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Compaq Deskpro EP

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2000 22:19
      Very helpful



      The Compaq Deskpro EP is a great desktop machine. The case can be used as a standard PC or as a tower, this gives you additional flexibility so you can convert the PC to a tower and store it by the side of your desk to save room. It is a very stable and reliable box, but then you would expect that from Compaq, there is a good specification available, not exactly top of the range leading edge technology though (Current Top Spec PIII 700Mhz) but a good reliable PC that will give you very few (If any) problems. There is good expandability in this case; standard model comes with a decent hard drive, CD and Floppy Disk. You are left with room for an additional hard disk and a spare external bay for a CDRW drive or Zip drive (for example). There are 6 slots on this machine we use 1 PCI for sound card, 1 PCI for network card and 1 AGP for graphics card, this leaves us with 1 PCI, 1 ISA and 1 PCI/ISA Combo slot available for use. When you buy one of these systems it will come as a desktop machine, but it takes no more that 5-10 Minutes to convert it to a tower and full instructions are included. We are using about 100 of these desktop machines now and have not experienced any failures whatsoever. This is fantastic news for us, but it means I have no idea what sort of support to expect from Compaq in the event of a failure. The systems are covered by a 3-year parts replacement warranty with 1st year on site so after the first year you may have to replace faulty bits yourself to avoid expensive repair bills. The Compaq diagnostics shipped with each PC are fantastic, you can run these to diagnose faults with your PC and if it monitors a fault with your Hard Disk or Memory then Compaq trust it enough to replace the faulty item before it fails completely. (So the salesman told me, as I said nothing has failed so I haven’t tried this out yet.) Great Machine very reliable, built to last, only drawback is lack of top of th
      e range features. But then who needs a 1Ghz processor.


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