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Apple iMac MC509B/A

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2011 04:26
      Very helpful


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      The iMac is a good PC for reading emails and mild video editing, not for intense video editing.

      I really like my all in one iMac computer. I bought my iMac as a replacement for my older iMac with the power PC processor which was getting slow compared to today's technology but was still running strong! Being that the iMac is the same seize and thickness as most computer monitors, the iMac fit in just right in my small house. My new iMac, having a 3.2 GHz processor is like going from a bicycle to a Porshe! I noticed a big improvement in video editing using iMovie with my new iMac vs my old one (which was well worth the upgrade)!

      The resolution on the iMac is very good! It's a lot better than what I was used to and my pictures seem to come alive! The only downside with having a higher resolution display is the the writting and icons are much smaller! It is something that you have to get used to and once your used to it, you will appreciate the clarity of the screen. If you just can't get used to how small the lettering and icons are, you can always downgrade the screen resolution which will still be clear but the lettering and icons will be bigger (depending on the resolution degrade)

      What I would highly recommend when purchasing a iMac if you will be doing movie editing, upgrade the RAM (Random Access Memory) to at least 8GB. Having upgraded my RAM made my iMac much quicker especially when movie editing! Having more RAM allows the computer to store files and basically, store some important information randomly when a program is opened. Having not enough memory calls for compromising on the computer's performance.

      The new 10.6 operating system from Apple (Snow Leopard), uses the advantage on 64 bit computing. 64 Bit allows for more and faster performance (which all new Mac computers come with today). Snow Leopard starts up from being off much quicker and shuts off in about 3-5 seconds. Snow Leopard also come exclusively with the all new QuickTime X which brings a few new features. Some of the new features of QuickTime X are:

      - Screen Recording which records your screen in full screen (which is very usefull when you want to show somebody how to use a App on yuor computer for example)

      - Video recording which takes a personal video using the built in iSight camera in the iMac.

      - Voice recording which allows you to record a memo or send someone a voicemail threw the iMac mic.

      All these QuickTime features can be easily emailed or shared via a DVD threw the share button on the menu bar.

      There is no lack of USB 2.0 ports on the iMac. There are 4 USB ports, one FireWire 800, a mini DVI out and a secure lock. The memory on the iMac is easily upgraded by unscrewing the two bottom plates on the iMac. If you want to upgrade the memory, you have to upgrade both sticks and both of them HAVE TO be the same! If the memory (RAM) are different one another, the computer will crash constantly. It will be like having four different size wheels on your car. If you upgrade the Ram, it will also have to be DDR3 and 1067MHz.

      To conclude, I highly recommend the iMac as a good all around personal computer. For someone who wants to do very intense video editing and processing, I would recommend a Mac Pro Desktop computer instead. The Mac Pro has more fans and a better cooling system which will prevent overheating of the processor and internal components. For someone who wants to do mild video editing, picture viewing and read some emails, the iMac will fit your needs perfectly!


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