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Aopen miniPC Duo MP945-D

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AOpen miniPC Duo MP945-D - DTS - no CPU - RAM 0 MB - no HDD - GMA 950 - Gigabit Ethernet - Monitor : none

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2009 13:13
      Very helpful



      Not a great buy, and has limited connectivity

      Ok now for those of you commenting and wondering about this, firstly this is a barebone product, meaning the case only. You will have to get all the processor, motheroard, RAM, Optical drive seperately and basically fix it all together with some good know how.

      You can also get a few premade ones as well. However the actual unit by itself is a lot smaller than your average standard tower PC case, a lot smaller than any gaming rig would ever be as well. If you want this for portability then i would suggest a laptop, as now you not only have lightweight and more powerful notebooks but also smaller longer lasting netbooks.

      The product itself however is well made, the only problem i have is that it lacks some good connectivity ports. The optical drive is easy enough to install and the PC has hardly ever overheated so ventillation within this unit is fairly good. however not put in a nice place this case will get hot so on a messy desk you could be in with some trouble.

      The USB ports are of usual fast speed and I found it a bit cramped to wire everything in this. If you want a desktop you might as well go for something a little bigger as you can get good motherboards at cheap prices, but they will not fit in this case which also limits the speed of the computers processor you could put in. And that in turn is annoying because some operations just won't be done all that quickly. If you wanted a media PC you would be better off getting something a little bigger and adding a tv tuner in too. As you cannot fit one of those into this case very well.

      Overall I do not suggest this case, nor even as a desktop computer, there are a lot better cases out there and given that some more expensive and small case look a lot better, and have been made to house a bit more. I would suggesting leaving this one behind.


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      12.03.2009 16:10



      very portable computer.

      This is called an AOpen miniPC Duo MP945-D Desktop Computer and it's aptly named. Why? It truly is mini. There's an benefit for you straight off. The amount of space you save by having this instead of a normal computer with a full size tower is an advantage not to be missed. In fact, the company that makes it claim that you can save over 40% of space compared to a traditional desktop PC. If you're anything like me and you always have a messy desk and keep running out of places to put things, having a clean up and then getting the desk messy again in a few days then this is ideal for you. Now you can have (allegedly) 40% more space to put your clutter. This computer is obviously HIGHLY portable which means you could literally take your desktop computer to work with you and back. It's also very light weight. In fact, this is even lighter than most if not all notebooks that are currently available; something not many desktop computers can boast about. This is great for those who are often on the move and running out of space!


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    • Product Details

      With a supermini size the Mini PC Duo creates extraordinary desktop space for you to extend unlimited creativity. Using AOpen MiniPC saves you over 40% of space compared to a traditional desktop PC. The saved space can be even larger when fitted with an LCD monitor. The ergonomic effects brought to you by the MiniPC will effectively boost your work efficiency and help maintain a pleasant mood.

      Made entirely of aluminum alloy, AOpen MiniPC fully reflects the avantgarde design. The teams of professional industrial designers at AOpen achieved the multipurpose goals of lowering the weight, strengthening the product, and accelerating heat dissipation while retaining the simple no-frills look.

      The AOpen MiniPC Duo is designed for high mobility. The product fully meets the demands of computer users, who mostly need to carry the computer in a briefcase or handbag from one place to another to continue their work rather than using PCs in the transit process.

      AOpen designs its MiniPC for point-to-point mobility and leaves out monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It further omits the weighty battery so that the MiniPC is lighter than even the lightest notebook PCs available on the market. Despite its light weight, the computer's functions are not compromised at all. Such brand new "portable desktop PC" concept more conforms to consumers' needs.

      The AOpen MiniPC brings forth a new era for desktop PCs with unrivaled silence, power conservation, and excellent performance by adopting Intel processors with mobility technology coupled with a So-DIMM memory slot and Mini-PCI interface. The AOpen MiniPC can easily satisfy the majority of users who mainly work with office applications, enabling them to easily handle office work, entertainment, Internet surfing, CD/DVD burning, etc.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: AOpen miniPC Duo MP945-D - no CPU - 0 MB - 0 GB
      Type: PC barebone
      Windows Vista Certification: Windows Vista Premium Ready
      Form Factor: Desktop slimline
      Processor: No CPU
      Processor Socket: Socket M
      RAM: 0 MB (installed) / 4 GB (max) - DDR2 SDRAM
      Storage Controller: SATA ( SATA 3Gb/s ) ; IDE
      Hard Drive: No HDD
      Graphics Controller: Intel GMA 950 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0
      Audio Output: Integrated - 5.1 channel surround
      Networking: GigE
      Power: AC 120/230 V
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 16.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 5 cm
      Weight: 1.45 kg