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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge (Add on) (PC)

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Genre: Strategy / Publisher: West Wood Studios / Platform(s): Windows / ESRB Rating: T - (Teen) / Media: CD-ROM

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2009 15:33
      Very helpful



      Not up to the standard of the original but still good fun

      Released in 2001, Yuri's revenge is the official expansion pack for Westwood's hugely successful Command and Conquer game, Red Alert 2. As in the original the game has both a multiplayer mode and a standalone single player campaign mode, complete with lighthearted, semi-professional fmv briefings and rendered battle cut-scenes, all of which is just as polished and entertaining as before with great bombastic musical scores contributing to the excitement.

      Yuri, the mind-controlling Soviet psychic from the pervious game has set up an army of his own in a bid for world domination, with unique units, weapons and technologies at his command. The soviets and allies meanwhile have some new units themselves, such as the allies' mobile fortress, which can crush smaller vehicles and provide shelter and trasport for solders who can fire out of its sides. Conversely, the soviets have siege choppers; helicopters with the ability to land and turn themselves into stationary long-range artillery pieces. Yuri's side have some cool units too, such as gatling towers and gatling tanks, who start of with a steady rate of automatic fire, before speeding up to a ludicrous number of rounds per second.

      Unfortunately though a lot of the Yuri units are a bit daft, even for the decidedly tongue-in-cheek RA2 universe, such as Brutes; cartoonish Incredible-Hulk style giants that can smash up tanks with their bare hands. This spoils the game's atmosphere a little, and the new units also feel somewhat unbalanced, although the game is nevertheless still represents good, strategically-varied fast-paced fun. The single-player campaigns are polished and entertaining, although there is no option to play as Yuri's side in single player, which is something f a shame. Overall then Yur's Revenge is an entertaining and appealing add-on to a great game, but it could have been better.


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  • Product Details

    Command the Allies or the Soviets; Devious weapons based on forbidden technologies; Improved multiplayer and tournament interface; Wage wars in cities around the world; Features popular characters from Red Alert 2.

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