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Acer Aspire L200 Living Center

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Acer Aspire L200 Living Center - SFF - 1 x Athlon 64 3200+ / 2 GHz - RAM 512 MB - HD 1 x 160 GB - DVD±RW (+R double layer) - LAN EN, Fast EN, 802.11b, 802.11g - Win XP MCE 2005 - Monitor : none

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2006 18:09
      1 Comment



      Incompentent paper pushers fob you off with non-sense

      ACER Support stinks.
      My Media Centre E300 worked fine for 3 months,
      then the FREEVIEW TV card died. From 15th June, it went back SEVEN times, and I can still only see the 16QAM channels. They even tried to put in an analogue TV card, and pretend that is the correct specification for a E300. I sent the remote control, dongle, keybd, mouse, speakers, and cables in the initial shipment, because no one told me to only send the main unit, and they sent me just the cables back. Customer Service has said they will "e-mail the Tech Support Department" more than ten times, and nothing happens after three months of chasing. Dean tries to help, but is powerless. Ian avoids talking to me. Sara promises, but never calls back. Brenda will not even promise to do anything. Teresa demanded a very detailed list of what I sent, and then did not even log it. They claim to test the system for hours, but the Media Centre cannot even find a TV card when I switch it on when it came back once. The case now has dent in it, which coincided with a hard disk crash at their Repair centre, resulting in the hard disk being replaced. Dave and Jim talk sense. Giovanni can barely speak English, and gave me not just the wrong Returns number: he also forgot to tell me the contract number I needed to arrange the courier. He couldn't wait to put the phone down.


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    • Product Details

      Home entertainment can be a wonderful experience, but with so many sources available, it's hard to keep things simple and still have access to the very best on offer. DVD movies, recorded TV programs, music and video games have always been separated from the limitless sources of online entertainment. But not any more. Acer has taken a long, hard look at home entertainment to create a high-quality system that not only provides instant access to live, recorded and online content, but is also so stylish any home would be proud to have one. Simple to install and compatible with most existing audio/video products, the Acer Aspire L200 adds a spectacular new dimension to effortless home entertainment.

      The beauty of the objects you put into your home shows how much you treasure it. It's a special place for you and your moments alone. Just one look at the slim and stylish fascia of the Acer Aspire L200 tells you it's an entertainment centerpiece. Beautifully sleek and refined, the Acer Aspire L200 takes up no more space than a standard DVD player, yet offers so much more, leaving you free to concentrate on the fun. Complete with an easy to use remote control handset and practical wireless keyboard, the Acer Aspire L200 brings a whole new meaning to relaxing entertainment.

      By making things easier and more flexible, the Acer Aspire L200 keeps the entertainment flowing, no matter what your preference. Online entertainment? Connect to the Internet through the integrated 10/100Mbs port or wireless 11g/b network connection and you have instant access to streaming video sites. Want music? Hook it up to your home stereo and an almost unlimited number of online radio stations are just waiting to be discovered. Ready for film? With an LCD TV, the Acer Aspire L200 brings your DVD collection and recorded favorites to life with 5.1-channel surround sound compatibility. Photo shoot? Just plug your digital camera in to any of the eight USB 2.0 ports and you're ready for big screen photos.