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Civilization V (PC)

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Genre: Strategy - Military / DVD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows XP / Suitable for 12 years and over / Published by Take 2 Interactive / Subcategory: /Strategy/Military

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2012 21:41
      Very helpful



      A great, addictive game

      Civilization V is the 5th game in Sid Meier's Civilization series. Gamers who are familiar with the series will understand the basics, but Civilization V adds so much more to the series. The basic outline of the game is the same as in previous versions. You pick a race of people, and slowly start to build your civilization, creating cities, building armies, exploring the world and discovering new technology. You can win the game by a number of different means (depending on the victory rules set out at the beginning of the game) which can include winning the space race, wiping out all other civilizations or getting the highest number of victory points.

      Different units can do different thing. For example, a settler is the only unit who can build new cities, while Warriors can do battle instead. Each unit can also only move a set amount per turn, which varies, though the amount a unit can move tends to increase as you improve your armies. The layout of the game has been altered from previous editions, with the game world seeming more like the game board of a board game, using hexagonal pieces as opposed to the square tiles of previous games. When you select a unit to move, a number of different tiles will light up, indicating the places the character can move within one turn.

      While in previous games players could move several different units onto one single tile. In Civ V you are only allowed one military unit per tile, meaning that if you now wish to build a large army you need to make sure you have enough space, though this gives battles a much grander effect than in previous games.

      Units take longer to be made in Civ 5 compared to other games, where units could be knocked out in a matter of a few moves. This makes them very valuable to the game. Another new feature is that they players can choose whether to promote their unit as they defeat enemies to get bonuses, or instead choose to completely heal them, where as in previous games they would do this automatically. Another new feature is that units may not be killed if they are defeated in battle, where as they would be completely destroyed should they lose in previous games.

      While the game contains historical figures that lead the civilizations, such as Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi, the game also has "great persons", such as Leonardo Da Vinci, who can give the player certain perks which can help them in the game, should the great person be born into that civilization.

      For the first time in the series, the civilization leaders are all fully animated and have recorded voices in game, all of which speak their own native language. This gives the game a much grander feel, as in previous games it would just be mugshot image of the leader with text acting as speech.

      Overall, Civilization V gives you pretty much what you would expect from a game in the Civilization series, but all of the little added features and graphical improvements give the game a much grander feel and a more immersive experience.


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