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Arctic Cooling Breeze Mobile USB Fan

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2014 13:35
      Very helpful



      Arctic Cooling Breeze

      This Cooling Breeze mobile USB fan by Arctic is a nifty little gadget that I keep on my desk at work. Despite the current cold weather they can't seem to regulate the air conditioning at my office so I often end up either boiling hot or freezing cold, and this fan has proved to be quite useful. It is currently available to buy for RRP £6.95 from www.amazon.co.uk. This type of fan is intended to cool you (the human user of the computer) down, and it will certainly not assist with any overheating problems that your desktop or laptop might be experiencing.

      The fan itself is relatively small, with the whole head measuring just a bit smaller than the palm of my hand. It has 7 angled blades arranged in a circular shape that provide the cooling breeze. The head is supported on a flexible wire neck, which ends with a standard USB connector. The neck is very practical as you can bend it in different directions and this allows you to position the fan so that the breeze is blowing in a comfortable direction, and you can aim it away from things such as loose papers on your desk.

      I am spoilt for choice when it comes to USB ports on my office hardware, as I have two on my monitor screen and another two on my keyboard. The tower unit sits underneath my desk, and proves impractical for use with the fan, so it is important to ensure that you have a USB port available in a good location that will allow you to set up the fan properly. I find it easier to use the keyboard slot as this means I can have the fan set in a vertical position, rather than using the monitor slot which means that I have to have the fan set in a horizontal position. If I leave the fan running for too long in a horizontal position it can tend to work loose from the slot as the neck does not seem stable enough to maintain support of the head of the fan when it's used in this position for any prolonged duration.

      When I plug the fan into my keyboard it stays nice and secure, and I can aim the fan so it blows towards me which provides a quick and direct cooling effect. I do have to be a bit careful when using it as if I start leaning over the desk I do worry that my long loose hair might get caught up in the fan blades. Also there is no on/off button, so as soon as you plug the fan in it starts turning, and when you want to turn it off you just have to reach in and pull it out of the slot without getting your hand caught up in the process. Even though the fan is small it is effective because I am sat quite close to it, and it has enough power to cool me down when the office is too warm. I usually only need to run the fan for a few minutes at a time until my body temperature starts to regulate itself, and I think it works really well.

      I would recommend this USB fan for anyone who has the right sort of desk set-up with a conveniently located USB port on top of their desk, preferably allowing for use of the fan in a vertical position to get the most reliable results. I have found it really useful especially during the hot weather last summer, and even now when I am wearing warm clothing because it is so cold outside but the temperature in the office is too hot in comparison. A simple but very handy gadget.


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