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Dell Dimension 3000 Basic

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2010 05:03
      Very helpful



      Good PC, but needs looking after

      First off, I'm no expert on computers so this isn't going to be a review filled with jargon about processors etc. Sorry if that's what you were expecting.

      The Dell Dimension 3000 has been for me, in its prime, a very fast and all-round reliable PC. It did take a while to set everything up (this will definitely annoy some people, although I was young enough at the time for someone else to set it up for me) but, once the machine's up and running, you won't be disappointed.

      Having owned this PC for many, many years, I can tell you first hand that it has the ability to store a heck of a lot of information.

      The Dell Dimension is an impressive-looking PC; forgetting macs, I like to think Dell make some of the best PCs aesthetically, and this is no exception. The keyboard and mouse are easy to use, too, and are as well designed as the system as a whole.

      There are only two negative things I have to mention about this product. The first relates to all PCs in general; ever since I started using laptops about three years ago, I've barely used the PC. This is not down to the quality of the PC - this PC is probably better than any laptop - but the convenience of using laptops over gigantic PCs like this one. Now I own a laptop, this PC now appears a bit of an eyesore, taking up a huge amount of space in the house.

      And it's a good job I don't use the PC anymore anyway: after owning the machine for a few good years, it is now at a stage where it might be best to retire it. The computer, which was once so speedy, has now slowed to a crawl and it will crash frequently. It's a shame that I now find it hugely frustrating to use this machine because it was once so reliable.

      However, I cannot deny that I got a few good years out of this computer and I admit that I'm not the best at taking care of computer equipment anyway, so maybe it's just me. Perhaps someone more adept at looking after PCs could get a much longer life out of this one. It would be worth it.


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