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Developer: Zynga / Platform: Facebook

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2013 02:24
      Very helpful



      My favourite Facebook game at the moment!

      Chefville is a simulation type game which is available on the Social network site 'Facebook'. It was developed by Zynga and is fairly new being released in June 2012.
      You will need a Facebook account to play the game, if you already have an account it is quick and easy to start. You will need to allow the app permission to access your profile and wait for the game to load.

      The game is set in your own little restaurant which you have to run and improve. The restaurant will start small but you will be able to expand it later in the game. At the start you will get a little tutorial help to help you get the hang of things.
      At first the game may seem a little complicated but it is very quick to get into and a really enjoyable game.

      To gain levels you will need to earn experience points (XP). Each action you perform will gain one XP and you can get more for completing tasks.

      In your restaurant you will have a grill to cook dishes on. Preparing dishes will get you 1 XP but will not use energy. When the dish is ready you will need 1 energy to serve it onto a counter. From here your waiter will serve the dishes to customers.

      At first you will be given everything you need to cook dishes, when you have used these supplies you will need to harvest the ingredients needed to cook dishes from stalls and plants around your restaurant.
      Some ingredients can be harvested a certain number of times before they disappear, others can be harvested repeatedly but you will have to wait a set time before you can harvest an ingredient again. Some ingredients can be harvested every minute, other may be every 8 hours.

      You will need to reach a level requirement or gain mastery stars (by serving a set amount of each dish) to unlock new cooking equipment, ingredient stalls or expansions.

      Some cooking equipment will be ready to use as soon as you buy it, with others you will need to gather parts by posting requests on your wall or sending requests to your neighbours.

      Some dishes may only take 30 seconds to cook and others could take up to 16 hours. If you forget to serve your dish you get quite a lot of time after they are ready before they will go off.

      You can invite your Facebook friends to become neighbours with you which will allow you to request parts from them and also to visit their restaurant to gather ingredients. You will also gain salt & pepper for visiting friends which is hard to get any other way. When you have completed 5 actions at a neighbours restaurant you will also receive 1 energy and heart bonuses which can be spent on items for your restaurant. You can visit each neighbour once each day.

      You will get various tasks throughout the game, some are seasonal and will be timed. Others are ongoing with no time limit.
      The tasks start off quite easy, with the challenges being something simple like viewing the game in full screen, gathering ingredients or cooking dishes. They do get harder as you go along and some may require a lot of help from friends

      Rewards for tasks include XP points, coins and ingredients. There are also some very useful rewards for tasks such as salvage sage (used to salvage dishes which have been ruined as you didn't serve them in time), One hour thyme (speeds up the cooking process by one hour), and instant thyme (completes the cooking process instantly, this one is very handy for dishes which take a long time to cook).

      A new feature which has been introduced is catering orders. With these you start an order and will have a time limit in which to complete all of the tasks for the order. The good thing about this is that you can invite friends to help with the order. The orders have various rewards and are made up of a list of dishes to cook in the required time and other tasks such as placing decorations.

      As you go through the game you will need more counters to place your dishes on, more tables and chairs and place decorations to complete tasks. You can buy all of these using the coins you earn from serving dishes.
      You can also place doors, windows, footpaths and other decorative items to make your restaurant more pleasant to look at!

      When you need to expand and buy more land you will need Recommendations which are earned by serving customers yourself with a rose at the end of their meal. You will need a rose stand to get the roses to give them which can only be harvested every 8 hours and give you 3 roses at a time. You can only store 20 roses in your inventory and you will need lots of these recommendations the further you get through the game so one tip would be to start building up the recommendations as soon as you have a rose stand, even though you won't need them for early tasks you'll need lots later.


