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HP Pavilion P6-2065uk

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2 Reviews
  • Digital DVB-T (requires UHF/VHF-compatible antenna and high-definition television)
  • easily inproved
  • can attract finger prints and dust
  • This makes it a bit more difficult to use with a HDTV or many new monitors that are dropping the DVI connector with an adapter cable
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    2 Reviews
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      09.02.2015 14:54
      Very helpful


      • "easily inproved"
      • "good specs to begin with"
      • "nice shiny colour"
      • "Nice sleak look"


      • "can attract finger prints and dust"

      A desk top that does not let me down ....

      The tower looks lovely, a shiny black which a few lights dashing on and off every so often. On the upper section there is the power button with a blue light that shows you whether the system's on or not.
      Just below this there is the DVD drive, with the eject button on the right side.
      In the centre there are two USB ports, and 3.5mm earphone port and a 3.5mm microphone socket. There's also a SD card slot on the left side of the row which can take most memory cards.
      There are another 3 USB slots on the rear, together with the mains lead connector, and other ports for connecting such things as printers, mouse, other external systems. In fact, there's plenty of ports for all external bits you want to attach.
      It has built in Wi-Fi, (802.11 b/g) and blue tooth too.
      It has many other features, too many to say here in 500 words, all I will say that my tower may not be crammed with the same things as your tower. It's a personal thing really and depends on what you need and what you're willing to pay.

      On the right side, to the bottom, there is the cooling vents, which to be honest, may have been better nearer the top as the heat tends to rise. But the vents do manage doing what they are supposed to do, to vent the inner workings.

      There's a lot to say about the system I 'built' over time, taking factory bits out and stuffing my own choice in. it started with a 500GB HDD, which I tripled by adding a TB into the spare HDD slot inside. It came with 4GB of RAM, which I boosted up to 32GB, making this a quick as Usain Bolt chasing his Virgin media pay cheque.

      I only got the tower as I already had everything else, the monitor, keyboard, mouse. So it was pointless me buying it with all the bits. This made it a little bit cheaper for me, costing me a rather nice £150. I've spent a further £130 - £150 on it with the RAM and HDD so in all this rather fetching piece has cost me just short of £300... but if you're happy with 500GB HDD and 8Gb of RAM then you've got yourself a bargain .


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      04.11.2014 05:04


      • "Digital DVB-T (requires UHF/VHF-compatible antenna and high-definition television)"


      • "This makes it a bit more difficult to use with a HDTV or many new monitors that are dropping the DVI connector with an adapter cable"

      HP Pavilion P6-2065uk

      01-Either integrated graphics or the PCI Express x16 slot are usable at one time they are not usable concurrently.
      02-Use of both the DVI and the VGA ports at the same time is supported.
      03-Audio jack sensing is available in HP Pavilion P6-2065uk
      04-Hard drive Size is 1.5 TB
      05-2mb minimum of data buffer memory
      06-Mouse and keyboard are wireless type
      07-Data transfer speeds: up to 150 Mbps
      08-Supports 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB DIMMs
      09-Supports up to 4 GB on 32-bit systems
      10-Supports up to 8 GB on 64-bit systems
      11-Interface: Internal USB port
      12-Digital DVB-T (requires UHF/VHF-compatible antenna and high-definition television)
      13-You can also create a restore point yourself
      14-nvidia grafics card used in this pc
      15-The processor along with the 4GB of DDR3 memory do help keep the price of the system roughly $50 to $100 less than its competition
      16-There is a PCI-Express graphics slot available within the system for adding in a dedicated graphics card but the system has a very
      low wattage power supply that will only allow for the most basic of budget class cards to be installed.

      01-Poor system performance, especially while browsing the Internet.
      02-The computer stops responding more frequently.
      03-The computer takes longer to open the Windows desktop.
      04-Browser closes unexpectedly or stops responding.
      05-Performing a search from a search page provides results on a different site.
      06-Clicking a link does nothing or goes to an unrelated Web site.
      07-The browser home page changes and cannot be reset. Usually about:Blank is set as your new home page.
      08-Pop-up advertising windows display when the browser is not open or over Web pages that do not normally have pop-ups.
      09-Additional toolbars are added to the browser.
      10-Web pages are automatically added to the list of favorites.
      11-Desktop icons are automatically added to the desktop.
      12-This makes it a bit more difficult to use with a HDTV or many new monitors that are dropping the DVI connector with an adapter cable


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