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Cooler Master Hyper 212

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    2 Reviews
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      12.06.2011 12:51
      Very helpful



      A great cooler for a number of different CPU sockets which gives massive advantages over stock.

      I have purchased this cooler as part of an overall 1155 socket build for an Intel i2600k processor. I originally installed the cooler that came with the processor and later switched to the Hyper 212 to try and get cooler temperatures than the stock solution.

      First of all, this cooler is substantially larger than any ones I have seen before. The heat sink has three large copper pipes which come right down to the processor and draw the heat out through a thick radiator. The fan component can then be attached on either the internal side, pushing air through the cooler and out through the rear fan or attached to the back to act as a double pulling fan.

      While the official line is to attach it on the internal side, this is heavily dependent on two things: your other fans and the size of your RAM sticks. You will find that with larger sticks with coolers on top, it will be an incredibly tight squeeze to fit the cooler and I would highly recommend the reverse placement as the difference in performance is minimal.

      The installation is a little clumsy. Unlike some modern styles, you have to take everything out of your computer, unscrew the motherboard and remove that to fit the cooler as you have to install a fixing plate on the back unlike the pushpin design of many other coolers. This, however, feels a lot more sturdy and appears to do a better job at holding things in place. The thermal paste provided with the cooler will be sufficient, but I would recommend replacing it with some Arctic paste instead for greater performance.

      There are two tricky bits to the subsequent installation: the fitting of the holding bracket over the heat sink and fitting the fan. The holding bracket is somewhat annoying to fit, especially if you have a number of other components and wires around. the screws are flimsy to move to a different fixing location (there are 3 per screw and the 1155 socket uses the middle one) and the pin in the middle holding the cooler in place keeps wanting to move around. Once you've fixed all of them on properly, however, it seems to work perfectly well.
      The second annoying bit is the fan fixings with the provided brackets. These are spring-based and incredibly flimsy. When you fix the fan on, there is fair amount of give and it appears that you've not done it right, whereas in fact that is exactly what it should look like.

      The end product is great. Sub-40 degree temperatures at no load and below 60 degrees when at full pace is pretty impressive for a high-performance CPU cooler. The sound is about the same as a stock cooler and might even be a little more quiet which I am also particularly happy with.

      One last point to note is that the packaging, instructions and product details suggest that this cooler is incompatible with the 1155 socket processor types (i2500k etc). This is in fact not true and this fan works wonders in combination with these processors. I would highly recommend the use of this product!


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      10.02.2011 13:18



      A good performer at the price it retails for.

      I purchased the hyper 212 from Ebay to use with my new 2500k. At idle with the stock cooler temps were around 40c. With this new cooler the temps are now 32c. I used the paste that came with it but will change it to artic silver later.

      Stock Hyper 212
      Idle 40c 32c
      Load 70c 55c

      When under load you can see a big a difference in temps with the stock at 70c. I wasn't happy keeping it like that and reading on the net this cooler seems a popular choice.

      Attaching it to the board went okay but clipping the fans to the heat sink using the supplied clips was awkward. The metal clips are flimsy and the pictures in the instructions are very small which did not help. Although it may just be me as I had problems fitting the stock cooler.

      The noise is ok but is louder than the stock fan but I can probably change that in a program such as speed fan. The outcome is that I am pleased with the product and recommend to anyone looking to overclock or just reduce the temps.


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