      The main things I like about this game is that you can have quite a lot of tasks open at one time, so if you are waiting for dishes to cook or help from neighbours you can concentrate on another task so don't end up being stuck too often.
      I also like the fact that dishes can take anything from 30 seconds up to 16 hours to cook so you can cook dishes which take a small amount of time while you are playing the game, and start dishes of your choice depending on when you will next be playing the game. If I know I won't be playing again until the following day I can start one of the longer dishes and it shouldn't have gone off when I return.
      The game also doesn't seem to have as many loading issues or glitches as some of the other games on Facebook.

      The only negative I find with this game is the same as that of similar games, when you get quite far through the game you need to have quite a lot of neighbours playing to complete tasks. I have been trying to upgrade one of my ingredient stores for months now as I need the help of 10 different neighbours to complete it and I only have a few friends playing the game.
      It would be much better if you could add neighbours who play the game without having to be friends with them on Facebook as some of the other games have done. Without neighbours help you can only buy items with Chef Cash, once the small amount you start with is gone you can only get chef cash by paying for facebook credits which is really annoying.

      I really enjoy the game, hopefully it will become more popular soon as it would be much more fun with more neighbours!


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        29.11.2012 20:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment





        I have been playing this game for months as it is a game that interests me, I like these types of games; you know the ones, simulations, and building and tycoons games. Although this game might not be everyone's and probably would consider this game boring, I do not. I tend to play this game on a regular basis, I used to play this game every day but because I am now trying to get my house decorate it I tend to play when I have 5 minutes.


        Now to play this game you must have a facebook account setup, if you don't and don't want one then you cannot play this game. Once you have signed yourself into facebook, you will then need to do a search for chefville in the apps section. Once you have found it then click on the icon which will then take you to the app page, you will see a play game button, click that then you will be taken to the game, its as simple as that. No downloading and no installing required.

        GAME PLAY

        In this game your in charge of a restaurant in a village, you do have help from a waiter when it comes to serving your customers, but the more customers you get it can take some time to get to every customer, so if you do have the energy and time to wait on your customers then do so as they do pay a lot more coins then if you got your waiter to do it. Being in charge of the kitchen, equipment, ingredients, and the cooking of meals is hard work, especially when you run out of space, but it is simple enough to just place you equipment anywhere at the time and move it later on in the game.
        The game play is very simple, graphics are good and the music is not annoying, you do need friends to play with to help out through out the game, the more friends you have the more rewards you get and the more help you get towards the parts you will need to make your equipment.


        * Questing *

        In order to proceed through the game you will need to complete simple quests/tasks, this will enable you to gain xp, new equipment and coins. Now the placement of equipment will be cooking equipment that you will need in order to complete certain tasks, and that only that specific equipment will be able to cook a specific meal. Completing quests is the main thing in the game and will help you improve the meals you serve, the decorations in your restaurant, and will give you enough customers to help with the build up of coins. You do have to bare in mind that the quests that are given to you are on a timer, not hours or minutes for a few days to complete them otherwise they will expire and you will loose the rewards also.

        * Cooking Meals *

        The cooking meals is a valid task within this game, meals need to be made in order to get the customers into your restaurant so you can start earning money. With each meal you cook you will receive mastery stars, you do however have to cook the same meal over again in order to get the star but is worth it in the end, once you have all the mastery stars on one meal you will gain a new recipe. You will also need the right ingredients to make the meal, which you can either loot from a shop, garden or friends restaurants. You do have to prepare the meals just buy clicking the selected icon at the top of the equipment, then it will automatically start cooking, each meal have different meal times, but be careful they don't spoil when leaving them too long otherwise you will have to throw away, although you can save a meal by using a special ingredient which will enable you then to serve to your customers.

        As the game goes on and you build up the levels you will be enable to loot more and more different ingredients, which helps a lot through the game, as then you don't have to reply on going to your friends to be looting their ingredients for your recipes.

        You do have a waiter to help you out with the serving of meals, and you do get coins for each meal that he serves, although you can also serve to, and you will be rewarded with more coins, just click the meal that appears above the customers head and she will go and serve them that meal.

