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Arbico eXcel i5250 MX

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2012 16:30
      Very helpful
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      A great custom PC which i can recommend fully.


      Arbico is very reputable small custom PC Company. I brought this product from their store in Leicester; however they do deliver for a charge of £20. I went in-store to configure my PC to the specs I wanted. They do not have a retail store it is just 3 tables with 3 computer and a 3 sales people who will introduce you, recommend you to the hardware you need and then give you a price. This is all available on the on-line website however I prefer going in-store and actually speaking to the 'tech guys' before purchase.

      My custom PC

      The standard price is £559 excluding upgrades. This includes a 21.5" full HD screen and window 7 home premium.
      The main specifications you need to know are:
      * PC Case Galaxy III Black (+£25.00)-I was prepared to pay extra as the new case looks so much better (see diagram).
      * Case Fan 2 x 120mm Standard Case Fans (+£4.00)-Four pound for better cooling... it's a no brainer.
      * Processor Intel Core i5 2500, Quad Core (1155, 3.30GHz, 6MB Cache) - Included. This is a very good processor when compared to processors from PC World; I will explain why this is in the price section. This is the second generation Intel core processors and this is because the model number starts with a 2 signifying the 2nd germination chip is used.
      * Memory 8GB (2 x 4GB) Kingston 1333MHz DDR3 (+£30.00) - 8GB memory is a lot to handle virtually anything. I opted for this as it was a £30 upgrade which sounds reasonable for branded memory.
      * PCI-E Graphics Silent ATI HD5450 1GB Passive Cooled (+£32.00) - A dedicated graphic card to play games easier. However I should have researched on graphics card as this card is not very good for gaming; this is proven in the window 7 in-built computer performance system. (See image)
      * Primary Hard Drive 500GB SATA II - Included. May seem a little small however a 1 TB external hard drive costs around £60, so really is not an issue for me but maybe for people who have a vast amount of data.
      * Main Optical Drive 22x Dual Layer DVD +/- Rewriter - Included
      * Wired Network Adapter Integrated 10/100/1000Mbps - Included
      * Wireless Network Adapter PCI 802.11n 300Mbps Wireless (+£25.00)-Connect to the internet using wireless.
      * USB Ports 2.0 2 Front + 4 Back Ports - Included
      * Sound Card Integrated 7.1 High Definition Channel Audio - Included
      * TFT / LED Monitor 21.5 Inch Acer S220HQLrbd LED Black Full HD, DVI/VGA, 1920x1080, 100M:1, 5ms- Included
      * Operating System Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit Version) - Included. Windows 7 is the most up-to-date operating system and is much better compared to vista as it is not that memory greedy and runs smoothly.

      When adding up all the upgrades my total cost came to £675. This includes the screen, pc, all cables necessary to power the components.


      £675 may seem expensive but I can tell you that this is cheap when comparing my PC to branded PC's from huge retail stores like PC World or comet. I do not recommend buying a branded PC from PC World as there website states that their desktops have the new generation of Intel I5 processors, but they install the standard Intel core I5 2320 and these processors have a clock speed of 3GHz which is nowhere near as mighty as the one installed on this computer, as the excel i520 has the I5 2500 CPU which provides 3.3GHz. This allows the computer to run much quicker and faster. Furthermore the price you are paying for this computer is cheap when compared to buying a branded computer for example in PC World a advent PC with the lower spec I5 costs £600 and this includes a 21.5" screen. This is only cheaper £75 cheaper than my computer but the advent PC has only 6GB RAM compared to my 8GB, there is no wireless adapter, no graphics card which is important. Also my computer looks much cooler :)

      First time installation

      Arbico will send you the instruction manual for every component they have installed into your machine and this is useful as it proves genuine parts were used and if faults arise you will always have the manual to look back to. These instruction manuals will never be used as the computer is already set-up for you, and all the user's needs to do is plugs the monitor and PC together and it will turn on. This PC is just like an ordinary one! The same cables will go into this computer for example the Ethernet cable, mouse and keyboard.
      The only thing the user will need to do is register the new windows 7 and the product key is stuck onto the desktop. When buying the product you will get a 1 year fuss-free warranty which I believe covers parts and labour, and if I have any issues I just ring them and they will sort it out.
      Everyday usage

      Once you have set-up you PC, it is very quick and simple to use. The new OS is much better as programs run quicker and the features are extremely good. For example you are easily able to view two windows at once with the new half size window feature. Furthermore you are easily able to search for programs and/or files using the search facility in the menu bar.
      The PC is very quick on start-up and can handle a vast amount of data with crashing. The proof of the speed is shown in the windows performance test which rate the computer based upon processor speed, memory, graphics, gaming graphics and primary hard disk. The screen shoot of my score is shown in the images and it is clear that it lacks in ordinary graphics but I do not see this as an issue as the graphics seems fine to me, and for me the most important factor is the speed.

      To conclude

      This PC is perfect for gaming and everyday users. The speed and RAM ensures this computer runs smoothly and efficiently. The PC in not noisy and has 2 cool blue lights by the side. I believe for £675 you cannot go wrong with the amazing PC.


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