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Chips Challenge (PC)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Puzzle

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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2012 10:34
      Very helpful



      A good game which is fun now as it was many years ago to play

      Years ago I remember one game which made me laugh because the graphics were so bad yet the game was addictive. The game is from Windows Entertainment Package and is called Chips Challenge.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      The game is about you playing the role of a character named Chips. He is a young lad who has to navigate around various levels to try and finding missing computer chips and finish the level. Although this sounds easy there are obstacles and problems along the route.

      In the game the first 10 levels are really all about you learning the ropes and understanding the various areas of the game. You have to understand how everything works because sometimes the unexpected can occur.

      The game will make you open doors by finding coloured keys which are scattered around the level. You might encounter various creatures which are there to stop you in the hunt for the computer chips.
      The monster varies in size, colour and movement and they are hard to predict at times. You can sometimes stand next to some of these monsters and they have no idea your even there.

      The game set out is done with square blocks. Each move you do is done by the keyboard and the arrow keys. You basically move from one square to the next and speed is not exactly quick but adequate for a game which was designed over 15 years ago.

      The game has items you need to collect such as flippers, fire boats and ice skates. You might need to touch a square which has got fire on it and the only way to go past this area is to find fire boots to continue with your mission.

      The game also has you looking at the time because you have a timer and some levels you will need ages on and some others the timer is so short you need to figure out a route as quick as possible. You can continue to play the game and even go back to levels you have completed to beat your previous times.

      The game has 149 levels which is a lot but after the first 10 the brain says it is easy and you continue but this is not the case it gets tricky and you notice new creatures and new levels which are very hard to predict which is what makes the game so fun to play.

      ~~ Keys and Boots ~~

      The game is good at trying to find new ways to make those chips hard to reach. If the game just had you walking around aimlessly from one square to the next and the chips were not exactly difficult to grab then the game would be pointless.

      They have managed to give you options but also they have created other issues in the game. You need to try and find boots at times which are hard to find. They can be locked behind a sequence of blocks which need moving and if you put them in the wrong order you will have to restart the level.

      The game has keys and boots hidden under movable blocks. These blocks are usually a light brown colour and they can be moved from one square to another just by touching them and it moves them forward.
      The other issue which can be a problem on the game is sometimes you pick up a red key and might have 5 red doors to enter. This key might actually open up all five of those doors or it might open just the one door and that is why the game is fun to play you never know what will happen until you explore.

      The boots you get are mentioned earlier there is another boot to mention which is green boot and this is used on squares which actually have arrows on them and if you step foot on those squares they send you to that direction. These green boots let you walk on those squares with no problems at all.

      ~~ Monsters ~~

      The game is full of these little terrors and sometimes you never know what is going to happen with them. Some of the creatures after a few levels you know the movements they have which might be going back and forth in the one column over and over.

      Some of the other creatures like to go in all sorts of directions and you have to focus on their movements because if you walk into their line of movement you are going to fail the level.
      I have found the creatures offer another problem on the game for your character to deal with. He has a timer, doors, keys, boots, chips to the collect but he has to avoid these terrible terrors.

      The monsters vary in colour which is good and on some of the levels you might encounter many of those creatures all in the one scene and this can create turmoil but again I have found if you focus and learn the moves you will end up okay.

      I would have liked to have seen perhaps a monster which you can unlock which can protect your character. Maybe a character which you can touch and it walks in front of you to warn off the other terrible terrors but this does not happen.

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      The graphics are rough at best on this game. It was designed many years ago and I am unsure it would even work on the current Windows 7 package. The game was fun because it offered many colours and ideas to make the game fun.

      The game is not 3D and does not have superb graphics in anyway. If you can think back to perhaps the Super Nintendo it is very similar to those graphics overall. You can work out the creatures and the route you need to take to win the level.

      You will be able to notice the timer and the game itself has plenty of things there which you can view and work out what they are very easily.
      The problem with the game play has to be the speed to which the game moves. I have found if you keep your figure down on one direction to long your character goes skipping along to fast and could end up in a bad situation.

      You go from one square to the next with little problems but the speed is the issue. You sometimes wish the game had quicker speeds so it could assist you in making the game more fun. I think the biggest downfall for this game is the game play.

      The screen you have to play the game is not that big and if you expand the size of the game you end up with a full screen version but still a small area taken up to play the game on so the game speed and size is pretty bad.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      This game has plenty going for it and the first is the concept. The fact you go looking for tiny computer chips is fantastic and the fact you have little monsters wanting to stop you is fun.

      I think the idea that your character has to go searching for help in the form of keys and boots to walk over certain squares is a great idea. It breaks up the game play and actually makes you think about the game.
      I like also if you keep failing on one level and end up getting angry and annoyed you sometimes get the offer on the game to skip a level. This option is good because what it does is make you continue your journey without worrying about the level you skipped.

