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Cruise Ship Tycoon (PC)

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3 Reviews

Developer: Cat Daddy Games / Publisher: Activision / Genre: Simulation

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    3 Reviews
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      20.02.2010 23:27
      Very helpful



      I can't see why anyone would like this game, similar to Hotel Giant but with a lot less options.

      Well, as far as simulator's go, it really doesn't get any more dumbed down than this.

      Basically your whole job entails of making rooms and furnishing them, other than that theres not much else you can do. The voyage the ship takes is pre-set, so you won't really have to pay much attention to that, other than the odd obstacle that appears every now and then.

      There are quite a lot of furniture items available, and you will have to create various entertainment facilities in order to keep your guests happy, such as disco's and bars.

      I haven't played this game in a long time, but from what i remember there are only about 3 towns in the whole thing, by towns i mean docks where your ship stops at, so really theres not much of a map, the main focus of the game is to keep your passengers happy as you travel from dock to dock, dropping off and picking up new passengers at each dock. The amount of passengers that board your ship will depend on how good your ship is, and how happy your customers are.

      You could probably pick this game up for about £2 or £3 at a charity shop now, its one of those games that got released and noone ever heard about.

      It's hard to write a whole review about this game, as it really doesn't contain much content, i've mentioned practically everything in the game in these few paragraphs.


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      03.07.2009 14:16
      Very helpful



      a simple tycoon game that managed to appeal to me.

      Cruise ship tycoon is exactly what it says in the title, you outfit your cruiseship whit entertainment, food, alcohol, rooms and suites to try and make a profit.

      there are both instant action and career mode, in instant action you select the size of your ship and the course and get building till the money runs out, you book the rooms, buy the fuel necessary to make the trip ( and a little extra) and set sail as you try to improve your ship

      In career mode the game play is slightly more in depth as eventually you can upgrade your ship or try a different course to sail

      Don't think that after building your ship you can just relax as during the travel, you need to steer your ship clear of moving dangers like sea monsters and storms and go around clips that might sink your ship, you will get feedback you can try to respond to by building on the trip whit the help of your maintenance workers, even when in a port you do not have infinite time as there is a departure time to consider.

      While there is a good selection of things to build I feel the selection could have been greater, The auto updater did not work for me however but there have not been any notable bugs that I ran into.

      overall the game is enjoyable and does not exert a lot of pressure, so when you got some time to kill just sit back and set sail


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      15.10.2007 17:50
      Very helpful



      Pc Game

      I enjoy these type of games which is why I am always on the look out for more tycoon games. My partner john likes playing boat games, and so he came across this one, and told me about it. So I went and bought it, as the downloading the demo would of taken ages to download, I don't usually buy games straight away without playing the demo first, but seems I enjoy playing tycoon and john like playing boat games I thought It was a good choice. Let me tell you more about the game.

      Cruise ship tycoon is basically what it is, you're in charge of a ship, hiring and firing staff, building up the ship with such things as restrooms, bedroom suites, play areas for kiddies, bars and restaurants, etc. Keeping the peeps happy earns you a reputation so keep an eye on them, depending on your bedroom suites you have available does counter for the amount of peeps you will have on your ship. If your peeps become unhappy then you will loose the reputation and will loose the amount of peeps that enter your ship.

      Once you have finished doing the rooms and making up your ship, its now time you book your rooms, this allows you to see how many peeps have booked a ticket for your cruise, you can also see how many and what rooms as been taken and ones that are still available. You can put up your ticket prices, or decrease them; also you can buy advertisements for your cruise ship which does sometimes get you more peeps. Your about to start the cruise, make sure that you have enough fuel to get you to the next port otherwise you shall be towed which also can lead to the decrease of reputation of your ship.
      You're then ready to set sail, while sailing you cannot add objects, well in fact you can but they are under construction until the ship as ported. On the way to the next port you need to keep checking you map to make sure no monsters or storms are on your path, otherwise you will be in a lot of danger, well I am assuming you will be I have been fortunate to escape them so far since playing.

      There are 3 game modes to play -
      Instant Action - Not played this mode I am thinking it is free play, and no time limit, and nothing to play for.
      Career - This is where you build up a career by setting yourself up with a profile and trying to reach a goal.
      Challenge - Here is where you have 10 missions to play with.

      Depending on which game mode you play on depends on how much money you get to start with. You also have a choice between 4 ships but they do go up in price so better to start off small and grow.
      Small ship - which allows you to play on 7 decks
      Medium ship - allows you to play on 9 decks
      Fancy ship - allows you to play on 9 decks
      Big ship - allows you to play on 10 decks

      You can download a free trial from
      http://uk.download.games.yahoo.net/t25oaukca/8_441/Simulation/Cruise-Ship -Tycoon.html
      you can also buy the game from here to. If your choosing to download to trial version it does take a while to download and to be honest the game to buy also takes a while as your still having to download the game online, and they send you out a key to put into the game in order to play when buying it. It took me an hour to download the game but it does depend on your internet speed.

      Once you have downloaded the game and saved it to the location you want it to, then double click on the installation icon for the game, it will open up a dialog box which then you follow the on screen instructions for setting the game up. Once you have set up the game and put in the required cd key, you're ready to play.
      Starting the game is simple just click on the game icon and get playing. The first screen that will appear is the introduction screen as I call it, this is where it gives you several options, either play game, options, updater, quit, and the credits for the game. So once you have toggled with the options then you're ready to go play the game.

      You can purchase the game from the links above
      And the game costs £14.99


      I enjoy playing this game in my spare time, my partner John also plays this a lot too. The game can be addictive if it is your kind of game. It is a enjoyable game, and fun for all the family. The graphics and sounds are good too, and well worth the money I spent on buying this game. I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys playing tycoon and simulation games.

      Thank you to everyone that read and rates
      I hope I have covered everything.


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    • Product Details

      Cruise Ship Tycoon is a fun and exciting game that lets you take control of a fleet of cruise ships. Features include: colorful and unique characters (including staff and passengers), Challenge, Career and Open Play game modes, various locations ranging from Antarctica to Alaska and Russia to Mexico. There are 4 base model ships to choose from and a large variety of rooms, food, staff and entertainment buildings to create. Don't forget to steer your ship clear of icebergs, land and those pesky sea creatures.

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