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Trust Madu Netbook Cooling Stand

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2 Reviews

Trust / Notebook Cooling Stand

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2012 23:01
      Very helpful



      A good design to keep a constant air flow to your laptop or notebook

      My laptop in no uncertain-terms plays a huge factor in my life, I would definitely go as far to say I would be completely lost without it, firstly for the convenience of online shopping or keeping in touch with friends and family via social networks but also all the precious data which builds up year after year.. For these reasons alone I like to make sure I am not doing anything which could directly lead to damaging the unit as my most recent one was quite a large investment.

      As my laptop operates for the vast majority of the 24hour day it does seem to get very warm despite having 3 integrated coolant fans already, as I also use my laptop for DJ'ing there is always the risk that it could overheat during a gig and cause much embarrassment at my expense and disappointment to the audience.

      So looking over the issues I decided to look on the market to see what products could help optimise the air flow to my laptop and help reduce overheating and possible future damage to core components, whilst looking I came across similar designs of external fans, raised trays etc but nothing quite like this one manufactured by "Trust".

      The design itself is quite sturdy despite being lightweight at just under 800grams it is strong enough to hold and support most models of laptops on the market today although it is recommended for units with a screen-size up to 16inches.

      I like that the unit can adjust to suit a comfortable angle for the user which again is useful for me when DJing as I have been restricted to how far my screen would tilt on the laptop alone.
      There is a good quality fan situation in the middle of the unit and a meshing over the top to allow a good air flow, the unit connects directly to your laptop via a USB port and operates quietly, you can just about hear that the fan is being operated!

      Another quality product from Trust, which although is slightly higher budget in comparison to similar products seems to be worth the investment. Since purchasing my stand my laptop seems to be operating more efficiently and not producing half as much heat as it was without the stand!


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      15.07.2011 10:28
      Very helpful



      A high quality laptop cooler from Trust

      As my laptop is frequently in operation I was becoming rather concerned about it overheating, particularly as I use it on one of my living rooms tables and whilst sitting up in bed. As a result, both my furniture and lap were becoming rather hot. Another reason is that I often experienced pains in my neck due to constantly leaning forward to reach the keyboard. Consequently, I needed to make a purchase of a laptop stand that as well as cooling my machine could also be angled to make it more comfortable for me to use. I didn't have a clue which brands were deemed as the best, particularly as I had never owned such a device before, so a random purchase was made and subsequently returned to the shop the next day due to its' inferior quality.

      Whilst wandering around Maplins approximately four months ago an item that caught my eye was one belonging to Trust and its' name is MADU Notebook Cooling Stand. Due to the name of the product suggesting this is for a notebook I almost walked straight past the display, but after a chat with the friendly sales person it seemed that this was exactly what I was looking for. Consequently, my purchase was made and this review discusses my experience with using the product.


      Whilst price is a major factor in many of my buying decisions, the most important aspect for me in relation to this purchase was the product's ability to meet my requirements. The cardboard box packaging informs us that the height of the stand is adjustable and can be raised up to 20 cm and that it will hold any notebooks and laptops with a maximum screen size of 16 inches. Although I was not looking for a stand that provided a cooling fan I was rather pleased to learn that this model offers a silent fan that needs to be plugged into the laptop's USB port.


      The sturdy black plastic 862g cooling stand is flat packed inside the box and fortunately for me there were no pieces to click into place, as it was whole and had simply been collapsed for storage purposes. There is a quick installation guide booklet accompanying the stand that gives step by step illustrations on how to set it up ready for use. I simply needed to pull the upper section forwards and select the most suitable height and click the large metal foot section into one of the six pegs located on the base of the stand so that it was positioned at a 45 degrees angle. The measurements of the stand are approximately 34 cm in width and 30 cm in depth. Located in the centre of the area on which the laptop sits is a large vent, which runs the entire width of the stand and situated below the vents is a good sized bright yellow and black fan.

      There are four small circular padded areas located in each of the corners to protect the underside of my laptop from any scratches and situated on each of the lower sides are small feet, which need to be pulled forwards to allow the laptop to be securely positioned. My laptop perfectly fits the stand and is much easier to use due to the fact that it has been raised to a more comfortable angle and my lap doesn't feel like it's on fire! In addition to this, I no longer have the worry that I will find scorch marks on any of my wooden tables. When my laptop has been in operation for a couple of hours I choose to use the fan and I reach for the USB cable that neatly fits into a designated section on the rear of the stand. There is a good length of cable, which allows me to click it into the USB port to enable the device to operate the cooling fan. As advised by Trust, the fan is silent when in operation and rapidly cools down my machine.


      I cannot fault this cooling stand as in addition to keeping my laptop cool, I have the assurance that my furniture or indeed my lap are not going to burn. The stand has a large circular area on its' underside, which enables it to be rotated a full 360 degrees. Whilst there are no pads on the underside, I cannot complain that any of my tables have been scratched, but small pads are easily obtained in stores such as Wilkinsons if you require additional reassurance. My neck pains are now a thing of the past, as I do not feel the need to overstretch when using my laptop. Whilst the stand is manufactured from a sturdy plastic, it is extremely durable and I am of the opinion that it will last me for many years.

      To clean I wipe with over with a normal household duster and whilst the stand is easily unclipped and returned to its' flat packed position I tend to leave mine permanently open, particularly as my laptop is used so often. The stand has a 2 year guarantee and conforms to the appropriate safety requirements.


      As previously stated, I purchased mine from Maplins for £24.99, but at the time of writing, you can purchase this product brand new from Amazon for just £20.76, which is inclusive of postage and packing.

      As I am so pleased with my purchase, it receives 5 stars from me together with a full recommendation.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Suitable for laptops up to 16 inch.