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Bookworm Adventures (PC)

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Genre: Puzzle / CD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2008-09-05 / Published by Focus Multimedia Ltd

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2008 12:57
      Very helpful



      A cute word game.

      Bookworm Adventures is another on of my game purchases from PopCap, (www.popcap.com), that I made ages ago. PopCap is one of several websites that offer simple games that are really fun and highly addictive.

      There was another game, (kind of the prequel to Bookworm Adventures), called Bookworm. It was a word game where you had to spell words with a selection of letters in a grid. To help you on your way there was a Bookworm called Lex and Bookworm Adventures takes Lex on a quest to rescue the beautiful Cassandra in the lands of myth and legend.

      There are three game types in Bookworm Adventures; Adventure, Arena and Mini-Games.


      Adventure is the game I play the most, (I have completed it several times but I still enjoy starting again). There is a storyline that starts out as a comic strip showing Lex being tempted into one of the books in the library to try and save Cassandra from Count Dracula's evil clutches. After Lex is transported into the book he must begin to fight monsters and evil baddy-types in order to move through the lands to find Cassandra. You battle the bad-guys by spelling words, (the longer the better), and each tile you use does a certain amount of damage to the baddy.

      There are several maps in Bookworm Adventures, (I think there are three but it might be four), and each map has many areas for you battle through. There are three mini-games on each map. They are the same on every map but the order in which you get them is random. Each min-game is word game itself and they are good fun and a nice break from the main game. You win potions and gem tiles by playing the mini-games. Each time Lex dies within a map he can re-visit any of the Mini-Games he has already visited on that map. (I do hope that makes sense).

      In order to help you progress you will receive experience that levels up Lex giving him more heath, (the amount of damage he can take), and his power, (the amount of damage he causes). You will also get potions which are: Health = Replenishes some of Lex's health, Power Up = Makes Lex's next attack do more damage and Purify = Removes any status effects from Lex or the tiles). There are treasures at the end of each of area, just after you have a "Boss Fight".

      The enemies hurt you using their attacks and special abilities; each monster has it's own abilities and some even have immunities to the effects of the gem tiles or short words. Some monsters have bonus word categories such as "metal" or "bones" which allow you to do extra damage when a spell a word from that category such as iron, tin or bronze for the metal category. All the information for a monster is listed underneath it on the right hand side of the screen.

      During the adventure game you will periodically get little snippets of storyline that help to keep you interested in playing. The storyline is actually quite good with a twist at the end.


      The arena lets you challenge the bosses from each area to a non-stop battle. You will fight each monster in turn and in order until you either complete it, (I have never managed to), or get killed by the baddies. You fight in the same way as before as still get potions and gem tiles but there are no mini-games; instead you get one of each of the potions every so many baddies. You have to complete the adventure to be able play the arena.


      There are 3 mini-games and this game lets you just play them when you like. You have to play through the Adventure for a while before this unlocks. The three mini-games are:

      Link-n-Spell: Link-n-Spell has 25 tiles with random letters on them. You have 90 seconds to use each letter twice to spell a word. You are not allowed to use the same word twice.

      Word-Master: Word-Master is my least favourite mini-game. You have to guess a five letter within 5 turns. You start with only the first letter and you have to work out what the word is from there.

      Letter-Rip: Letter-Rip gives you a starting word and you have to make as many words as you can from the letters in the starting the word before the time runs out.

      The graphics are good for a game of this sort and the story is a nice touch too. There are great high-scores tables on this game and it also records your best words and the average length of the words you use. All this makes the game more playable and adds to the longevity. I would definitely recommend this for a good bit of time wasting.


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  • Product Details

    The ultimate test of vocabulary valour! Help Lax the Bookworm battle the biggest threat the Great Library has ever known! Build your best words from a collection of letter tiles as you travel through storybooks in pursuit of your friend Cassandra. Vanquish tons of villains, whom foes and annihilate over 150 enemies! One perfectly formed, endlessly absorbing, regularly amusing word game.

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