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Arctic Cooling Arctic Fan 9 PWM

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  • Keep your chips cool
  • Noisey
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    1 Review
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      25.11.2015 11:25
      Very helpful


      • "Keep your chips cool"


      • Noisey

      Keep your chips cool girls and boys

      So we all know that bloody annoying feeling when the laptop and computer starts to make angry noises. The only thing that makes noises in your computer is the fan. If it sounds like a light airplane taking off on boot up its time for some maintenance. Bigger and more modern kit has a lot more of those fans inside as not only the chip must be kept cool but powerful hard drives and even the memory. But for laptops of more than four or five years age there is just the one fan and its getting more clogged up with dirt, grease and dust every year. My particular fan troubles went from a gentle fluttering sound like a fledging bird leaving the nest to a more aggressive scratching sound of a mouse looking for nesting material. This month it’s like angry bees in the engine of a revving muscle car!

      Normally there are two main reasons a fan makes a different noise. One is it simply needs cleaning and is getting bunged up with crap and the other is its over-revving because it’s been told by the processor to keep its host cool. Viruses can trigger this, as can conflicted background programs needlessly running, or the computer is at capacity due to it being old and the downloaded on it being too new and in need of memory and power.
      Anyhow, I could take it no more so tried to get the back off the laptop to clean the fan. I had read that if the sounds is a specific rattling one the fan bearing may have worked lose and so a new one is required so it could be that to. But, of course, most of the screw heads were threaded and so more work there. After all manner of attempts to get the screws out I had to drill them. This is not recommended, especially if the screws are in the middle of the laptop. Fortunately they weren’t. If you haven’t ordered your replacement fan yet or it’s on the way but the noise to annoying then try tilting the laptop as that sometimes resets the bearing and clears debris. Apparently, laptops laying flat are not the natural position for the fan to work efficiently for some reason.

      A YouTube tutorial will help before you go in to remove the fan or you can watch one on your phone, PC or tablet etc while you do the operation, the later recommended. It’s a quick tug of a cable and two screws and wit the old and in with the new. Don’t lob the old one just yet as these fans are universal and fit other models if they are not actually broke. It maybe that the fan was fine and it was an unresolved or discovered virus revving the fan up or it was heating up because of an undisclosed issue. You will obviously discover that when you restart with your new fan. Obviously you unplugged the laptop from the mains when you do the swap but make sure you take the battery out as that can deliver a sizeable shock.

      The fan was generic even though it’s listed as Artic and most of this kit made in Taiwan under license now. There is no real need to pay for the makers name with computer hardware. I got it off Amazon for a fiver so fairly priced. It runs smoothly and I also have a cooling tray under the laptop for extra that cooling. If your chip isn’t cooled it will fry pretty quickly. It is possible my problem was a virus from yours truly looking at naughty sites but I did do a clean up and got rid of old java programs and stuff just in case. If you have been looking at naughty sites and your browser is hijacked by a virus with a fake police lady demanding you ring this number and pay 200 Euros to unlock it then remember that if you hold your finger on the start button for six seconds it will automatically shut your lap top down. This little known secret can save a lot of blushes.


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