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Dell Inspiron 530

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    7 Reviews
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      31.10.2012 02:26
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Good all round PC for all the family

      I have had my Dell Inspiron for a good couple of years now and it has not let me down once! As with any PC you will find yourself rapidly filling up the hard drive with various programmes, files, pictures, videos etc and depending on which spec you choose at the outset you may need more memory.



      Type: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200/2.5GHz
      Number of Cores: Dual-Core
      64 Bit Computing: Yes
      Chipset Type: Intel G33 Express
      Front Side Bus: 800.0 MHz

      Cache Memory:

      Installed Size: L2 Cache - 1.0 MB
      Cache per processor: 1MB


      Installed size: 1.0 GB / 4.0 GB (max)
      Technology: DDR2 SDRAM
      Memory Speed: 667.0 MHz
      Memory Specification Compliance: PC2-5300
      Form Factor: DIMM 240-pin
      Features: Dual channel memory architecture
      Configuration features: 2 * 512 MB

      Environmental Parameters:

      Min operating temperature: 50.0 deg F
      Max operating temperature: 95.0 deg F
      Humidity range operating: 20 - 80%

      Hard Drive:

      Capacity: 1.0 * 500 GB
      Interface type: Serial ATA - 300
      Spindle Speed: 7200rpm

      Optical Storage:

      Type: DVD+RW - Serial - ATA
      Read speed: 16*

      Graphics Controller:

      Type: Integrated
      Graphics processor/vendor: Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 4.0
      Max Allocated RAM size: 224.0 MB

      Operating System / Software:

      OS provided: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 1
      Microsoft Office preloaded
      Software: McAfee Security Centre (Trial),
      Drivers & Utilities,
      Microsoft Works 9.0

      Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

      Dimensions and weight:

      Width: 6.7 in
      Depth: 17.1 in
      Height: 14.3 in
      Weight: 28 lbs


      You can still get a 530 Inspiron on ebay for anywhere between £50 and £100, depending on what it comes with which is a bargain if you can't afford a new PC.


      My Dell was ordered with a 455gb hard drive and I decided to purchase an external hard drive which can be had for less than £50 these days in order to free up some space and make it run a bit quicker. Complete with Windows Vista the Dell doesn't disappoint and when combined with the latest fibre optic broadband technology you will find that it is plenty quick enough.

      I have a little 19 inch proview monitor with mine which I find is ample and although the speakers are a wee bit tinny, to be honest, who is worried about the sound from a PC. Anyway with a little bit of creativity I have managed to link up an old stereo system to the PC giving a great sound as well!

      The test of a good PC is how much you notice it and the fact that myself, my wife and my daughter have all used this PC almost every day since we got it without once having to do anything with it or even notice the slightest glitch speaks volumes of The Dell.

      If you are looking for a reasonably priced, reliable desktop PC then look no further than the Inspiron 530. A quality product from a well respected manufacturer.

      Summary: Good all round PC for all the family


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        11.02.2012 12:38


        • Reliability


        Perfect for the average user, still used at the moment and runs fine.

        Had this for a good number of years, until i needed a laptop for university, so gave it too my brother when his computer died, and he still uses it now and works fine.

        Processing/Quality >>>> The machine looks okay and features handy little flaps to cover up CD/DVD drives, and the 2 frontal USB ports and audio jacks. Which keep it looking smart under your desk.Had no issues hardware wide through its 6/7 year existence, added a new graphics card to enable it to be able to play some games, but that's about all the adjustments I've made.

        Okay, it's not the fastest machine you'll ever use, but it does the job, and it does it relatively well as well. Never really got bogged down and could and can handle all the basic software with ease.

        Reliability >>>> Touched on this earlier, but to reinforce, no issues, at all, for 7 years and counting. If you aren't a tech savvy person, this is the computer you need to purchase.

        Ease of use >>>> Incredibly easy to set up, features all the ports you need daily access to on the front, (4 USB ports, audio) so you don't have to ever have to gain access to the back of the machine once set up. Once plugged in and set up and given daily use, never had to ever move it. (apart from graphic card installation, which was very easy to carry out, quick and easy access to the inside of the machine)

        Features >>>> Given the age of this, it does lack on the features front, and you won't impress with Blu-ray players etc. But maybe you could with all the money you'll save, because they'll be plenty of that going spare.

