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MSI MEGA PC - DT - no CPU - RAM 0 MB - HD: none - CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo - Mdm - LAN EN, Fast EN - Monitor : none

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    1 Review
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      19.06.2008 11:26
      Very helpful



      Makes an excellent media center

      The Mega PC can be used as an FM radio, a CD player and of course a full pc. It has a memory card reader, though you could replace this with a floppy if you wanted.

      What a lovely little unit this is. You get a barebones system, which basically means the case and motherboard, you have to add your own cpu, memory, hard disk and cd rom. You have to use the heatsink that comes with the unit, forget using your own aftermarket one, it wont fit.

      Unique to the Mega series, you can play audio cds through the system without the PC actually being on. The same is obviously the case with the FM radio. Shame it can't read MP3 files off the Hard Disk too, but thats probably asking a bit much.

      Expandability is a bit of a problem. The onboard graphics are a bit lacking, though the is an AGP slot, putting a powerful graphics card makes space tight and increases heat in this little unit significantly. Also you only get one PCI slot.

      The onboard soundcard is great, with support for spdif in and out. You get 2 USB ports on the back as well as 2 on the front and a Firewire.

      The supplied remote control is fine for playing CDs and listing to the radio, it also has TV card support though I never did find a card that supported it!

      My only problem with the system has been a pretty major one. After months and months of steady reliabilty i started to have problems with the machine hanging. On opening the unit and inspecting the bracket for the heatsink had cracked and nothing was holding it on! Have had to do fairly major modifications to screw the heatsink back on, but now its running wonderfully again.

      Unless you're running this little unit hard with a powerfull graphics card in, the cpu fan will hardly ever cut in, though this does depend on what you try to cram into the case, and how hot your hard disk gets.

      I'm running this as my TV server with a mod to fit 2 usb tv card internally, which works great. This system does not look out of place sat next to a TV and doesnt produce enough noise to disrupt your viewing pleasure.


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  • Product Details

    Based on the design idea of consumer product, the MEGA is not just a PC anymore. The "All-in-One" features position MEGA as a "Digital Media Platform".

    From the recent years, the ownership and usage of desktop and notebook PCs across worldwide households has turned computers into a commodity item. To meet the new concept of Home PC, the MEGA has been positioned as a digital media platform to perform TV-recording (optional), home theater (DVD+5.1 channels), digital audio playback (MP3, Audio CD), photo and video stream data browsing/authoring/burning (optional with Media Center and bundled applications). Meanwhile, it could also support high game performance (AGP 4X slot). The remote controller also allows you to use it like a Hi-Fi Stereo.