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Sony Vaio PCV-V1

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    2 Reviews
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      09.05.2010 19:48



      A dubble WOW!! I am also one of the few happy owners of this fantastic machine. And totaly agree with the also happy Mr. Meissastar. I purchased the Sony VAIO PCV-V1 in 2004 for 1899,00 Euro's, and still in good condition. Sony Rules...


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      13.02.2006 22:40



      gorgeous and simple to use

      wow! i love this computer and it's the one i'm using right now to write this review!
      This is a review written by a computer layman, so not much techie stuff!
      Well, for a start it's a very sexy little machine...all black with brushed steel.
      The main components are:
      wireless keyboard with removable cover
      wireless mouse(2 AA batteries)
      remote control
      intergrated 15 inch LCD monitor/tower

      This computer is like a cross between and laptop and a normal pc, the main thing is not having to worry about where to put the tower.
      So what else? there is just so much...
      lots of interfaces(places to stick wires!), DVD-RW drive,intel pentium processor 4, 3W+3W speakers(really nice sound quality too), lots of software for music,photos,mediasharing,video/tv,office,etc.

      The monitor screen can be tilted up/down and sideways, which can make viewing easier. And the DVD/CD is on the right side of the monitor.
      The other great thing is that you can use this computer as a tv with additional function of pausing live tv through the Giga Pocket!(though you also have to recored at the same time).Plus it's only built for normal tv, not digital.

      I particulary like the music function of the media centre, the speakers have a great clear tone and can be very loud! Plus there are very funky graphics on the Windows media player which are very atmospheric. Also the CD rewriter is pretty fast, only takes about 5 minutes in all to copy a CD.

      What don't i like? well the main problem is how close you have to be to the monitor when you're using the keyboard..so if i'm too far away i lose letters!! same goes for the mouse. Also, i have some trouble with the SonicStage software(music) and end up having to use the windows media player instead.
      The other thing i have read is that it's not good for pc gaming, but personally that's not something i use it for.

      Bar those two quibbles, this is a lovely and stylish computer.

      The cost of this media centre has also dropped from approx £1400 to around the £900 mark now. So it does cost more than the avereage home PC, but makes up for that in style and substance.


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