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BV Electronics Adjustable USB Cooling StandAC

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Brand: BV Electronics / Type: Laptop cooling stand

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2011 23:06
      Very helpful



      A pretty poorly made cooling laptop pad

      Black Adjustable 6 Levels Protector USB Cooling Cooler Laptop 3 Fans Pad with 4 USB 2.0 Ports

      I was having a lot of trouble with my laptop just cutting off and shutting down. My son had a laptop in the past that did this and he was advised to try a cooling pad so i went on to Amazon and looked to see what was available that might work for me.

      I looked at quite a few possibilities and read reviews of those that looked suitable. I am not one that goes for the most expensive one, in fact I will look for a bargain when I can but I am always aware that sometimes the cheapest is not always the best!


      This runs off a USB point from the laptop so needs no extra power. There are three fans so it should mange to reach the hot parts of the base of most laptops. It was big enough to fit my laptop as it is Dimensions: 32.5cm long by 27cm wide and then 4cm tall or deep.

      According to the blurb on Amazon it was made from heavy duty plastic around the fan so that you could put something heavy (laptop) on it and the fan would not be damaged.

      I was rather attracted to the fact that you could adjust the height as well as tilt it and swivel it. This meant that i could put it on a table and adjust the laptop to suit the way the sun was shininh in through the window and the height so I didn't have to bend my neck too far and so on. To quote the advertisement in the site "6 Levels adjustable screen height, tilt and swivel for optimal viewing and ergonomic comfort."

      "Slim and smart design of the Notebook Cooling Pad system with large, high-performance and extra quiet". I was looking for something that would not be too noisy so " extra quiet" sounded pretty good to me.

      I ordered mine through Amazon and as always there was no problem at all and the pad arrived in just a few days. I used some vouchers collected from survey sites so although the cost was actually £9.99, mine was 'free'.

      I eagerly unpacked my pad from its box and plugged it into the laptop. Were the claims or boasts correct?

      Well it was the size they said.
      It was made of hard plastic and was pretty sturdy and rigidly sturdy.
      There were three fans but at the bottom of the pad the fans were not covered they were exposed and if you didn't have the pad on a flat surface the fan blades could get caught and would be stopped spinning or might break. It also meant that there was no way you could use this on your lap as it HAD to be on a completely flat surface when not tilted at all.
      It is suitable for more or less any laptop that has a USB connection and fits the size of the pad.

      Was it adjustable?
      Well yes, there was a fairly flimsy little plastic catch that you released and the bottom part then could be pulled apart from the top. When tilted the fans are on the top part so less danger of then catching but you can't really have it on your lap tilted as the pad is at the wrong angle then for me anyway.

      The pad fans work by using the power of the USB in the laptop but you don't lose the USB connection because this pad comes with a bank of four USB ports so it is also a USB hub as well as a laptop cooler.

      Is it quiet?
      It is apparently 25 decibels but I tried to work out what that compared to and couldn't find how to do that. Suffice to say that it hums but it is indeed almost in audible. It does depend on what surface you have it on but it certainly didn't bother me at all.

      It comes with a pretty short mini USB to USB connector so if you damage the connector it is easy to replace. You don't need a long lead as the laptop it is connected to will be on top of it.

      At first I thought the fans were not working but they spin so fast that you can only see them when they are not turning. When they are spinning you can't see the blades at all.

      Does it cool the laptop?
      Yes the fans spin fast and are well positioned for both my laptops. However I did find they didn't actually cool my larger laptop sufficiently to stop it cutting out on me which was annoying because that was the reason I wanted the pad. It did cool the other laptop but i didn't have any problem with that one. I think keeping it cool while using it does help the motor so I will keep using it on the smaller net book despite not really needing it.

      Was it strong?
      It felt cheap and shoddily made to me. The catch to release to adjust it was a tiny piece of hard plastic. The entire thing looked cheap. I have had it about 6 months and it is still good but I am not sure it would last the rigours of children or teens or general family use. A couple of accidental drops could mean the end of it I would imagine.

      So what do I think?

      I certainly wouldn't recommend this as it is cheap and poorly made. It does do the job of cooling the laptop and at the moment mine still does adjust. The catch and the stand adjusters are pretty cheap and tacky but are still there but I haven't used them much either. At the moment it does still function and it is handy as a USB hub when i run short. I am holding my breath for this to last too long and certainly will not be replacing it when it breaks.

      My advice is spend a bit more and get a better one as this is pretty naff. I will be reviewing my other cooling pad soon which is much better than this and not that much more expensive.

      Thanks for reading. This review will be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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