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Samba Tech DVD-Blu-ray Binder & Sleeves

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2014 15:03
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      Awesome, would recommend to anyone who needs to get some space back!

      With our excessively large DVD collection (we do love our movies....and documentaries....and TV series....and stand up comedies....) we have lost a large amount of wall space housing them all. It also made the room look messy. So this little gem was perfect.

      These binders are black matt with a soft padded-ness to them and smooth metal corners for protection. There are four easy to open rings inside where the sleeve covers sit. On the spine are indents, two rectangles and two small squares.

      These are for the labels they supply. The larger ones are for titles like "movies" "horror" "TV Series" "comedy" and the smaller ones are for letters and numbers so you can do "A" to "Z".

      These labels are black with white writing and each binder comes with a full sheet of numbers, alphabets and a variety of genre labels. They are easy to peel and stick but note they are NOT easy to remove if you put them on wrong (or wonky like I did!)

      Each binder comes with 20 sleeves however I found if most of your DVDs were single discs you can get 23 in each binder.

      You can get the binders in a variety of colours however I prefer the black ones as they look super stylish.

      You can buy these as a single binder or as a pack of five. You can also get packs of the sleeves separately, which is good if you do as I did and put 23 per binder.

      The sleeves are thin with a section for fitting two discs. They have a soft PP inner which is designed to clean the back of your DVDs. The DVD cover and any booklets you get with them can then be put into the front of the sleeve. There is then a clear fold down flap that seals it and keeps your disc clean and dust free.

      You need to punch out the ring holes and then add it to your binder. The DVD cover is face up making it quick and easy to search for your required movie.

      These are from Samba Tech Limited through Amazon. I have not seen these anyone else and a Google search and a check on eBay did not reveal them.

      1 Binder with 20 sleeves = £13.95 + £3.96 (P&P)
      5 Binders with 20 sleeves each = £65.25 + £7.20 (P&P)
      20pk FlatPak Sleeves = £5.25 + £3.45 (P&P)
      100pk FlatPak Sleeves = £27.50 + £4.50 (P&P)

      These are not cheap but to be honest just freeing up the amount of space I had lost while keeping my DVDs which I love (big movie buff!) clean, neat and professional looking was enough to sway me to buying these.

      NB: You can buy just normal small A5 binders that would do the job and would probably fit these sleeves but I didn't think they looked that good or that sturdy.

      [Couple of benefits]
      First - If you add another DVD and you need to fit it into an earlier binder, it's so much easier just opening and removing one and bouncing it to the next rather than doing that with a tight bookcase full. Or if you leave a bit of a gap by only using the 20 sleeves, you have space to add more without having to bounce them.

      Second - No more taking a DVD out of the machine and putting it into another box and putting that DVD in the machine (repeat 10 times) and then you have to follow the path to replacing all the DVDs in their rightful boxes. (I am a big culprit for that and NEVER put them back in their boxes) Mike partner is pleased with this new system because it totally stops me doing that.

      Third - No more family members wandering through your room spying your DVDs and begging for loans of your favourite movies. Out of sight, out of mind!

      Four - Easier to find the movie by flicking through and looking at front covers than squinting at the small spines on a shelf.

      [Slight drawback]
      If you are like us you will need to have a little chart with which movies are in which Binder so you can find what you want easily. We had so many B's that they filled 3 binders.

      I love these. I reduced one bookcase full of DVDs to 8 binders that fit on one shelf! They are easier to manage, take up so little space and look fab. I can't wait until my whole collection is in these and for those who are being overrun by movies, series, CDS and/or games I would recommend them for saving space and looking good.


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