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Cluedo 2 Murder At Blackwell Grange (PC)

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  • Heavy graphics
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    1 Review
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      16.05.2005 08:55
      Very helpful



      • "Heavy graphics"

      Here's another classic board game is available on CD-ROM from Hasbro Interactive - CLUEDO (known in the USA as Clue). I can remember many rainy days where this was the board game of choice, when I was a kid. Why this, and not Monopoly? This game is shorter, and to tell the truth, sometimes you just don't want to spend hours and hours with a game. So, let's take a look at this computer version of this old classic board game.

      First of all, the graphics are absolutely stunning. They went whole hog with this one, and left nothing to the imagination (some people wouldn't think that a good thing, however). But if you use all the graphics when playing a, you may find that it will slow you down. Obviously, you can turn the heavier graphics ones off, so that's not much of a problem - but still... even that way, it is on the slow side. So, if your computer is a bit old, be prepared for the problems I'll be noting in this op.

      The music and sound started out to be fun and complimentary. All mysterious and spooky, with some lovely sound effects of doors opening and footsteps on the floor. However, after a while, these sounds begin to annoy - so we turned most of that off, too.

      The basic idea behind Cluedo is to figure out who the murderer is. Each player takes on a persona of one of the suspects in the house. As that persona, you are given "cards" which have either rooms, weapons or other suspects on them. Everything in your hand is above suspicion, and you have to figure out which cards neither you nor your opponents have, because that set of cards solves the murder. It is a process of logic and elimination, and you when you make a guess, if one of the other players has one of the cards to disprove your guess, they show you this and then you're closer to the answer. If no one can disprove your guess, you ask for an arrest warrant, and if you're right - you win!

      That help you much? In truth, Cluedo isn't the simplest of games to play on the board, and it has proven to be even more difficult to transfer to the computer. One of the major drawbacks of most multi-player computer games is the ability to cheat - and this game is nearly impossible to play on the computer with other human players without cheating.

      What I mean by cheating is seeing the clues meant for only one other player to see. If you've played this game, you may know that the idea is for each time you enter a room in the mansion, you make a guess as to who the murderer is and with what weapon in the room you have entered. The other players then are supposed to tell the guesser if they can prove them wrong or not, and then shows - only the guesser - that bit of evidence (a card in his/her hand proving that it isn't one of the ones in the solution packet).

      When more than two players are playing on the computer, it is way too easy for the other player to see the card disproving the guess. Also, as with the board game, you are given pages where you can write down the information you know and learn during the game. On the computer, other players can easily watch what other players put down on these pages unless they walk away from the computer altogether.

      I haven't tried to play this game on-line with other players yet, but I'm sure that these problems are lessend under that platform. Playing on your own against the computer does partially solve this, and you can decide in advance what level each of the other players are. But even making the other players experts doesn't make them really smart enough to make the playing all that much of a challenge - they just don't know how to bluff, and if they don't know how to bluff, they can't lead you astray and give themselves an advantage. How much fun is it to play against only opponents that are dumber than you are?

      Starting to play this game isn't easy (and yes, I admit, I hate reading instruction books), and it took some fiddling around to get going and figure out how the game works and how to change the options. This is a real minus, and the programmers should take this into future consideration.

      Finally, as I mentioned before the program is heavy even after you change the options to set the graphics at a minimum, and we've had problems with the game freezing up on us. This was probably because the computer we had when we first started playing this had a very basic video card, but even after our upgrade, we had some problems with it. Still, if others have tried this without problems, I'd be happy to hear about it.

      Also, when we played against only computer opponents, at one time the program decided to disregard anything we did unless we made a suggestion for an arrest warrant (usually the thing that, if correct, ends the game). We were able to make an incorrect guess there and tell the computer to check manually and then it let us continue the game - go figure.

      All in all, I'd say that as a novelty, it was fun to begin with, but even though it was inexpensive, I'd save my pennies for the board version (which, of course, we went out and bought a new one of, after we had tired of the computer version).

      Sorry, only two stars and I really can't recommend you buy this one!

      Thanks for Reading!

      Technical Stuff:
      Available on Amazon.co.uk for £9.99
      ELSPA Minimum Age: 3
      ASIN: B000199YMU
      System Requirements:
      Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
      Pentium 133 MHz or higher
      16MB RAM
      1MB video card
      Windows sound card


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    • Product Details

      Take part in an all new, Cluedo murder mystery and find out who dunnit. Set in the 1930s, this spine chilling murder mystery features 3D characters, clever animations and audio. Original game including the classic characters from the board game. Solo and multiplayer modes.

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