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Battlefield 2: Complete Collection (PC)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Origin / Genre: Horror / Platform: Windows / Distribution Media: DVD-ROM

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    3 Reviews
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      16.12.2009 22:32



      Shame nobody bought the expansions...

      It is difficult to find a game that is better worth your money than the Battlefield 2 Complete Collection. It now goes for under a tenner, and includes not only the ridiculously fun Battlefield 2, but three expansions - Special Forces, Euro Force and Armoured Fury - too. It is important to mention, though, that the expansions aren't used too much online anymore, but the original BF2 game is worth about a tenner itself, and tonnes more in the fun you'll get out of it, so that's fine!

      If you played the original Battlefield 1942, you're going to love this. The original BF2 game is more modern than that, though, in much the same way as the Call of Duty games have jumped forward with Modern Warfare. This game depicts a war between numerous politically ambiguous countries, with you able to assume any side you want and blast through an exhilarating campaign mode.

      This is true of all four of the games here, but the real reason to play this pack is for the superb online offering, which thankfully still sees a lot of action, even if the expansions are little known and rarely get cycled as a result. However, the bare bones BF2 has a decent user base still, thanks to its incredibly addictive combination of gun-based combat and epic vehicles, from fast jeeps to monstrous airplanes. Like all other BF games, you have "tickets", and must try to deplete the other team's tickets by capturing command posts and killing their soldiers.

      The packs add a few things here and there, such as more weapons and maps, but if you're going online this is fairly inconsequential because very few people play them anymore. The original BF2 is the only way to go for online, but for those who want a game offering TONNES of single player campaigns (even if there isn't an overarching narrative), the expansions also have a place. You cannot beat this value.


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      17.07.2009 23:45



      Greatest game for PC i ever owned highly recomended.

      Battlefield is a fantastic choise of game for those who like to join in with up to 31 friends and beat the heck out of up to 32 enemies.
      The vast scale of this game kept me playing for hours and hours, as every game you play can vary so much.
      In every game either side has a player known as the Commander, he is in controll of; calling in support, UAV, vehicles, calling in airstrike and most importantly telling players where they are needed.
      Players can destroy enemy artillary in an attempt to prevent there retaliational defences and the whole game unfolds into a tactical warfare.
      Choose your style from Medics, who help revive and heal teamates, snipers who pick off long range opponants, Support, masters of heavy fire and ammo replenishing, or maybe even Assualt, the tactical lone wolf.
      Battlefield 1943 has recently been released on PS3 and Xbox, and actully features the level Wake island which is in BF2. So if you enjoy Battlefield 2 you will most definatly enjoy 1943 as it is practically BF2 with all the awesome features of BF bad company.


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      19.10.2008 14:56




      The battlefield series of games are the pinnicle of war games. unfortunatly battlefield 2 in my oppinion is not up to scratch with the original Battlefield 1942.
      Battlefield 2 is set during the modern period in a middle east scenario where its the middle east collition vs the us army vs china for some reason. the weapens are based on real world weapenry used by there nations army. for example the mec forces use ak-47's and so do the chinease forces. vehicles are reintroduced in the game from the original based on real world aircraft and ground vehicles.
      these include for all sides
      - 3x anti aircraft fighters
      -3 bomber type aircraft
      -anti armor tanks
      -anti air tanks
      -personal carriers
      - a boat
      -and anti air and anti personal stationary weapenry.

      included in the complete collection is the 2 expansion packs made for a quick buck. with added weapenry to give you an unfair advantage on the base battlefield 2 users. as well as the introduction of flashbags in the special forces expansion pack so you can annoy your enemys even more

      in my oppinion it was rushed and riddled with bugs upon release and the patches didnt fix them. this is the worst of the battlefield series


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