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Apple Power Mac G4 Cube

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    2 Reviews
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      10.04.2011 19:43



      Maybe pick it up cheap as a display piece

      When I got this computer it was already very out of date - this was built to run OS9, and our family's machine was running 10.4! However, this was more than capable of updating to 10.4, though it certainly couldn't take full advantage of it or any of it's applications. A 450 mhz processor is pretty terrible, but it was the RAM that really holds it back. 256mb just isn't enough to run any modern programs, and considering the machine is made to be used by graphic designers, it fails at it's primary goal. Saying that, I used it for some old gaming - it'll run Age Of Empires 2 or Starcraft fine. Being able to run either OS9 *or* OSX is actually a nice feature, as it's more than powerful enough to run any program designed for a classic system.

      Also - it looks gorgeous! The machine is actually in the NY Museum of Modern Art. The metal cube encased in clear plastic just looks beautiful, and the design in terms of accessing ports is very clever, albeit slightly hard to access. However, it gets dusty and smudged very easily, and the plastic can get scratched. The lack of fan is very nice for general use - it's almost silent. However, when used for any length of time it got very hot, and there's nothing to stop dust entering through the vents. My hard drive actually broke, presumably due to excessive heating. But when I replaced it (which was easy to do, the innards are very simple) the problem was only fixed for a month or so, leading me to believe there's a deeper problem. Obviously there's no support for it any more from Apple, so that was the end of my Cube experience.

      I still have it though - like I said, it's beautiful. They're really cheap now, especially if you find a broken one, and it's worth owning just to look at.


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      28.03.2009 15:55
      Very helpful


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      The apple cube - a short summary

      Some technical details:
      -PowerMac G4 1.25 Ghz
      -256MB RAM
      -80GB hard drive
      -Combo Drive (CD,DVD reading and writing)
      -2 USB 1.1
      -2 FireWire 400
      -2 USB ports adjusted on the keyboard
      -Audio Out

      1.) review:
      The apple Power Mac G4 is a very powerful computer system for a very low price and is the fastest Mac which is booting under Mac OS 9.
      If you want you can also upgrade from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X booting system .

      1.1.) speed:
      If you compare the Power Mac G4 to the PowerMac G5 it might be not the fastest computer system , but it is great computer for
      playing games and some other applications like Adobe Photoshop CS3.

      1.2.) memory:
      Unfortunately the Power Mac G4 only comes with a 256MB memory this might be not enough for newer applications.
      If you want you can upgrade the memory up to 2GB.

      1.3.) hard drive:
      The hard drive is with 80GB really great and if you want you can also upgrade the mass storage device.

      1.4.) drives:
      The Power Mac G4 is equipped with a combo drive , which allows you to read DVD`s and CD`s.
      You can also write CD`s but unfortunately no DVDs.

      1.5.) connections:
      The Power Mac G4 1,25 is only equipped with Fire Wire 400 and two USB 1.1 connections. If you have enough money you can also upgrade your USB 1.1 to USB 2.0

      1.6.) operating system:
      The Power Mac G4 comes with the new operating system Mac OS 10.4 Tiger.
      The operating system also includes iMovie, iDVD, iTunes iPhoto, GarageBand, iChat, QuickTime, Safari, DVD Player and much more.

      2.) Personal Opinion:
      The computer system is very loud and gets annoying after some time. If you want to use this computer for graphic applications I would not recommend it. It is great if you run office on it, surf the web or if you play some games. All in all it is a good product.


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