        * Shop *

        There is also a shop in this game where this will enable you to buy decorations, extra counters, extra equipment, decorate your walls and floors, buy garden ingredients, tables and chairs etc. You do need to keep your restaurant looking nice with plenty of furniture and attractive as this will attract more customers to your restaurant. The shop may not let you purchase some things that might be down to level, not enough coins or hearts, or you have too many of that one item already for your level. Things will unlock and become available as you plod through the levels.

        * Reputation, Hearts, Energy and Mastery Stars *

        These are a must within the game, Reputation is built by giving roses to your customers, which are on a stall within your restaurant, although you don't get many so be careful as when they are gone they are gone until they regenerate again. Although you can ask friends to send you some if you wish. Hearts are consumed by visiting your friend's restaurants, these are traded in at the shop to buy ingredients that you can plant in your garden such things as onions, and mushrooms, the hearts can only stack to 100 and then will stop so make sure you use them before receiving any more hearts. Energy is used up by looting shops, plants, trees and preparing and cooking meals, once the energy is gone you can either ask your friends to send you some, or again visit their restaurants, if not then you will leave the game until the energy has had time to regenerate itself. Mastery stars are achieved by cooking meals as I have mentioned earlier, you need these to expand your village along with coins and reputation, so bare this in mind when playing the game.

        * Helping Hands *

        Friends play a big part in this game for you, as they help you out in many ways, when visiting them you are able to loot their vegetables, eat their food and loot shops in their village, they also do return the favour to you also. Visiting friends is simple just click on their icon at the bottom of the screen, and you will be there in a jiffy, you only have 5 energy to take as much as you need and to help out, so take care and choose wisely, before you leave you will be rewarded as a way of saying thank you for visiting, usually with coins, salt and pepper which are essential ingredients when cooking in the later stages.

        If there are new neighbours joining you when you go to visit them you will be rewarded with hearts also at the start of the visit, along with xp and coins. Visiting your friends on a regular basis keeps your ingredients stock up and become a good neighbour to them, like I said these people are important. Your friends also helps you out with the sending of parts for your equipment, the upgrades you will need, and any help within the game that you will need and want to proceed with the game.

        * Cooking Equipment *

        You will gain cooking equipment through quests that you are ready to pick up, they will normally ask you to place an item down into your restaurant ready for being unwrapped and parts being sent to you for the completion of that item. This will go towards the completion of the quest, along side of the other tasks it may ask you to do. You can buy extra equipment at the shop, but not always will it allow you too especially if you have to many of one item already in your restaurant. You will need to unwrap the parcel and receive the parts to build the equipment and then you will be ready to build and use it. Notifications will pop up when you can use the equipment. Each piece of equipment you have will cook different meals, and require different ingredients. So again choose wisely when shopping/looting for ingredients.

        * Expansion *

        Upon expanding the area you will also unlock new items, like trees, barbeque, milk van, shops, etc. To expand to other surrounding area's you do need to have certain requirements, which you will know when you click on the greyed out areas, a pop up will show on your screen telling you what you need to unlock that area. Most times it is reputation coins and mastery stars, so again keep this in mind when playing the game. Its quite easy to run out of space within this game especially when your placing down new equipment, and you don't have the requirements to expand. The completion of expanding new areas can also be done by completing certain quests.


        Like I have mentioned this is run through facebook, its simple to get started, but you do need an account with facebook to play the game. It is a shame that the game is not available to buy otherwise I think this is one game I would buy without thinking twice about it.


        I have to say that I do enjoy playing this game, there is so much to do, it is a popular game on facebook and a lot of people play it, as I do have a lot of friends on there that play this game. I can't say I have any problems with this game, although does run a little slow at times but that could be down to my internet not the game itself. I do recommend this game to anyone that enjoys these types of games, it is fun. People might think this game is boring but I actually don't and I tend to play this game regularly on facebook, I know it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I do hope I can interest someone.


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