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Medion Akoya P34592

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    2 Reviews
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      25.11.2012 23:53
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      Aldi & Medion have lost a good customer

      3rd May 2012

      Mr Paul Foley
      UK Managing Director
      Aldi Head Office
      Holly Lane
      CV9 2SQ

      Dear Sir

      Re: Faulty Medion Desktop Computer

      I enclose correspondence between myself and Medion with assistance from your branch manager, Mr Andy Fazal, of Aldi, Castleford, West Yorkshire. It will explain fully my grievance that I am currently experiencing.

      I have spoken to Trading Standards office who have been advising me on the best way of reaching a solution to put an end to this complaint. They have suggested the following alternatives:-

      Aldi to replace or refund the faulty desktop;
      Aldi to replace the desktop with a cash adjustment from me

      I am sure you will appreciate my upset and frustration with a machine which has been repaired 4 times within 3 years, and that I do not have any faith in their repair service.

      Having been a loyal customer of Aldi since it arrived in the UK, I feel that compensation and appreciation would be a solution to this problem.

      I look forward to receiving a favourable reply.

      Yours faithfully

      Ps this is my second letter sent to you, it seem the first letter was ignored, this letter has been sent by registered mail on the advice of the office of fair trade, if you do not respond within seven working days I intend to take the complaint further to it's ultimate conclusion. Since this letter was sent to print,another desktop, the makers MEDION ELECTRICS has developed the same fault with the on off switch and i am unable to switch the computer off in fear that i will not be able use it Can anyone tell me if this constitutes a fire risk. I dare not even return it to MEDION for repair in case of the warranty situation and they make a charge for it.


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        30.06.2009 21:04
        Very helpful


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        Great high spec PC without the pricetag

        I had owned my previous PC for roughly 6 year and it was now becoming slower and slower each day. I had wanted a new one for ages but the wife was putting her foot down saying that we had other priorities.

        Out of the blue, we had an Aldi leaflet delivered with the local paper and there, on the front staring me in the face was this beast of a machine. I went up to the wife, armed with the evidence and shock horror, she agreed that I could have one.
        In a flash, I was out the door and queuing up at Aldi with my new toy.

        Intel Q6600 (2.4Ghz) Quad core processor
        3Gb RAM
        500Gb SATA Hard Disk
        Windows Vista Home Premium
        Nvidia GeForce 9500GS 512mb Graphics card
        DVD/CD Recorder
        Multi format card reader
        eSata connections
        USB connections on front and back
        Built in 802.11n wireless lan
        Gigabit ethernet lan

        In the box

        It is worth mentioning, this deal was only for the base unit and does not include a monitor.
        I eagerly opened the box to find my lovely new quad core pc along with seperate boxes for the keyboard, mouse, remote control, manuals and the windows Vista License. There is a phtographic instruction sheet showing you how to set the PC up. All this is self explanitory and you'll be pressing the power on button in next to no time.

        Tour of the tower

        The design of the main tower unit has been well thought out. The DVD/CD drive is located at the very top on the front of the tower with room for another DVD/CD/Blu Ray player should you wish. Under this is an enclosed compartment. Opening this up reveals 2 USB ports, memory stick, SD , compact flash and smartmedia card readers, a headphone socket, a microphone socket. Auxillary in (left and right) connectors plus composite and s-video connectors for connecting devices such as VCR players should you wish to transfer any of your old tapes onto PC. The Medion also comes with an eSata port included as standard. As eSata is supposedly 6 times faster than USB2, this is vital when it comes to transferring data to mass media storage devices. The final item on the front of the tower is the power button which is located in the centre of the bottom panel.
        Moving to the back of the tower, there is the standard power, monitor adapter (DVI port but does come with a VGA adapter should you need to use it), PS2 mouse and keyboard connectors, 6 additional USB ports, a gigabit Ethernet wired network port and a firewire port for devices such as video cameras.

        The top of the tower contains an eSata docking area for use with a Medion eSata external hard disk. This docking area will not accept any other type of eSata disk.

