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Acer Aspire Z5700

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3 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Great screen
  • No Blue-ray drive
  • Clunky design
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    3 Reviews
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      09.03.2015 19:33


      • "Touch all in one"
      • "Great screen "


      • "No Blue-ray drive"
      • "Clunky design"

      Great office computer

      I bought this computer about four years ago for one of my offices. I did not needed something which looks nice (I am in my Berlin office alone and I do not arrange there any clients meetings) but which is powerful and fast. So did HP Vectra VL800 fulfill my expectations? Lets have a closer look.

      To be honest this computer is really not a beauty when I compare it to the others on the market. So if you want something really stylish I recommend rather to go for a Mac. T

      Here are some specifications of this Acer Aspire Z5700:

      Display size/resolution: 23-inch, 1,920x1,080

      CPU: 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 650

      Memory: 4GB 1,333MHz DDR3 SDRAM

      Hard drives: 1TB

      Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium

      The Z5700 is a touch-screen all-in-one but I still use the system with the included wireless mouse and keyboard. But it is probably because I am simply used to it.
      The screen is very clear and amazing even for watching HD movies. The negative point is that there is no Blue-ray drive which is a little bit shame because I could give this computer the last point to perfection.

      I am very satisfied with my purchase. The computer runs still very smooth and I upgraded it currently to Windows 8. If you need a very powerful office computer, this is definitely a good choice. It was quite expensive (over $1000) but still cheaper than Mac. This Acer desktop computer competes with Mac in a tight race, but for me it is definitely a winner!


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      08.07.2012 15:40


      • Reliability


      Great affordable computer

      The acer computer is great, first of all everything is built into the screen so it doesn't take up loads of space! Only one lead to plug in aswell, and no wires...! Also, the keyboard and mouse I got with mine are wireless, which is a bonus.

      The first thing I noticed when I turned it on is the speed at which everything loads, with 4gbs of ram and a very quick processing speed I should of expected it! The touch screen is great, very responsive and precise, they have also included a programme on the computer which is just for the touch screen. It includes games etc, also in this area is a amazing web cam facility which can also be used as a security camera to record what happens in your room!

      It would be good if you could download extra stuff into the touchscreen area though, like apps, would be alot of fun!

      I have played a few games on the computer and it plays even the games which require more computer hardware very fast, you cannot use the touch screen within these games which is a shame, however they run smoothly and quickly. One problem I had was that the games didnt recognise I had 4gb of ram, so wouldnt let me have a big database...

      The hard drive is nice and big aswell, 640 gb so the computer can hold a lot of data, I use mine for university work and general stuff and have never found even nearly full!

      The screen is a great size aswell, and you can use the touchscreen to zoom in and out. I would recommend this computer to everyone as it's very easy to use and very fun aswell, the screen in very tough and doesn't scratch easily!

      Mine only cost me about 500, and this is one of the best bargains I could of got, reliable and will last longer than a laptop!


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      04.06.2011 01:53
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent buy, I don't regret a thing

      Now, as you all may know: I'm a bit of a computer nut! I live and breath electronics and when I saw this baby out in the shops, who could say no? At a very reasonable £998 in my local Bright House store (I pay for it weekly) I am thrilled to have bought it because it just makes life so much easier. With all the acer gadgets and gizmos to play around with, theirs also a camera on the screen which is so clear, it's almost like using a mac.

      My friends and family have told me that this computer is pretty much the same as a mac, but I completely disagree. The computer is so small and easily packaged you could probably take it anywhere with you, however it does look an awful lot like a mac.

      The touch screen function allows me to easily browse through my files without the hassle of a mouse, all the power is at your fingertips! It makes it easier to organise folders as you can use your fingers to drag and drop items and simply click to open a folder. The computer has many prgrams preinstalled- like Microsoft word and an Acer cam editor ( I think most acer laptops have this now).
      Using the Keyboard is so much fun because you can either attach a keyboard, or use an onscreen keyboard. I think computers like this show us how fast technology is moving. The screen is a massive 23" which enable you to navigate around the screen easily with plenty of room for freedom, this also enables you to type on the keyboard with maximum precision.

      The amount of memory on the hard drive is really good, it is a massive 1000gb. This is something which I love about having a computer, you can store your entire life on these things, they are so useful to have because you can keep all of your office documents and entertainment software safely on the computer. I think that this sort of product is something which the entire family can enjoy. The younger children can expand their knowledge on technology and adults can enjoy the benefits of relaxing after a hard days work.

      The high definition screen resolution allows you to see the screen clearer and watching movies is more enjoyable. If you don't want to splash out on a new HD television then you can just play your blu-ray discs in the drive on the desktop. It is just lovely to have something like this available in the house as my computer is in my room so I can watch my DVD's in bed and in HD. It is so comforting and to top it all off I'm paying for it weekly. I really do recommend this product to anyone who loves a good technical upgrade as this product won't stay on the shelves for long!

      And with all of these fancy features, comes the old fashioned internet explorer and microsoft word. You can also play CD's and DVD's for people who just love a good old pc. I think that this computer can be suitable for all ages and that it is a universal success in technology. I don't think I could point out or identify any issues with the functions of this computer and it's running speed was effective in making effective usage of the computer and emphasizing it's benefits. I hope that my review has been useful to potential buyers. You can look online for extra details on the features and advantages of this product; please go to: www.acerdirect.co.uk you can find the use of features expressed fully here.


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