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Compaq Evo D500

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2007 12:29
      Very helpful



      Cheap but decent office PC

      As i was sat in the uni library I saw 3 or four different computer types, the first that I settled on was a COMPAQ Evo, with a COMPAQ 5500 monitor. The nice silver and black design looks appealing when you first set your eyes on it, and it's also smaller than most desktops I've seen (though I think I've seen smaller Dell's in the past), so will quite happily fit most places. In comparision to other objects, it's about the size of an X-box (original one), which may have been big for a console, but is small for a desktop PC.

      Now onto the actual review, nothing seems terrible about it (though please note I am only doing work on it, as opposed to playing Doom 3 or Half-life 2, which I doubt it could support). It seems to run pretty quickly, with the only slowness I've seen being when I tried to open I.E (could be down to the I.E. not being the greatest of programs though). Everything else opens speedily, the stuff I'm typing has no lag (always annoying for us touch typist's huh? ;-)).

      The hard drive is relatively small however (the one I'm on having around 31GB of space), this may be a problem to you I-tunes/Napster/P2P/Bit-torrent users (I'm not advocating the stealing of music here, but still a small hard drive will do you lot no favours). And again backs up the idea that the computer is not a gaming one, but more of an "office" one if you will.

      The sound is very faint if even audible (I'm sat in a room of around 50 and can hardly even hear a fan sound), which is always nice, rather than have a device that growls like a bear when it's running.

      A lack of DVD drive and even CD-burner is also a downer (and again perhaps pushes the music enthusiast's away from the product). The in built floppy disk drive, possibly shows again that the device is out dated, or that perhaps the device is meant as an "evolutionary" step between the CD era and the DVD era (and now we're setting off on the start of the HD era, again it's showing it's age).

      In summary a great OFFICE computer, but don't expect any mind blowing specs to play the latest blockbuster games, or save your entire porn/DVD/CD collection to as it just won't happen.


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