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Sunny Savers Kindle Cover with L.E.D. Reading Lamp

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    2 Reviews
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      04.05.2011 14:38
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      • Reliability


      A great way to protect your Kindle

      My husband purchased one of these to give to me at the same time as my Kindle. If you are anything like me then your Kindle will be your best nonhuman friend. It is ideal as it allows me to read at night and also protects my Kindle from any scratches.
      The case is made of a synthetic leather and the inside is of a smoooth velvety material.
      It holds onto the Kindle securely and I have no qualms with holding it upside down while the Kindle is inside it. It also looks very sleek when just left laying around the house. I also like that the contents are not obvious upon first look. This makes me feel confident taking it out and about.
      The light is a great plus for me, as it allows me to read during the night time feeds with my son. It is very powerful and is a push on push off mechanism. However it does seem a little bulky at times and does affect the way you hold the kindle.
      The screen protector supplied is ever so slightly too big so a slight trim is advised, according to my husband.
      I like the fact that the cover is easy to close, it works via a magnetic strip and then a press stud. It is also much more reasonably priced than the 'real' covers out there.
      I would highly recommend this product to anyone owning a Kindle as it protects your Kindle from any accidental scratches and also allows you to read it in darker situations. I have also used the front of the cover to shield the sun from certain angles to make it easier to read.


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        04.05.2011 12:42
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Be Kind to your Kindle and buy this

        After purchasing my Kindle E-Reader, my main priority was keeping it in as good condition as possible. That, for me, means purchasing something that would protect it from scratches to the screen and offer protection if it was dropped etc. I also required a light for reading at night time when my partner was asleep.

        After searching on the Amazon site and finding the Kindle branded covers with built in lights were going for nearly half the price of the unit itself (madness), I searched until I found a cover that I liked, offered good protection, was versatile, and at a price that suited my budget.

        I happened upon the Sunny Savers Kindle cover which came with the added bonus of screen protector film, and a separate reading light. It had good reviews and after careful consideration I bought one.

        The product was delivered to me well wrapped. I was rather disappointed that it took over a fortnight to be delivered, but as this review is about the product only, that is neither here nor there.

        The case itself is made of synthetic leather, but it is very high quality, and certainly looks and feels like leather. The inside is a smooth, velvety material. It has the look and feel of suedette. It's quite tactile and touchable.

        The size of this cover/wallet is the perfect size for the unit, and it fits snugly. The unit is held in place, very tightly by strips of the leather material over each corner, with the top two corners also being elasticated, allowing for easy fitting and removal. These fittings being positioned at the corners also allow for the full functions of the kindle to be accessed easily.

        I liked this cover above others because it has a slip pocket inside the cover, in which to keeps notes that you've made as you have been reading , or your tickets safe while you read on your journey etc. It's not an essential feature but it's quite handy.

        The cover is closed by a strip of co-ordination material forming a band which is fastened via a press stud. This is really high quality and closes itself (due to high quality magnets inside) without actually having to 'press'. This is great because putting too much pressure in this area, may of course damage the screen.

        The cover itself obviously has some weight to it, and if you've been reading your kindle without a cover for any length of time, you will definitely notice the difference when this is fitted. It doesn't take too long to get used to it though, and it soon becomes 'the norm'.

        Another matter which I must mention is that it 'feels' odd if you've suddenly started to use a cover where you never had one before. At first, I couldn't get used to where to position my hands to get the best grip and avoid turning the pages accidentally. Now I get around the problem by folding the front cover underneath, and simply holding it like I used to hold the kindle unit on its own.

        The clip on light is a brilliant addition. It is powered by three triple A batteries, and I believe they now come supplied. The battery/clip on section is quite bulky, but as I have only used mine at home so far, for reading in bed, it's not a problem. It's not heavy, and doesn't take up too much room, if you were thinking of taking this travelling etc - but there are much smaller models out there.

        Having bought many of these smaller book lights before in the past, they do not have half the power of this light with it super bright LED. The head section is about the size of the tip of my thumb, and this is also where you press the light on or off.

        The neck of the lamp is what is known as a goose neck or swan neck. This means it is flexible along the whole of its length, enabling you to position the light where it is needed. Having used this every evening there is virtually no glare in the screen, preventing me from being able to read.

        The clamp on the light is tight, and doesn't easily slip. This is not so tight as to damage the cover in any way though, and my Kindle cover is immaculate, even after many months use.

        In addition to the cover and lamp mentioned above, there is also screen protector in the set. It is a self adhesive film which when applied to the screen prevents any scratches. I will just quickly give you a tip if I may - please trim one large and one small edge by a couple of millimetres before you try to apply to the screen. I found out a little too late that it is ever so slightly too large, and trying to trim it after it had started to be applied, gave me air bubbles that I cannot get out.

        It gets me so mad when I see people using these E-book Readers with no protection. They are not cheap to buy, and although the unit feels solid, the screen must suffer an awful lot of damage which compromises the reading enjoyment, which is the whole purpose of buying one in the first place. This whole set is an essential item in my opinion. There is nothing here that you don't need, and there is nothing else that you should require to make your reading experience as enjoyable as it can be.

        Overall the quality of this set was better than expected for the price, and I wholly recommend to any one, and will continue to do so.


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