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HP Pavilion P6699uk

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    2 Reviews
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      31.12.2013 23:24
      Very helpful



      A Great computer for general home use

      This is the computer that I bought for my daughter last year. It is absolutely great, so far neither of us have yet found any issues with it.


      This computer cost me around £350, I've seen it on the internet at the time for around £450 - £500, so for me to pick up this computer for £350 is a bargain.


      The computer is all black, with a touch of chrome. It has a nice, slim and sleek design overall with a glossy look to it. In the computer it has 2 internal hard drive bays, which allows for expansion on the hard disk, in case you are running out of disk space. It weighs around 10KG, you will find it easy to pick up.


      The PC came with its own Mouse and keyboard, you will need to purchase the monitor separately as it does not come with it. it is easy to find the ports and to connect everything up i.e. mouse, keyboard, monitor and ethernet cable. The computer came with windows 7 installed onto with a wide range of pre-installed software. It takes around 20 seconds to boot up, which is very quick. The application that come installed with it is:

      *Note descriptions that have a *, indicate that the product is a trial version, you will need to purchase a license in order to continue using it*

      HP software - you get a wide range of HP applications installed on it such as media smart suite this includes music, photo and videos, HP support, HP setup and HP advisor
      *Microsoft Office 2010 - You get word, PowerPoint, excel and access pre-installed
      *Norton Internet security - you get a 30 day trial which also includes online back up
      Adobe reader - This allows you to view PDF documents
      *Cyber link DVD - Allows you to Watch DVD's

      Some of the default programs are also included such as windows media player, windows live and internet explorer.


      It is very quick at handling all the tasks that you want to do. The i5 processor is great it is capable of multi-tasking without having any issues. The 4GB of ram is plentiful for general home use such as browsing the web, watching movies, multi-tasking, creating documents etc. it comes with a 750GB hard drive, which is enough for storing music, movies, pictures, applications and documents. It runs nice and silently.
      The graphics card is okay at playing some games at low settings, you would need to upgrade it if you want to play it on a higher setting. The DVD drive is okay at times, but most of the times you will find that it would read most of your CD/DVD even if they have no scratches on them.
      It has both a VGA port and a HDMI port. It has a built in memory card reader, which is useful as it allows my wife to be able to copy images from the camera SD card to the computer. It has 2x USB ports at the front and 6x at the back, it has two audio ports at the front, and 1 in the back.

      This is a great computer overall, my daughter is satisfied with it as she has not troubles doing her work on it, I haven't had any issues with it either. the processor may be slightly outdated, but it is still able to perform the tasks you need.


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      20.09.2011 16:38



      overall great product, would recommend.

      Physically the desktop is awesome, the desktop is approximately 10 kg which is the average weight of nearly all new models of desktops. The shiny exterior looks fabulous, the glossy finish on the desktop tower gives this pc a touch of class and the tower is not too big aswel. The tower is 38.7cm high 17.5cm wide.

      Now the technical aspects....
      I find this desktop having quite a good speed as the memory/ram is 4gb and the storage is also good as the hard drive is 750 gb but I wanted it to be better, wouldn't we all? If we had a great computer why not make it perfect? I bought and installed another 4gb memory/ram into my new pc and this gave a total of 6GB which was very fast and also installed a 1 terabyte hard drive. The mother board is also great, it has enough slots for extra memory and is made well as there is extra fans on the motherboard to make sure it does not over heat,

      The desktop has many fans installed and all of which are very silent which I am very pleased about. The pc also uses less power to run than my old pc, taking down my electricity bills! The processor is great, the core i5-650 is very powerful. The graphics card installed is very good, perfect for watching videos/movies or for playing games on.

      The pc does not fail on performance, it is powerful consistently but to be honest for £500 there are better and newer models and pc's out there. I would go for a newer model but this is great if it were cheaper although I love the graphics and sound card this pc has I would go for another model.

      The pc is quite expensive especially when I bought it ranging from £400-500.

      Overall great buy,
      Thanks for reading. Hope this helped!


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