        Overall >>>> Perfect computer for someone, who want's a maintenance free, adequately equipped reliable home computer, without breaking the bank. 8/10

        (See my other reviews if your interested in purchasing a new mouse, or computer speakers to accompany your new computer)


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        22.01.2011 17:19



        Nice basic computer for a good price.

        I bought this as my old computer which I had for 10 years had eventually come to the end of its life and I needed a new one. I didnt want to spend too much on it as I just needed something basic so I could surf the web, play a few games and use microsoft office. This fits the bill perfectly. It cost around £350 and came with the tower, 19 inch monitor, keyboard and mouse. They all looked very modern and now 2 years on they still look good. The tower has 8 usb points, 4 at the back and 4 at the front so there's no shortest of access. the points at the front are hidden by a drop down panel which keeps the tower looking neat. The monitor has a good picture quality and I have watched a number of films on it. The memory is large enough for my needs, I have lots of photos and download a number of things and as yet havent run into any problems. My only issue is the system has begun to run a lot slower due to the amount I am storing so if you plan to store a lot on this system be aware that it wont run anywhere near as fast as it does to begin with. It allows me to play a number of computer games but I wouldnt recommend if you are a hard core gamer and plan to use it for online gaming etc as I wouldnt be certain it could handle it. Overall a good cheap option for anyone with basic computing needs.


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        12.12.2008 22:02
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        it is a good value computer, which is used for basic computing

        I always a loyal customer to Dell brand. This Dell Inspiron 530 is my fourth desktop computer that I ever owned. This computer offers good value on price who looking for just basic computing functions. I wasn't expecting super game powerhouse, or fastest running machine from a PC. This Dell Inspiron just offers everything that I was looking for. Especially the Windows Vista Home premium edition was pre - installed to this system. This desktop tower has a nice design with slim feature. I like the color of gray and white on the side. It has 8 USB port which you can plug as much as USB - enabled peripherals device. I use 4 of them to connect to my printer, external hard drive and external DVD writer. In addition, it runs with Duo - core, which has 2.0 GHZ speed, 4.0 GB memory and 200 GB hard drive. The only fault about it, was it only offers 1 internal DVD writer, leaving 2 empty slot which is difficult to install another DVD writer to it.


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          31.10.2008 01:48
          1 Comment



          Does what it should, with no frills.

          Dell's budget boxes certainly ain't the prettiest PCs you'll set eyes upon, and they probably aren't the cheapest either. But, where Dell really come into their own is in terms of ease of ordering, efficiency and prompt service.

          Sure, a PC at this end of the market isn't going to get anybody very excited, and it is likely to be purchased just to sit under a desk and do a job. And that is what Dells do. This machine is likely to sit on/under your desk and provide many years of dishing up Office documents ad web pages, largely untouched and unnoticed. What more can you ask from a budget machine?!

          Looks wise, it is about as standard as a PC gets. A spray of silver gives it a hint of 'modernness', but essentially this is a beige box from the 90s transported to 2008. I expect Dell would even be able to fit a 3.5" floppy drive as an optional extra if you really wanted to relive the windows 95 days.


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            25.05.2008 15:03
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A great deal for the price range this sits in. Overall a good solid machine.

            Dell Inspiron 530

            ~ My foray into Dell ~

            Well, I put the mockers on it. I did a review on my old Advent, and spoke about how well it has performed, and suddenly the on/off switch is now sticking making turning it on a tad difficult. But fortunately I was unexpectedly given some money and so went scouting around for a new base unit. Eventually after a little hunting and comparison's made on various products within the budget I had, I decided to go for the Dell Inspiron 530 that was available through Tesco's.

            ~ First thoughts ~

            The packaging was nicely done, with enough to fully protect the unit, but not so much as to be over the top. It all came out of the main box without any particular sticking issues (I hate it when the packaging becomes jammed in so tight to the main box you can't move anything). So it was all nice and easy to get out and begin assembly.

            Dell is renowned for simple, cheap computers, and as such I didn't expect the base unit to be anything too special. It is different to the older units in that it has silver front and white sides, whereas Dell was always a black case before. I don't know how much this change of colour is going to run through the ranges on offer, and personally I do prefer this silver/white combo far more that the black.

