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Cro Mag Rally (PC)

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Developer: Aspyr / Type: Racing

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 18:08
      Very helpful



      Fun if it's free

      Cro Mag rally is a game of about 10 years old designed for Macs, it's also available on the Iphone I believe but as I'm yet to migrate to the world of smartphones, I can't confirm the experience of playing it on one.

      Over Christmas I was looking for a computer game that would be fun and relatively not too demanding to play and I came across this. The demo version is available on the mac store and this gives you full access to the tracks but doesn't allow for championship play - to buy the license for the whole game it costs about $19.95. Personally, I think you're fine with the demo version but if you want to thank the creators or desperately want to play in championship mode, then go ahead.

      Cro Mag Rally is a cartoon like rally game - you have a choice of several cavemen like vehicles - the type of vehicle you might see on The Flintstones only not quite as decorated, you can race in a turtle, a log and a giant bone to name a few. Different courses are based in different periods of history, there are 3 courses in the stone age, 3 in the bronze age and 3 in the iron age and the courses are imaginative and fun. You can choose from two cavemen racers or should I say one caveman and a cavewoman (Brog and Grag), both fairly ugly looking specimens! If you've ever played Mario Kart then you'll notice the similarities - the range of power ups that can improve your performance or be used as weapons are basically the same as in Mario Kart only repackaged to suit the course and historical period. It's effective and simple.

      There aren't really any shortcuts as such but there are a few glitches or so called 'holes' in the course where you can somehow exit the course. This only happens on about 3 of them though.

      If there's one criticism I have of the game, it's that there could be more in the way of obstacles on the courses and the racers tend to be automatically spaced quite a long distance from one another by the computer engine which means a lack of contact with the other racers and little possibility to use your power-ups to your benefit.

      I do not really use my mac for gaming and therefore do not have any swanky control pads or steering wheels that can be used with it, I'm stuck with the keyboard controls and have to say that due to the attention the game needs, the fact that you are almost constantly required to be pressing at least one of the arrow keys, it makes your fingers very stiff and is not particularly comfortable.

      The game is fun enough without ever really setting the world alight, I cannot imagine playing this game for day's on end but it's an entertaining enough racing game to warrant its place on my Mac.


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