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HP Compaq Business Desktop Dx2200

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2007 22:37


      • Reliability


      great pc could be even better with upgrades

      i have notcie there is no techie reviews as he/she put it (i never look ed for gender lol)

      what i found out about this computer when i researched it becuase this site says it has no CPU no RAm no hard drive and alll the rest

      this pc has a micro tower whitch measn it is quite small. i dont have sizes.

      the cpu is a intel celeron 2.8GH'z from what i no this model with the same model number had this speed i might be wrong away this is a nice pc quite fast and is by intel whitch is always quite a good sign of quilty.

      it comes with 256 ram (ddr2) whitch in my eyes is just not enoght but it does say that the max is 2GB whitch would make this pc much nicer the reason you need more ram is becuase when you start installing programs and using grapics or games then pc will need more radom accsess memory .

      the OS is Windows xp pro

      says it is used for Corporate Business, Small Business but i would say a small home business what only user basic office packages at the specs now if you upgrade it could be a full on gameing pc

      as far as my reseach tells me it has a 80GB hard drive whitch is all standrd speed of 7200 RPM (my mistake in the other review it is not 7500 it is 7200)

      basic grafics card basic dvd and cd burner only does one format (depending on what it says and has been fitted with (+ or -)

      i would like this pc to test OS such as linux but i simple dont ahve the money :P


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        28.08.2006 12:46
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Good price for a versatile business machine

        I’m not a techie! I know very little about computers, or how they work, but I did do a little research before buying my HP Compaq Dx2200.

        This machine is designed for business use and it suits me well. This review attempts to explain the main features of this machine in lay person’s terms. It’s difficult to fathom out what all the jargon means when you don’t have a technical background.

        Do you speak COMPUTER?


        Neither do I, so I’ll try to explain as clearly as I can, why I chose the HP Compaq 2200 Business Desktop.

        First of all I went in PC World and spoke to one of their salesmen. I told him what I wanted and he told me what I needed without listening! I came to the conclusion that all he knew was how to sell, not how to advise.

        What I wanted was a desktop machine that was suitable for business use and had the potential for expansion later on if I decided to change things. That meant that I didn’t need to pay extra for loads of memory, fancy video card and super fast processor for heavy graphics use and video game playing.

        So, armed with the knowledge of what I didn’t want, I looked at the specifications for a few machines and came up with this one.

        This machine was bought from Amazon and cost me £449.99.

        It has a Celeron D 336 2.8 GHz processor:
        This is as good as the better known ‘Intel’ processor.
        What does processor speed mean? Well, it’s similar to the capacity of your car engine. It tells you the potential the machine has. It’s not quite as simple as that though, as you need to take into account other factors as well. Cache prefetch and BUS speed are important here as well.

        So, it gets more complex as you progress.

        The micro tower is 17.5x 41.6x 35.3 cms
        Weight: 9.6 kgs.
        (Now that was easy, wasn’t it?)

        Data Bus Speed 533 MHz
        This is the speed at which the machine can sort its data.

        Chipset Type: ATI Radeon Xpress 200
        Chipset is the generic name given to the set of circuits that are used by the motherboard.

        RAM Installed size 256MB/2GB
        This is random access memory which is the bit that does the ‘thinking’ and sorting out.

        Memory Speed 667 MHz
        How fast does the pc think and select what it needs?

        DVD Rom – IDE Read speed 48x (CD) 16x (DVD)
        That’s an easy one too. It has CD and DVD facilities.

        Resolution: 2048 x 1536 32 bit
        This controls your screen size and colours

        Integrated sound card: stereo

        PS2 keyboard and mouse

        Fax/Modem (56kbps)

        So, those are the main features of this pc explained in non technical terms.

        I am very pleased with my purchase and I find the machine fast and easy to use. It doesn’t seem to have any odd habits! (My previous one had it’s own strange ways!)

        This is an ideal business machine and it has the potential for expansion if I decide to change it in the future. It could easily be hooked up to a network in the future. I might also want to upgrade the memory so that I can use it for high quality printing at some point.

        This is a basic machine. If you want to play on line video games, or use graphics quite heavily, you won’t get what you want from this machine. It isn’t designed for gaming.

        Basically, when you choose a computer, you need to know what you want in terms of performance and what you don’t want. Then you will not end up paying for performance capability that you don’t use or need.

        So, for office use, I give the HP Compaq Dx2200 a score of 9 out of 10 for performance as an office machine, but I wouldn’t recommend it for leisure purposes.

        Hope you found this interesting and that I managed to explain things in a ‘non-techie’ way! Not so easy when we are discussing the specifications of a complex technical machine!


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