            Although I was looking to simply get a replacement base unit, what didn't get shown in the catalogue was that this also came with a keyboard, and wired optical mouse! I didn't really need either, but its always useful to have spares, and actually when I tried out the keyboard, the keys were nice and soft - certainly better than my old keyboard and having arthritis this made typing far more comfortable. A change soon occurred and I'm now happily using the Dell keyboard that came with it.

            ~ Starting up ~

            I'm comfortable enough around computers to happily set the system up, including getting it wired into our home network. It all hooked up nice and easily, although there did seem to be a lack of guides for those who might struggle a little more to understand what goes where. It did have a quick set up guide with some basic information on, but I do feel the more in-depth information was lacking. Apparently its available online, but that's not much help if your struggling to get the computer up and running.

            The tower Base unit is a fairly standard size for ones of this type, so you will need a reasonable area to put in into, but since it was going to be a straight swap for my old unit, this wasn't a problem for me. I've had one quick peek inside and at least it looks as if there is plenty of room for expansion if needed in the future.
            The unit is well vented, with side, rear and front air holes.

            The front has a nice clean look, and again Dell are fairly adept at just having the minimal amount showing, with as much as possible covered with doors and flaps. In this case, there are 3 bay fronts. The top one houses the DVD/CD rewriter, the second one is a spare drive so you can add a further DVD/CD drive if you wanted.
            Below that the 3rd bay houses ports and plugs. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports, and although not on my model, obviously a blanking plate for a FireWire port (although I haven't looked I would imagine you could add this if wanted), Jack plugs for headphones and a microphone and finally a 4 in 1 card reader.

            The back has minimal features showing, but you get an additional 4 USB ports, a 10/100 Ethernet Port, audio plugs to put a 7.1 sound system in place plus the usual allowing you to hook your monitor and power lead up. Neat, tidy - just enough for what you need and no more.

            ~ So operating what does it offer? ~

            Well each one comes with slightly different bundles depending on where you get the machine. In this case I've listed the Tesco website information at the end of this review, and included in that is also what comes bundled with this particular machine.

            When you turn the machine on, apart from an initial noise from a fan (I presume) this is a machine that is ridiculously quiet while operating.
            Overall I've found it to be quick and responsive when using it, and compared to my other machine its like going from the cave into a newly built 21st century house. I love playing around with our own websites and graphic design, and often found it hard to have both applications going before. Now I can multitask with ease, and no obvious lag or problems have appeared. The 3 GB of RAM is great, so even though I've got Windows Vista Home Premium installed, which is known for sapping RAM I've not noticed any performance loss.

            The 500 GB hard drive installed is far more than I've ever been used to (my previous machine had an 80GB HD) and again its nice to know I've got plenty of space should I want to use it. I can't imagine I will, but never say never.........

            The only real possible problem I feel that might occur is when I open the DVD/CD drive, it does feel a little too flimsy for my liking. Perhaps I'm just too used to the old solid drive in my Advent machine, but I'm still not convinced it could take a lot of use without some possible problems. So I handle with extreme care, but if someone doesn't give it a second thought I seriously suspect it won't last for that long.

            The DVD rewriter though does do it well and at a nice speed. So far, the DVD authoring and CD Rom's I've done have all been more than acceptable and its been done in good time.

            The only gaming I've done so far has been to put some older games on, so I've not taxed the resources of the machine at all. I don't use the computer for a lot of gaming anyway, so I wouldn't like to comment on how this machine might perform in this aspect.

            ~ Final thoughts ~

            Overall so far I've been more than happy with this for the money spent. I don't know how well this is going to perform over the coming months or years, but I do think there is enough room for upgrades as I need them, and so far its done all I've asked of it and more.

            Its not as comprehensive as some models might be, but then again for the price I think it does give far more than many other competitors would. If you were ordering from Dell direct you could begin to add in other extras, but then you begin to haul the price tag up dramatically, and I would begin to seriously look at other alternatives from other manufacturers. If, like me you order this unit from a 3rd party, then shop around because there are a vast array of differences in specifications (Tesco is the only place I've seen 3GB RAM offered for example). So a cheaper price might not necessarily mean a better deal.

            I would never have a Dell monitor either with any one of their systems, and while I went for the bundle without a monitor, I would always recommend you go elsewhere for one because its always been one of Dell's weakest points.

