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Command & Conquer Worldwide Warfare (PC)

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2 Games and 3 mission disks! A gritty high tech world where the art of electronic intelligence and cover surveillance reign supreme. Fight the good fight with the GDI or bring the world to its knees with brotherhood of Nod. Intent on security for all nations. Two detailed storylines add realism to your gameplay, Make own maps.

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2001 04:38
      Very helpful



      The command & Conquer series has been around for ages now and with the recent release of Red Alert 2, I thought that I had better write a report about the Worldwide Warfare pack that I had purchased for £19.99 about two years ago. The pack contains the original Command and Conquer, it's mission pack; The Covert Operations, the original Red Alert and it's add ons, The Aftermath and Counterstrike. It all came in a compact box with excellent, comprehensive instructions manual. With total of 7 CD's in all (or eight if you got the extra Tiberian Sun demo which I did) the game did take a while to install with the changing of the CD's back and forth but the end result has certainly been worth the initial effort. If you don't know, the basic idea of both games is that you can choose to be one of two sides each time you play (in C&C it's between the GDI and the forces of NOD whereas in Red Alert the forces are the Soviets and the Allies) and each side has a set of programmed missions that get you must complete before moving onto the next one. They get progressively harder as you go along and new structures and units are gradually introduced level by level. For the first two or so missions on each game and for each side there is a tutorial to guide you through the basics of each side and how to build structures and men. You can soon pick up the principles after that but the only problem is that for a beginner, as it is a real time game, the longer you take to do things, the more the enemy is usually prepared to deal with you. However, this just takes time to master using various shortcuts and soon you will advance through the levels in each game and will start to find them more and more demanding in terms of ability and strategic thinking. Anyway, enough about the gameplay for the moment and onto the interface. it is for the most part generally well set out and easy to use with most thing
      s being done with the left button on the mouse. This can lead to soemunits going to the wrong place but it is usually o.k. The units and structures are mostly the same or are very similar in the tasks they are designed to perform on both of the games which makes learning them easier but more boring after you have mastered one game and go on to the other. One disadvantage with the game is that no matter how well or badly you perform (unless you fail the mission) and how much time you take to complete the mission, you will have no actual effect on the progress of your sides campaign. Other games allow you to directly influence how the game progresses and whichb battles are fought and which are not (some of the Close Combat series do this.) As the game is so popular, if you have access to the internet you should always be able to find a game to join and there are also lots of forums that you can join to have any queries answered or if you are stuck on a particular part of a mission or a mission in general. The add on packs consist of set missions that you can take on one at a time in any order to try and complete. The Covert Operations can be really challenging (as they are designed to be)with some missions that just seem impossible and will nedd a lot of time and f=effort to do. The other packs, Aftermath hand Counterstrike are easier and the total of about 36 missions between them can be completed within a couple of weeks with ease. The main games are relatively easy and within three months I had managed to complete all the CD's except for some of the Covert Operations. Another downside of the game is that you cannot create your own missions to suit your own ability and standards, as well as increasing the length of time I would have used the game for. Overall, the game is superb value and may now be even cheaper than when I got it and if this is your sort of game you can't lose. There ar
      e a few minor problems and the games are now somewhat out of date but who cares; they are great games that have set the standard which others are now attempting to follow.


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