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Battlefield 1942: The Complete Collection (PC)

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Manufacturer: Electronic Arts / Genre: Shooter / Release Date: 2005

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2009 22:52
      Very helpful



      Unique WWII FPS concept.

      Battlefield 1942 The Complete Collection

      Battlefield 1942
      I have loved World War II First Person Shooters since the first time I played 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein'. I soon found games like 'Medal Of Honor' and 'Call Of Duty', but I didn't like that you couldn't get in to vehicles in those games. Well, I soon found a game that I could and it was called 'Battlefield 1942'.

      Not only could you fly planes and drives tanks, but you could take off and land if you have the skill. It takes a little getting used to, but with a little practice you get the hang of it. I like to fly behind enemy lines and set the plane down and pull out my trusty sniper rifle and engage my enemy without being seen. Then maybe sneak into their camp and steal one of there vehicles and destroy everything I see. Almost anything is possible.

      As time went on people started to create newer maps (levels, 3d worlds) and soon there were thousand of new places do to discover. Then the 1st expansion pack (game modification that is bought in the store and added to the existing game for cool new features) came out and it was called 'Road To Rome' which came with new weapons and new vehicles based in the Italian part of the war. Not long after that came the better of the two expansion packs 'Secret Weapons Of 1942'. This modification came not only with new maps, but very cool new weapons and vehicles that were supposedly experimental during the war. I liked it because you can fly some fairly fast jets of the time.

      Battlefield Vietnam
      After a year of playing 1942 I got bored and wanted something more modern than WWII and I found 'Battlefield: Vietnam' . It was great, now you could fly helicopters and use M16's. This game has better graphics than all the previous games of the series and a better soundtrack too. Classic rock from the 60's, how can you beat that.

      My Opinion
      One of my favorite games in the world, I love flying planes and shooting people down. Good graphics for the time. Only problem I had was there wasn't a single player story mode like there are in most other FPS. I originally bought all of these games separate and given them away over the years, but recently I wanted to play again and so I went and bought 'The Complete Collection'.

      The Complete Collection Contents
      Battlefield 1942
      Battlefield 1942: Road To Rome Expansion Pack
      Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons Expansion Pack
      Battlefield: Vietnam
      Four amazing games at a cheap price.


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