            So Pros.
            Good all round performance.
            Good graphics on this model.
            Excellent keyboard with my model.
            Good room for expansion.
            Excellent price.

            Inspiron 530 machines can have a vast difference in specifications. Hunt around.
            FireWire port wasn't standard with my version.
            Needs to have better printed help when unpacking.
            The DVD/CD unit feels flimsy when out.

            4 out of 5 stars for me on this.

            For the information and technical details that came with this machine, see below.

            ~ Tesco's website date information on this particular version ~

            Accessories Included USB optical mouse and keyboard
            Box Contents 530 Resource DVD, OS reinstallation DVD, tiscali and BT broadband CDs, Roxio recovery DVD, retailer specific tech tupport sheet, product information guide, 530 quick start map
            Brand Dell
            Bundle Contains PC
            Card Reader Yes
            Graphics Integrated Intel graphics media accelerator 3100
            Hard Drive Size 500GB
            Hard Drive Type Serial ATA 7200 RPM
            Keyboard Type Wired
            Mouse Type Wired optical
            No of PCI Express Ports PCI - 2 slots, PCIe x1 - 1 slot, PCIe x16 - 1 slot
            No of USB Ports 10 ports (4 Front, 4 back) + 2 internal
            Operating System Vista Home Premium
            Optical Drive Type DVD-ROM / CD-RW combo drive
            PC Memory 3GB
            PC Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E4500
            PC Processor Bus 800 MHz
            PC Processor Cache 2MB
            PC Processor Model Number E4500
            PC Processor Speed 2.2 GHz
            Product Depth 17 cm
            Product Height 36 cm
            Product Weight 10kg
            Software Load Microsoft work 8.5, Roxio Ceator and MyDVD 9.0, McAfee 30 day anti-virus trial

            Price: £349-00 (reduced from £399-00).


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              04.03.2008 05:28
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              Reccomend to users on a tight budget

              First thing i thought when i got one of these Computers is that it looks good,nice size a decent midi tomwer coated in silver and black a new Look for Dell Maybe.The DVD Writer is Hidden by the Case with the flip down doors which make the case look quite nice there is also a Multi Format Memory Card Reader and a Spare 5.25" Drive Bay could be handy if you fancy getting a Blu Ray Drive in the future(Dell Charge Extra £150 For this).

              This computer Came with a 22" LCD nothing bad to say about it it seems perfect for what i use it for.

              The mouse and keyboard are both USB on it aswell because there is no PS2 Connections on the back of this PC all there is on the back fo the motherboard are 4 USB Connections a LAN and the sound Inputs.

              When i Turned it on the First thing i was amazed by was the noise it made which was none it is so quiet and you can hardly tell that the thing it turned on.
              I got this system made off the dell website and the specs for the comuputer are as follows:

              Intel® ViivTM CoreTM 2 Duo processor (2.66GHz, 1333MHz, 6MB cache
              2gb DDR2 SDRAM
              250GB Sata Hard Drive
              DVD ReWriter (SATA)
              256MB ATI® RadeonTM HD 2600 XT
              Windows Vista Home Basic
              I didnt like Windows Vista on this Computer as i wanted it for games so i put Windows XP Pro onto it. The Graphics card is not excellent but it handles Battlefield 2 on medium Quality settings,I wouls say that the graphics card is the worst thing that dell have put into this pc.

              Dell Have only put a 300Watt power Supply in to this tower but it is very quiet so i am happy for now.I Will probably have to upgrade the PSU when i get a better graphics card.

              The motherboard is Intel g33 Chipset and it only has SATA connections onboard so you can not connect any of your IDE Drives to it.

              I would say that this is a very cheap computer but the specs are good enough to run vista and perfect for home users,wouldnt reccomend getting Vista on this but its your choice.

              You will also have to pay extra off dell if yiuo are wanting wireless on this system.

              The Processor Laughs at Converting AVI Files of 700 mb with Win AVI it completes it in under 15minites(My ATHLON 4200 x2 Does this in 20 Mins) and it has nostrain while you are doing this there is a lot of process power in this.

              I think that the Motherboard Dell has put in to this computer is to cheap and would be a lto better with a higher end model.Apart from this i would reccomend


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