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Alan Wake - American Nightmare (PC)

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2 Reviews

Brand: Nordic Games / Electronic Games Genre: Action & Adventure / Distribution Media: DVD-ROM / Platform: Windows / Release Date: 29 Jun 2012

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    2 Reviews
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      26.10.2013 17:38



      A good game missing a platform or two to feature on.

      American Nightmare is the sequel to Alan Wake, a story of a writer trapped in his own nightmarish novels, but is now trapped in a TV show based off of his novels, and must fight again to keep his sanity intact and his writers reputation untarnished.

      Unlike the original Alan Wake, it is now a more combat orientated game and includes more gun-play orientated combat. Cover is still rare and using the flashlight is still one of your main priorities in order to squash the enemies Alan must face to keep his sanity intact.

      The plot, as usual, is well written and a good way of enticing, engaging and scaring the player, with plenty of twists, turns and differentiating story arcs. The game-play is good and in tact with the whole Alan Wake franchise.

      I would recommend purchasing Alan Wake on either Amazon or Steam, as both platforms will offer great prices and often have deals on various days and weeks, especially on video games, which Steam sells exclusively.

      To conclude, I would recommend purchasing Alan Wake: American Nightmare as it is a thrilling narrative masterpiece that will surely engage any horror or FPS player with the great game-play and fast paced narrative. It is also relatively inexpensive, as it is fairly older and yet still featuring fresh new visuals, narrative and game-play, which will make the purchase all worthwhile.


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      04.09.2013 01:26
      Very helpful



      Fans fo the original may like this, but if you haven`t played that yet- steer clear

      So I played Alan Wake some time ago, if you like you like you can read my review on it. I loved Alan Wake, it had a great story driven plot and so when this DLC came out I was anxious to get my hands on it. But my my I was dissapointed.

      For one the story although quite good in plot (it takes place directly after the first Alan Wake game, Alan is stuck in no-wheresville USA, although it doesnt explain if ALan is still stuck under cauldron lake as he was imprisoned by the dark force. Now our champion of light has to fight a new aggressor, Mr Scratch, you never hear his name the scratch is actually the sound. He is Alan wakes alter-ego - a complete badass who dresses in a black suit , cracks jokes, is maniacal and homicidal. There is a great scene where Alan is watching the TV and Mr Scratch kills this fella and dances to this great song, its wierd but its very funny.

      The problem is that the story never really picks up after the first third of the game, essentially the game is a loop, you play the same parts 3 times over, sounds boring well it is, but the point is that each time you get more of a code that is used to destry Mr Scratch in the end....playing the same 4-5 scenes over and over you do get more effecient at it and can get through them faster but Mr Scratch throws ever increasingly wierd and powerful enemies at you, thats right the taken are back in force.

      This time round you get better weapons, a combat shotgun, assualt rifle etc, much mroe powerful then the handgun and other firearms, but the flares and the flashbang grenades remain the most powerful weapon in your arsenal as they emit tons of light. You also use the torch to strip the darkness away from the taken and there are no other , more powerful torches to get as in the first game which I missed quite allot.

      There are some great cutscenes in this game, some great music by Poets of the Fall and Kasabian, the voice acting is generally terrible apart from the guy playing Alan.

      The gameplay is slightly smoother, especially the battle sequences which run allot faster. The graphics are quite good, very smooth and shiny in parts, they give of a mysterious atmosphere, the rendering is equally as impressive.

      If you liked Alan Wake you wont mind the loop plot, but it is a bit tedious and one cant decide of the developers did this on purpose to save time and make money. Also fans of twin peaks and X-files will like the atmos and feel of the game.


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