        First Impressions
        As with all new PCs the boot time seems almost instant as a, its a million times faster than my old pc and b, its not yet been clogged up with useless programs which fill the registry. This was the first time I had used vista so it took me a while to naviate around it but I was impressed.

        The system was so responsive, every programme I opened was there in a flash which is nothing less than expected to be honest.

        Connecting to the net for the first time
        This is where the fun and games started. I had moved my wireless lan onto channel 6 instead of the the default of 11 on my previous PC and things were running fine. When the Akoya detected my network, it was only giving me limited connectivity and when it did connect, I was only getting 1k a second from my 10mb broadband link. After a couple of hours messing, cursing and threatening to take the PC back to the shop I had an inspirational thought to move back to channel 11. As soon as I did this, the whole network sprung into life.

        The next moring when I switched on, the wireless network adapter was not found by windows, leading to another round of cursing and threatening to take the PC back. A quick call to the Medion support line had me back up and running with the explanation that some devices occasionally are not recognized by the mainboard due to a build up of static electricity.

        The graphics card
        As someone who has never really played and graphically demanding games, the nVidia Geforce 9500GS was an ideal choice for me. When I bought the PC I actually thought this graphics card was one of the best ones around with its 512Mb of RAM. It looks crystal clear with text and played my Football Manager games very smoothly. Then came the acid test. I decided to by Grand Theft Auto 4, a game that all seasoned players in the forums were saying required a beast of a graphics card to run even on the lowest levels. It was with trepidation that I loaded up the game, half expecting it to chug along at an unplayable rate. Boy was I in for a treat. The game plays like a dream, admittedly, not at the highest settings but still high enough to enjoy this game in all its glory. With the power of the quad core processer to compliment the graphics card, one of the most resource dependant
        PC games ever was running so smoothly on my Medion.

        The Sound Card

        Again, as someone who doesn't require a lot of sound in games and someone who doesn't watch movies via the PC, the soundcard capabilities wasn't high on my list of priorities. In my opinion the sound that is produced via the PC is more than adequate, I listen to a lot of music via the PC and that sounds crystal clear to me. Obviously a lot of the sound quality is down to the quality of speakers just as much as the soundcard you are using.

        The Medion comes with Wireless 802.11n connectivity which means it will communicate with all standard routers on the market plus the new range of faster ones that are now becoming available. As mentioned in the connecting to the net section, the wireless adapter does have the tendancy to go awol every now and then due to a build up of static electricity. The process to clear the static is simple enough. Simply turn the pc off at the mains and then hold in the power button for 15-20 seconds. Turn the pc back on and the wireless network adapter will be detected again. The pc also comes with a gigabit wired Ethernet adapter. This connection is way faster than any broadband provided will be broadcasting in the foreseeable future so if this is your way of connecting, you will be future proofing yourself for many years.

        TV Tuner Card

        As I do not have a TV aerial in my study, I have not been able to try out the in-built freeview TV tuner or remote control. I have used the Media Centre to stream videos from the PC to my Xbox 360 which works really well and is simple to set up.

        Warranty and Support
        If this pc is bought from the Aldi chain of supermarkets, it comes with 3 years warranty whereas if bought direct from Medion, it only comes with 1 year which seems a little strange. I have only had to use the technical support desk a couple of times. Once when the wireless lan adapter disappear and the second time was when the Bullguard antivirus software brought the machine to a standstill. This turned out to be a problem with the Bullguard software not being compatible with Vista service pack 1. All technical issues have been sorted out in the first phone call which is essestial as calls are charged at the 0871 rate.

        The manual which comes with this pc is surprisingly good for a pc manual. Normally they tell you the bare minimum you need to know and sometimes even less than that. This Medion manual is 84 pages long and talks you through all of the key features of the PC.

        In the past I've always associated Medion with cheap and cheerful pc's due to the fact they were sold by Aldi. After buying this PC, my opinion has changed. The build quality is exceptional, performance is very high and reliability also gets top marks. For £470 I consider this to be a bargain. I cannot recommend this pc highly enough, if your local Aldi still has them in stock, snap one up before the all go.


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