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Company of Heroes 2 (PC)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Suitable for 18 years and over / Release Date: 2013-03-01 / Published by THQ

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2013 10:04



      This is must have for every gamer who love good war strategy!

      Well, i buy this game and i must say that i do not feel sorry for that investment!
      What is the the best thing in Company of Heroes? One word - Battlefield. The strategies in Company of Heroes 1 were more used as the back enter in the base, but Relic realized where to switch center events - to win control points on the map with the configuration of the terrain witch is constantly changing. Thus was introduced gameplay that favors management smaller squads of fighters who have experienced all the more effective and was suddenly very important to use a barrier, be carefull witch unit is effective against enemy, use the terrain as his allies and know by heart all the skills that are available to your designated unit . Part 2 introduces some new elements, such as an True Sight. This is a front view of the eye the soldiers themselves. Why is this important? Let's say you go with the Scout vehicle to the checkpoint. On the right side of your unit is a high wall and behind them opponent tank. With the old view of the battlefield you'd see him and immediately take run. With the new system, you do not know what is behind the wall, which means that your opponent now has the element of surprise - it can break with the tank wall and deliver you fast destruction of your vehicle. Similar examples, there are still countless.
      The greatest innovation is undoubtedly about snow. By now you have at least a few times heard the term "Russian Winter" which usually suggests polar cold weather. It is a historical fact that it was the Russian winter threw under ice Hitler's blitzkrieg, and game is very faithfully displays this . Your (and opponent) units will now be able to freeze in the cold, blizzard will drastically reduce the visibility of the battlefield, bombing ice will soak tanks, and deep snow will slow down the movement of infantry. Company of Heroes 2 is probably offering the best simulate winter conditions of warfare ever.

      Your troops are now able to skip the trench (instead of taking way around), removed some defensive structures in order to increase the dynamics of the battlefield, and added a new promotion system where each won or lost battle brings experience and as you get more experienced general available to the new passive bonuses (for example, better precision tanks). Since their number is limited to only three per battle (select them before you start playing), new players against the elderly will not be found at a disadvantage, and will in some way to reward a player that has invested a lot of time in the "polishing" their skills.
      AI is awsome! In the skirmish mode enemy will crush you! Computer opponent is very capable to attack your checkpoints that you do not defend, can make a quick break in your territory and destroy your buildings that bring resources, is able to bring the right units at the right time at the location where they are needed, etc. Against extremely weak campaign, skirmish part could be a shock to you .
      Content - except 14 missions in the campaign, you can choose another Theatre of War where you recreate some historical conflicts with the eastern front that you can play alone or cooperatively. So an 8 additional missions that are playable on both factions, endless skirmish and multiplayer on the sufficiency of the folder and nearly 400 Achievement for those who will collect.
      Multiplayer -good collaboration and cooperation of players , with each map can play in the summer and winter edition - tactics that are developed for a single map in certain weather conditions, it will be useless to same map in the other conditions. Expressive problems with lag in the beginning are now rarer, while the balance of the unit may work for months. Cool novelty ability to stream matches via Twitch - a kind of substitute for spectate mode and extremely useful addition to tournaments which in the case of this competitive strategy certainly be quite a lot.
      and 2 minuses - first, narrative action "from memory", ie from a third perspective which automatically eliminate the sense of connection with the characters that run and 2nd - too little information about the background of the characters, or at least the wrong timing of certain personnel.


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