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Sony Vaio J Series VPC-J11M1E/B

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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2011 09:04


      • Reliability


      A beautiful, well-designed product- competitively priced.

      The picture quality is superb.The surrounding desktop frame is only about an inch wide,so the shiny black finish won't cause too many 'dirt & fingermarks problems.'
      Most All-In-Ones I saw had inadequate speakers(too many product specs and reviews sadly ignore this aspect),but Sony's 2x2 watts are more than loud enough and less 'tinny' than most.
      Having demo'd the Acer-too cumbersome a unit; the Asus and Lenovo- poor speakers; the HP and Packard Bell models- too much cheap, shiny black plastic; the Sony achieves a tremendous all-round package.
      The first thing that strikes you is the compactness, appearance and quality of this All-In-One Desktop. Note that I did not want a touch screen and have not used it, but there were so few 'non-touch models' and none that fulfilled my needs.
      I have only used it for three days, but these are my observations:
      Quality of build. High quality picture. Fast i3 processor works well. Speakers more than adequate for music and films.
      Bought from Sony UK, the fast delivery and support are excellent. Buy it from them- ask for their best price- you will be very surprised!
      The standard wired, optical mouse works well, but it is very small for the male hand. The standard wired keyboard (low profile, positive keys) works well, but the cable is hopelessly too short- you cannot use it on an 'under desk' slide-out shelf; you have to mount it on your desktop close to the computer.
      I question Windows 7 when compared with Windows XP. It seems to me that Microsoft has achieved a mid point between the awful Vista and great XP.
      There are just too many obtuse and unclear paths to get where you want to go to alter your settings and configuration- I find myself continually 'searching' for answers, despite an obvious familiarisation period.
      Why companies have to continuously change and upgrade for the sake of marketing is beyond me.
      Another beautiful, quality product from Sony.
      Buy it. You will not be disappointed


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      03.12.2010 02:28
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Depends what you're into. For me, perfect. For many a step in the wrong direction

      Everytime I walk past a computer shop, I have an urge to run home, throw my laptop and desktop out the window, thenrun back to the shop to buy a set of shiny white apple products. Namely, those wonderfully glossy white desktops that apple make, with the huge screens shining away. There is however one thing that stops me from giving in to this desire, and that is the fact that, for all their wonderful design and simplicity, I'm loyal to Windows. Yes, you can run Windows on an Apple Mac, but it just isn't the same. And so, for years I've stuck faithfully to a plethera of ugly windows desktops that sit under the desk and, with the aid of a comprehensive collection of wires, connect to a monitor ontop of the desk. It certainly isnt an elegant affair.

      Enter Vaio. Sony, and their line of Vaio desktops have brought some style into the Market. These "all in one computers" sit happily ontop of a desk and have everything inside them to work, all you have to do is plug in a mouse and keyboard and you're away! There's finally an intermediate between succumbing to apples "iLife" and sticking with cumbersome Windoes based computers.


      *THE DESIGN: you can probably tell, that before I'd even looked at the specification I was 80% sold on buying one of these. For some people this probably wont count as a relevant bit of a review, but realistically, in an age where everything is shiny and with a touch screen, why shouldnt our 70's style desktops get a makeover. If you're more of a pragmatist, then think of it this way: Less wires to clogg up your deskspace, nothing taking up floorspace, nothing on the floor to get clogged with dusty which inturn leads to a clogged fan which inturn leads to you trecking to the computer shop to buy a new computer, sold yet?
      *THE FEATURES: im the first to admit that having everything tucked neatly behind the monitor doesn't lead to the most perfect set of specs. HOWEVER, unless you're a hardcore gamer, this computer will more than satisfy your needs. The 4gb of ram is equivelant to most high spec laptops and the 500GB HDD is sufficient to hold... well, millions of photos. They even manage to fit a DVD burner in there.


      *THE PRICE: Sony's VAIO range is, well, certainly not a cheap range. These desktops are especially not cheap. Whilst not costing quite as much as their apple cousins, they're still a bit extravogent, namely because they have no real windows rival at the moment, though companies like HP have begun to bring out similar products
      *UPGRADABILITY: what i mean by this is that, whereas with the old standalone towers. This screen cannot easily be modified. I figure it would be pretty impossible to add more RAM, or an extra hard drive. And for this there is something bit lacking. It gives the vaio a finite lifespan. IF something breaks you're at the mercy of Sony to fix it realistically.... gone are the days of replacing a dodgy part yourself

      OVERALL: im happy with my Vaio. It fulfulls my needs, I get a sleek bit of modern looking design which is powerful enough to cope with my everyday demands. However im realistic about the outlook. In 18months, maybe 2 years, the Vaio will become unable to cope with the latest developments, or will have a malfunction which I cant really fix myself. Whereas in the past I could mix and match hardware to keep my comoputer alive, now I fear the Vaio is more of a throwaway convenience. Use it until it either breaks or something betteer comes out


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