on the mousetray?**
      I primarily use the mousepad on my laptop but I do have a wireless mouse which I sometimes use if the notion takes me and although the wireless USB transmitter on the righthand USB slot of my laptop I don't find that this hinders the use of the mouse at all and have never had any problems with the contact on the mousetray with the mouse moving freely across the screen.

      **Where to buy and the cost**
      This is the sort of product that you can pick up easily on online websites such as amazon for a reasonable price currently selling for around £13.99.

      **My overall thoughts and opinion**
      I don't know how I could have let so many years go by without knowing about this product as I now couldn't envisage using my laptop without it. It's light, doesn't take up too much space and keeps my laptop supported and my poor little legs heat protected. I personally keep my lapdesk stored down the side of my bed in between the bed and the bedside table where it goes un-noticed but is within easy reach if it needs to be used. There is a small handle located on the left hand side of the tray for you to grab when you need to use the desktray. For £13.99 I can see this lapdesk being functional for years and years to come...it's strong, reliable, durable and very good quality and I think very good value for money, so if you're looking for a product such as this although there are more well known brands which are more expensive out there on the market this one comes highly recommended by me.


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