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HP Workstation Xw8400

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2009 17:56
      Very helpful



      Required some upgradation

      HP Workstation Xw8400
      What is workstation?
      We have seen many computers, like notebooks and desktops PCs but the word 'workstation' is slightly new for many peoples. Workstation is known as high configured desktop PC will fully featured and heavy combination of hardware's. Hp has measure shares in desktop PCs followed by IBM, Acer, fujitsu and Lenovo. Some of the workstations from HP have excellent configuration but they are little bit costly and everyone can't afford. But some PCs are really good in terms of price and configured both. Hp has various models in Xw series and now I am going to disclose some points about Xw8400. As per my daily routine I will tell about this notebook in terms of facts and opinions both.
      The facts
      If we have a look on this workstation than it has many good points and features but there are some disadvantages also. There is no perfect PC available as per our requirement, because we have many requirements to full fill by desired PC but sometimes it is disappointing.
      Have a look in this system starting with its processing speed. Workstation it generally meant for higher application access and they have good processing speed with latest processor and RAM. This workstation is meant for middle range application and it has Intel Dual-Core Xeon 5150 processor with total clock speed of about 2.66 GHz. Speed is not so bad as it is a multicore processor with dual core technology and 2.66GHz speed is enough to run almost all latest applications. Some other features also need to explain about this processor as it has good 4 MB lL2 cache memory for temporary DATA storage and most important its front side data bus speed with 1333 MHz. Now a day's most of the workstations has this type of FSB and if we have combination of such a RAM also than it will be the best configuration for workstations.

      Having a look on its RAM size, it is slightly disappointing with only 1 GB preinstalled RAM with DDR2 SDRAM. This workstation is supporting maximum 32GB Ram and all options are open to upgrade it as per our requirements. The speed of this RAM is also slower than what we have in processor and there are only 667 MHz of Speed RAM.
      If we have a look on its storage capacity that there is a 250 GB -Serial ATA 7200 rpm hard disk drive. As usually most of the desktop PCs have this capacity drive.
      Second Point Opinions
      Now I am coming to personal experience with this workstation. I have tested this PC with some popular applications like Photoshop CS3, Google sketch-up and 3ds max. There are no mean of having this PC with preinstalled configuration. Have some upgradation in terms of RAM and good graphics card than it will be proper solution for any application. I got good response in Photoshop CS3 but with 2 GB Ram. It is also good for sketch up in 2 GB RAM but we need some dedicated graphics memory for better result.
      The worst result was for 3ds max. It will work smooth in starting mode as we have some less data to process, but as per we increase graphics in max it will be slower and at some point it will get hang. So for smooth running in any application we have to upgrade it such a manner so that it can provided desired results. I don't know why HP has such a model with improper combination of processor and RAM, as it has good processor but failed to provide good RAM and graphics memory.


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