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Acer Aspire SA80

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2 Reviews

An affordable desktop PC, the Acer Aspire SA80 meets all the minimum requirements for a home and business PC. It is reliable and hardworking, but will need relevant updates now to achieve optimum performance.

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    2 Reviews
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      24.05.2009 12:46
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Lovely machine and does the job nicely!

      Built by: ACER
      RAM: 512 MB (Megabytes)
      Operating System: Windows XP Professional

      This is a great Desktop PC but having has this a few years now my advice is that it will need a few upgrades to meet the demands of the modern computer world.

      I tend to use it to do work on it and also to play movies/music through the speakers I got with it. I have linked this up to my PS3 (Playstation 3) so a direct internet connection can be ran through the PC rather than using wireless and losing connectivity.

      I have had to do many upgrades to keep up with the times. For example I have upgraded to Windows Vista Home Premium but in doing so I have had to insert 2Gb (Gigabytes) of RAM (Random Access Memory) which enables larger operating systems and Microsoft Office 2007 to run smoothly without and delays.

      The graphics card gets 2.2 rating from the windows performance monitor overall and a 2.3 rating for gaming graphics. Since using this PC have had no problems with the graphics or drivers.

      The chip inside this PC is a Intel Celeron D 2.8 GHz (Gigahertz) and gets a 4.0 rating from the performance monitor which is quite good. This type of speed along with the added memory will make any program/game run like a dream.

      The processor can also be upgraded if you wish to do so. I haven't had to do this yet but maybe in a few more years when programs get bigger and use more graphics then this may be required.

      The memory that comes with this PC is 512 MB (Megabytes) and does the job for Windows XP but if you wish to upgrade to Windows Vista you will require further memory. The expansion slots allow you to upgrade to maximum of 2GB (Gigabytes).

      The drive comes with a floppy disk drive along with a Dual Layer DVD Re-Writer drive. I find this very useful for backing up my documents and other items which may need transferring. It is always useful to backup documents in the event of any hardware breaking down especially the hard disk.

      The hard drive has a total of 160 GB (Gigabytes) and will do the job for any windows upgrade or any additional programs you may want to add to the system. What I have had to do to create additional space to my existing hard disk is to install a second hard disk (this does require an advanced knowledge of computers but stores like PC World can do this for you at a small cost).

      Another option would be to buy an external hard disk and plug into your PC using USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports.

      Speed: 7,200 RPM (Rotations per Minute)

      Networking this PC can be done using the simple step process which windows gives the user. As previously mentioned I networked my PS3 to the PC giving a direct internet connection. You can also link two PC's together which will enable you to play games over a local network or to share items from PC to PC.

      The width is 7.25 inches, the depth is 18 inches and the height is 14.5 inches and is an ideal size for an office or home.

      Memory Slots: 2xDIMM
      PCI Slots: 3
      PS/2 ports: 2
      LAN (Local Area Network) ports: 1
      Parallel ports: 1
      Serial ports: 1
      Audio: Realtek

      Overall this is a lovely PC and meets all the minimum requirements for a home and business PC. Great for gaming, work, and multimedia. The operating system may be a bit older now but I would recommend this PC to anyone who is just looking for something reliable and user friendly.

      RATING: 4/5


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        18.01.2009 01:33
        Very helpful


        • Reliability



        The Acer Aspire SA80 Desktop PC, Intel Celeron E2160 Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD really is a fantastic computer provided with Windows Vista Home Basic. I got this computer on christmas 2007 and i really do love it! Its well worth the money and well worth buying.
        It is very easy to use and suitable for any age to be honest, I fell in love at first sight of this computer, It is the perfect size as other desktop pc's are pretty big. It is a smart little computer, I love its features such as the chrome writing saying 'acer' on the front of it and also the shiny black on the front of it.
        It is the best computer i have ever had! I dont really like the Anti Virus software provided with the pc called Nortan 360 anti virus, It scans at times that you dont want it to, It does my head in sometimes.


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