      You can go back to this level anytime you wish and I think this is great because one level I had level 33 is a tough one it takes ages to complete and they offered me this escape route and I took it.

      My record is I have completed 143 levels out of 149 and those remaining few I have come close to completing but mess it up by performing a silly move.

      Overall graphics and game play are poor nowadays but back when the game was released they were excellent and offered plenty of fun as well.


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        24.09.2007 11:11
        Very helpful



        A must- have download for all PC users.

        I've never really been a fan of retro games such as Pacman or Space Invaders, however this little number has me hooked from the beginning.

        The developer is Epyx and they developed this game in 1989. They made this game available for Atari, Amiga, Dos and Microsoft Home for Windows. I will be reviewing the game made available for PC users.

        The object of the game is to simply complete each level by tackling the monsters, locked doors, trapped doors and puzzles and collect all of the 'chips' to unlock the door so you can complete the level. Sounds easy right? Well, as you progress, the levels get more complex and really require you to use your brain to think about how to finish each level.

        The controls are easy. The character you play as is a little man called Nerdy Chip, however, he is best known as just 'Chip'. Chip moves on a grid so there is no such thing as free roaming really. You control Chip by either clicking on the screen of where you want him to go, or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, which is what I find to be the easiest.

        The graphics are nothing special. They are very bog standard and it's definitley obvious that this game is nearly 20 years old. It is a 2D game so don't expect any fab 3D graphics. It is in colour, although you have the option to play in Black and White. The main colour, which is not exciting, is grey, as the walls and corridors are outlined in a dark grey.

        The sound is again nothing special. If Chip dies, you will hear, what I think sounds like, "uh oh". But thats pretty much as far as the sound goes, so you pretty much play this in silence. Great for mischievous kids who don't want their parents to know they are playing games instead of sleeping!

        The gameplay is nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary, and you're probably wondering why I am rating this game so high as I have not yet mentioned anything 'great' about it. Basically, when you press a direction, Chip will move in that direction, its easy. I didn't actually come across many flaws when you move Chip around the levels, which is always a good thing.

        THE LEVELS
        This is what I like about the game. Modern games now-a-days have fantastic graphics and gameplay, however there is always something missing. Longevity! Most games now-a-days only last afew hours or a couple of days, but with this 1980's classic, 149 levels are sure to make this game last more than a day.

        Each level has it's own puzzle and each one requires YOU to figure out how to get Chip to the end of the level. Whether it requires you to push blocks in a sequence to make a pathway out, or collect all of the keys in the level to unlock the doors, or move quickly past the monsters, each level will eventually have you tearing your hair out!

        Don't worry about losing your place on a level. If you're on, say for example, level 34, and you have to turn your PC off, the game SHOULD continue on the same level you finished on. If it doesn't, you must make sure that you keep a note of the level passwords for each level. These passwords are given to you at the beginning of each level and will always consist of 4 random letters. If you find that you haven't written your level code down and really don;'t want to start the game again, the level codes are easy to get hold of from the internet, but don't go skipping levels if it gets too hard!

        It's worth me noting, that on some levels there is a yellow circle with a question mark in, if you move Chip onto this circle, a hint box will appear and will usually help you on how you can complete the level, however these hints are very few and far between.

        AGE GROUP?
        In my opinion, this game can be played by people of all ages as it's not violent or offensive, it's just a fun single player game that will have you at your wits end.

        I really enjoy playing this game. I even have it installed on my works laptop and play this game during my lunch hour!! It's a great way to kill time and really gets the brain working. This game took me absolutely ages to fully complete all of the 149 levels and I ended up getting hooked and determined to complete the levels! I was not going to give up!

        Be warned, this game is not relaxing. If you're looking for a nice easy realxing game to take away your stress, this is not the one. This will get you more frustrated as you go deeper into the game, but it's all harmless fun and makes you feel great when you finish the level that's been grating on you for a couple of days.

        I would recommend this game to anybody looking for a game, not necessarily old or new, that has longevity and gives you a real challenge as the levels progress. Be warned as you are on a time limit for most of the levels and if you don't get to the finish before the time reaches '00', you will havr to restart the level. There was one particular level that had me gritting my teeth and I saw the end of the level and I got so happy, but as I edged my way further, I had completely forgotten I was on a time limit, and the time reached zero and I had to start again....I was cursing!

        The graphics are not amazing, nor is the sound, and the gameplay is nothing special. But this is an excellent puzzle game that STILL has a huge fanbase and the developers are even considering creating an add-on to the original as this is still a classic that alot of people love. It lasts a long time and kills alot of it too! There is actually a special pack you can download and you can create your own levels for Chip to roam on. This has been a great addition and hardcore Chip fans absolutely love this and share there levels across the internet.

        It's a game that I thought I would never enjoy, as like I said before, I'm not a big fan of retro games, but this game will go down as one of the best classic games for the PC I have ever played.

        This game can be downloaded from a number of websites when you google search the game. It won't take long, so enjoy!


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